This Weird, Early Season Move Could Make the Cowboys Amazing

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I am lucky, fortunate, blessed and more to have friends, family and an extended family with Cowboy Nation. Each year, we anxiously await the release of the NFL’s schedule so we can pick a city to take over for a weekend. We’re taking over one NFL city at a time with the goal to see the Cowboys play in every current NFL stadium. Our most recent trip was to Kansas City to witness the Cowboys play against the Chiefs.

Sep 15, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Lance Dunbar (25) fumbles the ball as he is tackled by Kansas City Chiefs inside linebacker Akeem Jordan (55) during the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 17-16. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The trash talking began at the airport as I joined four others wearing Cowboys gear at the baggage claim. The Chiefs fans I encountered were witty, intelligent and knowledgeable with their trash talking. I was impressed because any ogre with half a brain could scream Romo and combine it with a derogatory, rhyming word. Where’s the creativity in that? If you’re going to trash talk with a Chiefs fan, prepare to do your homework. You have to mention things like — “Is Trent Green and Priest Holmes starting?”, “How did Larry Johnson play football in that grandma wig?” and the low blow — “You know Tony Gonzalez is going into the Hall of Fame as an Atlanta Falcon?”

Kansas City might win my city of the decade award because the gas stations also double as liquor stores. In addition to beer, gas, and cigarettes, you could also obtain bottles of Tito’s vodka to drink responsibly. Any fears I had of visiting a “dry” county were quickly extinguished.

During the day, we managed to visit 18th and Vine where the Negro League Baseball Museum and American Jazz Museum reside. I am not a big baseball fan, but learned a lot from our visit to the Negro League Baseball Museum. My close friend Catouche Body and his wife Dana gave rave reviews to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Fans tailgating at Arrowhead

Cowboy fans tailgating at Arrowhead stadium!

I didn’t make it to the Power and Light district to experience Kansas City’s nightlife, but I did have a good time partying at multiple locations in Martini Corner. We also ate at the World Famous Arthur Bryant’s BBQ restaurant. The food was good, but I wasn’t floored. Perhaps I should have made the extra effort to visit Gates BBQ.

We tailgated on Blue Ridge Cutoff which was about half a mile from the stadium. An easy trek to cover both before and after the game. During the game, one of us did a little too much tailgating and got sick. A Chiefs fan actually bought him a beer to help him feel better! That deserves major respect because concession stands in an NFL stadium now charge two arms and a leg. Speaking of leg, when you have friends like Stash and Blake, who’s mantra is — Let’s make life weird — you have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Three cowboys fans in Arrowhead

Me, Blake Slade and Stash Hoffart just made life get weird at Arrowhead.

My buddy Stash appeared at his seat with a giant, state fair sized turkey leg. He then began offering a bite of his turkey leg to every female senior citizen that passed him. Mental note — Stash can’t sit on the aisle seat anymore! Even though the game was close, Stash had the undivided attention of sections 113 and 114 at Arrowhead Stadium. Eventually his charm won someone over as an elderly woman picked up his turkey leg and took a giant bite. Two sections erupted in a mix of cheers and laughter! You would’ve thought that one of the teams had scored. For the rest of my life, I’ll remember that moment and forever associate it with Kansas City and the Chiefs.

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