Typical Unlucky Tony Romo; The Choke Artist Returns?

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November 7, 2011;Philadelphia, PA, USA; ESPN analyst Steve Young plays catch prior to the game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

November 7, 2011;Philadelphia, PA, USA; ESPN analyst Steve Young plays catch prior to the game between the Chicago Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever I think about “monkeys on the backs” of players, my mind always drifts over to former San Francisco quarterback Steve Young. Now a Hall of Famer and Super Bowl winner, Young was in a very similar position to Romo. Playing in the shadow of legend Joe Montana, Young was also criticized for his inability to win “the big one”. Although there seems to be a much bigger spotlight on Romo’s mistakes, he also plays in the shadows of legends Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman in Dallas.

Ironically, it was the Dallas Cowboys of the early nineties that denied Young that success, defeating the 49ers twice in the row in the playoffs.  But once Young finally held up the Lombardi Trophy, all was forgiven…and forgotten. Young even asked a teammate on the sidelines to remove that “monkey off his back” after his lone Super Bowl victory. Although he never acknowledged it, Young knew all too well what the rumors were and was glad to be rid of them.

Here’s what Young told ESPN last year about Romo:

“Tony has greatness in him. I think when you talk to other people that really play the quarterback position, and I see it as well, there’s a few guys that really have incredible greatness in them, and Tony is one of them. I think the issue here is he needs more help from his teammates. I think they are not nearly as talented as people say they are, from 1 to 53. I’m talking about the total roster. I don’t think there’s as much order and structure in the organization as the Giants have and the teams that have the elite quarterbacks have. I think the only thing that’s keeping Tony from ascending into the upper echelon of quarterbacks is his team, is the help from his friends and his teammates, and I think once that all comes together, you’re going to see the fullness of Tony’s greatness come out.”

Obviously, that is starting to happen in Dallas. The team seems to be on the rise and, at least on Sunday, Romo’s greatness did emerge. But until he proves otherwise, Tony is always going to have a negative label attached to his play. And it’s not just because some fans and the media simply hate him. It’s because his poor past play has earned it.

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  • Keith Ranson


    • bk

      Pulled him from the side down, quit blaming the ref’s.. blame whoever decided to pass the ball vs run it
      on first down there,,,run it get a few cuz nobody was expecting it, get a second and short.. don’t leave any time
      for Manning.

      • Keith Ranson

        Are You THAT Ignorant? The ‘Roy Williams’ Rule CLEARLY States That A Player Is NOT Allowed To Tackle Or Grab Another Player By The Collar! DOES NOT MATTER From What Side He Grabs! This Rule Happened After Roy Hurt T.O. In ’04 With The Same Play! If The League is Gonna Institute Such Rules, The Fucktard Refs Need To ENFORCE Them! Get A Clue!

  • Mike C.

    I think all the Tony Romo HATERS better pray that GOD does not judge them the same way!!!!

  • JTracker

    All I know is that Tony was gr8 but had the same amount of interceptions as the gr8 Peyton did. Conclusion: our defense sucks!

    • Keith Ranson

      Well Dude, Denver’s defense sucks More; And People Are going To figure That out!

  • jayhwk01

    The Defense gave up 51 pts. Unless Romo plays D now this game is not on him or the offense at all. Not even Manning had a perfect day. Romo/Manning played better than anybody could ever reasonably expect any QB to play. I saw two D’s get shredded and the Dallas D was 3 pts worse yesterday. No way can this loss or last weeks be put on the Offense or Romo. Dallas D has got to get better.

    • Keith Ranson

      People Wanna Shit On OUR Defense; Where The Hell Was DENVER’s Defense? Has ANYBODY Ever TORCHED The Broncos For 500 Yards In The Air? Think About That.

      • jayhwk01

        I don’t think anybody is shitting on the D as you put it. The point was placing this loss at the feet of Romo is silly when the D gave up 51 pts. It is not shitting on anybody to point out the fact that the D was not good against NY, SD, and now Denver. The numbers do not lie and frankly it does not matter a damn bit to me what Denver’s D is…I will let Denver fan worry about that.

  • joel

    I place that INT squarely on the coaches – sorry coaching. Throwing for 500 yards – do one thing: RUN THE BALL. Or at least try to run the ball. He was due for an INT and we were asking for it, so obviously lining up to throw on every down in the 4th Qtr. Unbelievable.

  • daledoe

    Listening to the views of a bunch of untalented hacks and fans with low football iqs is not the way to pass judgement on a players performance. I guess Manning’s interception in their playoff game with the Ravens makes him a loser too? No! Their defense shouldn’t have put him in the situation to begin with.
    Football is a team sport and it takes everyone doing their jobs to have a winning team. Baltimore did not have the best individual players last season. They came together at the right time and won as a team.