Sep 15, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) hands off the ball to running back DeMarco Murray (29) during the second half against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 17-16. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Earth To Cowboys: A Call To Arms

I don’t like wearing diapers. It’s not something I am proud of.

But that’s what The Dallas Cowboys have you do. To survive. To exist and watch their games. To not take dumps in your living room, you have to wear diapers.

You never know what you are going to get. Sucks.

This 16-17 loss to The Kansas City Chiefs will turn out to be a good thing. Yes, you read that correct. Had the Cowboys won, the boys to men would have high-five and slapped each others’ butts like it was 1993.

Not good.

Teams learn more from a loss than a win. More to learn in mistakes, than triumph. A win brushes the scars under the rug. Away from sight. Just like diarrhea — you have the problem, but don’t necessarily raise your hand and admit it openly.

Time to air out the laundry. Plug your nose; this is going stink.

Really bad.

Hey Bill Callahan! Awake? It’s not Monte Kiffin’s job to score. Can’t really look at Romo, Mr. Callahan. When your quarterback shoots 30 for 42 and nearly 300 passing yards, no interceptions and 1 touchdown, 99.1 quarterback rating, the man has done his job. Fancy that.

Offensive line? No.

Penalties? 5 for 27 yards. Don’t look there.

While the Cowboys landed 20 first downs, they failed to strike when it meant the most. When the first down was truly needed. No knock out punch.

This is what separates winners and losers. Good play callers and bad ones. The Cowboys last Sunday served up the same old, stale milk. The kind that gives one stomach problems. While the Chiefs played not to lose, the Cowboys played not to win.

This match magnifies the psychological illness that has plagued the team for years. It’s an illness, a twitch, a habit that preaches a win cannot be taken. That this team should wait for someone to hand it to them.

Oh, please.

This is the Dallas Cowboys. It’s a group of 53 men who stand in line to get through one door instead of pounding it down.

DeMarco Murray. Healthy. Averaged 2.1 yards. Totaled 25 rushing yards on 12 carries. Not good enough. Not even close to “good enough.” But let’s go back and discuss how balanced the offense should get.

It’s almost as if the play caller only sees X’s and O’s. Arrows and markers. Does he not see the names on the back of the jerseys?  The talent, stars, and power on the roster? Use them. Know them. Or else.

If this offense fails to find an attack, a mantra, a motto, then this team will fall. Fast. And you know what? Until they learn to take wins, losing is a dish well served.

Dez Bryant’s huge 4th quarter drop, which would have led to at least a first down (most likely more), sums up the Dallas Cowboys. This team runs to the well of water, but drops the cup deep down inside it.

Growing pains. A burden, but necessary.

The Cowboys now decide on whether one loss can turn into several wins. Or none. Their move.

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