An Open Letter To Dallas Cowboys Fans; We Need a 12th Man!

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Cowboys Nation, We Need Your Help!

I noticed something in the game this past Sunday. When we got pressure on Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning in the second half. He got uncomfortable. Even flustered for a minute. Our crowd got louder, and our players were more encouraged. It created his only turnover so far this year.

Oct 6, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fan cheers during the game against the Denver Broncos at AT

My family and I were supposed to be at that game. We planned all summer long to get us all, from three different states, to the AT&T Stadium to watch this epic game. Then, my fiance proposed to me, and suddenly we were planning our wedding for next month (on our bye week, of course!). My point? We couldn’t go last week and we won’t be able to make it from California this year, so I need your help.

I am so tired of hearing how our quarterback, Tony Romo, can’t close the big games. Or how bad our defense is. I am tired of hearing all the negative. I want to do something positive. Something to encourage these players, who go out every week and fight their best fight. We criticize, we analyze and we curse them for not being perfect. It’s sports, but it’s not the right thing to do.

This team has so much pressure to perform. To exceed expectations and win the Super Bowl. The media hounds them.The fans crucify them on social media boards. It’s all madness. Our team needs us.

I have an idea. One that I hope reaches every fan that is attending this weekend’s game against the Washington Redskins. Even extending beyond just this one game and moving throughout the entire season. We don’t have any control over plays that are called, or who is injured, or even mistakes that are made. But we control how our team, America’s Team, is encouraged.

Every player is human. This is an emotional game. We need to feed their emotions in a positive way. We, the fans, need to support them. We, the fans, need them to see and hear us. We CAN control that. We CAN control us. If they mess up, encourage them more. This team needs to know we are their “12th man”. They need to feel the excitement from us, in believing, that we believe in them. I bet they feel down after that loss. They are going to need us more than ever. They need to know we are proud of their efforts. We came within an inch of winning that game. They need our help in shaking it off. This is your time to step up and take personal responsibility in how you respond.

I propose that we create a chant in the stadium that can be heard by every player and coach on our team. WE BELIEVE, WE BELIEVE, WE BELIEVE! I propose we get one side of the stadium to make huge cards that can be raised in unison, above their heads, that read WE BELIEVE IN YOU! The players seeing that will feel a surge of energy and go out there and give us their best. We will help them believe in themselves. We will create a positive reaction that will affect every player. Energy is infectious. We are responsible for giving them positive energy. We are responsible for creating a true “12th man” that will be difficult to play against in our house.

In Arizona a few years ago, they SHOCKED THE WORLD.
In Dallas this year, WE BELIEVE!

Be the difference maker!
Cindy Blackwell

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