The Dallas Cowboys vs. The Broncos, Not Peyton Manning

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This week the Dallas Cowboys are hosting the undefeated Denver Broncos. In listening to the media all week the only thing you hear is Peyton Manning. Let me begin by saying that for several years now I have said Peyton is the best Quarterback I have ever seen. I remember many years ago, prior to the Indianapolis Colts winning their Super Bowl that I got into a discussion with a fellow Cowboys fan about Peyton. He felt that he was a gifted player who was a born loser. I felt his story wasn’t written yet and it was too soon to call the guy a loser. I say the same of every player.

Which brings me to Tony Romo, the lightning rod QB of the Cowboys. Is he in Peyton’s league? No. No one is. Not even Tom Brady, and believe me I really like Brady. The thing that sets Peyton Manning apart is his mind. Basically he is a human football computer. At 6’5″ he is tall enough to see every part of the field regardless of who is in front of him, and he is deadly accurate. In many ways it is a shame that his younger brother has more Super Bowl rings than he does, because quite frankly he isn’t in Peyton’s league either.

Tony Romo

The thing I want to emphasize though is that the Denver Broncos are not just Peyton Manning. Yes, the Defense is going to have to pressure him into mistake he so far has not made in 2013. They have to do this with Jay Ratliff still on the shelf, Anthony Spencer on Injured Reserve, George Selvie nursing a concussion, and Demarcus Ware nursing a stinger. Beating this QB is not going to be easy with the weapons he has at his disposal. However, I cannot stress this enough, it is not an impossible task.

Right now the Broncos are ahead of the scoring pace of the 2007 New England Patriots. As good as that team was, they faltered. I do not believe in football invincibility and I do not believe Peyton Manning walks on water. What if we ring his bell and he has to go to the bench with a concussion? This is not impossible in the NFL. Suddenly the Broncos have to rely on Brock Osweiler, a 2nd year player out of Arizona State who is the tallest QB in the NFL. I believe the Broncos wouldn’t give up even if they lost their leader.

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