Landry Hat Podcast: Romo Spoils Cowboys Greatest Game Ever

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This week:

Special guest Matt Thornton, Landry Hat writer and newest member of the Professional Football Writers Association joins today’s podcast. We are also again joined by our co-host Kyle Minton of the Dallas Cowboys Update, as we discuss the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Denver Broncos in Week Five of the 2013 NFL season.

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  • capnb

    Romo Spoiled the greatest cowboy game ever ?
    You should be slapped in the mouth and have your fan card taken away.
    What a stupid, stupid, thing to say

  • Todd

    I personally cannot stand Tony Romo and think he is highly overrated. The fact that all folks swarm to “protect” him like he can’t protect himself when folks start bashing him in the media. It’s like they think he is fragile. However, he had a career game and you cannot tell me that any QB in the league would not like to have a game like that. No way the Cowboys would have lost playing any of the other 30 teams in the league. Only Peyton Manning could have put those type of numbers up.