TV Experts Crucify Cowboys Romo; Give 0-5 Eli A Giant Pass

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Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo may be the only signal caller in NFL history to be blamed for a loss in which he threw five touchdowns and his defense gave up more than 50 points. Yes, the TV genius class has become that comical.

Oct 6, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a pass while rushed by Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton (94) who is blocked by tackle Tyron Smith (77) at AT

NFL analysts across the country rolled their eyes at Same-Old Romo following the Cowboys 51-48 loss Sunday, after he became just the second quarterback in NFL history to score at least 48 points in regulation and lose.

Juxtapose that to expert takes on the 0-5 start of Eli Manning’s New York Giants. While Romo was matching big brother score for score, Eli was tossing picks to the wildly inept Philadelphia Eagle defense. Manning finished the day with three interceptions, boosting his league-leading total to 12, and added an astonishing three intentional grounding penalties. Where are the stat geeks on that one?

For years Cowboys fans have wondered just how elite Eli would be if he had to play behind Romo’s line, and trust his fourth-quarter leads to Romo’s defense.

Now we know: 15 sacks, 12 picks, a 64 passer rating, and an 0-5 record.

But the experts strike a different tone in their Eli analysis. Sure, they say, Eli’s throwing interceptions, but that’s because of the disgraceful play of his offensive line. Sure, they say, the Giants are winless, but that’s because of the staggering ineptitude of the Giants defense.

That’s all true. That’s fair analysis. Football is a team game that spans four 15-minute quarters and employs three phases – offense, defense and special teams – all of which need to perform capably to contribute to a win.

Where’s all that sage analysis been for Romo the past two years? Romo’s been running for his life at nearly every snap, playing through busted ribs and punctured organs. A beat up and constantly harrassed Romo was 9-10 the past two seasons in fourth-quarter comeback opportunities. Untold story: He brought his team back to tie or lead in eight of those 10 losses, and the defense failed to hold.

With the team rebuilding after a 6-10 season, playing behind a God-awful offensive line, supported by a historically inept defense and with no running game to speak of, Romo has been crucified among the genius class for going 8-8 the past two seasons.

Today the Giants are 0-5, and their quarterback is leading the league in interceptions. Why the tender treatment for Eli?

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  • Isaac Rodriguez

    Well written and well researched!

  • Doc Neaves

    About damn time somebody said it! Now shout it from the rooftops! We’ve got the greatest quarterback in history, and we’ve wasted him with no o-line, no receivers, and no defense. Hopefully, we’ve finally got it together in those areas this year, and we’ll be in the bowl!!!

    • Brady101

      Yeppers very true..

  • JTracker

    Amen brother!
    This is what I’ve been saying for years. Finally a sports writer with some cajones!!!!

  • JTracker

    John Bankston you get my first and last 2 tumbs up!

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Good article by somebody who realizes football is a team game. Rich Eisen of the NFL Network tweeted about Romo choking in games. It seems that even the self-professed experts love to hate Romo and the Cowboys so much that they make fools of themselves by the way they analyze games.

    • Brady101

      Yes sir you are sooooo right. Its turned alleged analysis into personal attacks…..for no other rational than it’s Tony Romo…The NFL network is so pathetic. .with exception of Kurt Warner, he calls it as it should be, without biases.. the rest like Sapp, Deion Sanders.bash Romo on a daily basis…Hopefully Romo will have his day..

      The problem is Romo needs to win out or else he still gets it in the shorts and still labeled as a choker.. He is im a no win situation..

  • Miles Myers

    Superbowls. Eli has two. Romo has rarely seen the playoffs. End of comparison.

    • Kyle L.

      Super Bowls are the most overused stat when comparing individual QBs. If it weren’t for 2 incredible plays by receivers, Eli doesn’t a single ring or MVP trophy. And that’s just it. Eli had teammates who made plays to get him there where it’s always on Romo to be perfect because he’s never had teammates to help him when Romo needed it. You say Super Bowls are the only stat that matters right? Career Passer Rating, career completion percentage, TDs .etc, none of those matter, only Super Bowls? So I guess that means Eli is a better QB than Dan Marino since Marino never won a SB. Trent Dilfer has a ring, I guess he’s better than Marino too. Brad Johnson? Yup he’s better than Marino was too. When comparing QBs, only using the Super Bowl argument is laughable and foolish

      • jayhwk01

        Great response. Could not agree more.

  • ed

    That’s what Romo fans are sick of. For years every time the geniuses give Tony a french uppercut, they give Eli a big slobbery kiss.

  • Th3Bill

    AMEN! I’ve been able to give a hearty laugh at my NY Giants fan friends these first 5 weeks as they piss and moan about the way that Eli has played. I keep telling them “Now, Eli knows what it’s been like to be Tony Romo over the last 3 years….NO OL, unhealthy/ineffective running backs, and terrible D”. This season, our team is showing that with a good OL and some good RBs, we’re bringing big O to good ol D.

    I’m a lifetime Cowboys fan, and a Tony Romo fan. He’s been an absolute warrior for this team since he started in the 2006 season and has played through injuries that send other QBs running for the bench (ala Phi QB Vick). Has he made some poor decisions at times? Sure….every QB in the league does at one time or another. Has he given us plenty of late game chances only to have them squandered by the D? ABSOLUTELY.

    This past week was another example…we had 11 guys on the field on Defense that apparently didn’t understand that while it sounded counter-intuitive, Denver needed to be allowed into the end zone on that 3rd down play…Sean Lee, Ware, or someone on that group should have realized that if they did get the 1st and didn’t score, it was game over, grab the guy and PULL him into the end zone. At least then, we would have had another chance to score. Instead, they all were high five-ing when they made the stop short of the goal line….OOPS…yeah…game over…DOH!

    We also had a questionable call by Garrett. Late in 4th, 2nd and goal from 6, we stop the run for 0 gain, but there is a hold. Rather than realizing that not taking the penalty leaves Denver with only 2 downs and 6 yards to work with, thus bottling up their speedy players and giving less space to have to cover. Instead, we back them up to the 16, give them more space to work with ad THREE downs. We all know how well that turned out.

    Either of those mistakes by the D/Coach could have changed the outcome

  • Brady101

    You nailed it…….Romo has carried most of his teams on his bacld….while other QB’S get a pass. Joe Flacco tosses 5 int’s and gets a pass….

    I guarantee you that if Romo left the Cowboys right now teams would be lining up to sign him…