The Breaking Bad Awards: Dallas Cowboys Edition

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The award-winning AMC television program Breaking Bad had it’s series finale on Sunday. The Dallas Cowboys had their own version of Breaking Bad on Sunday after losing to the San Diego Chargers Sunday afternoon. And just like the television series, some of it’s characters’ traits have various things in common with the current Cowboys roster. Therefore I present the first and last Breaking Bad Awards, the Dallas Cowboys edition.

In the Breaking Bad series, Gustavo Fring was the intellectual drug kingpin. Fring was the puppet-master behind the scenes who didn’t mind getting his hands dirty and standing in the spotlight when needed. Therefore, there is really only one person in the Cowboys organization who could win this award.

Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is all smiles on the sidelines before his team

Therefore, the Gustavo Fring Award goes to…Jerry Jones!

Everything and anything that happens with the Dallas Cowboys, owner and general manager Jerry Jones is involved in. He’s probably the most “involved” owner in the NFL  From the staff, to the trainers, the coaches, the players…everything has Jones’ fingerprints on it. If Dallas wins, it’s partly because of Jones. If they lose, it’s also partly because of Jones. At this point, the franchise and him are one. And I’m pretty sure they are in a committed relationship. So for better or for worse, Cowboys fans are married to Jerry Jones. I guess that’s why every loss feels like our honeymoon night.

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