Landry Hat Podcast: Chiefs Outlast Cowboys, Blown Calls, Too Many Mistakes

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This week:

Special guest Matt Thornton, writer for The Landry Hat joins tonight’s podcast. We are also again joined by our co-host Kyle Minton of the Dallas Cowboys Update, as we discuss the Dallas Cowboys lose to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week Two on the NFL season.

Here are some of the highlights from tonight’s show:

  • Intro
  • A running Alex Smith
  • Bad Play-calling by Bill Callahan?
  • Romo bad throws/bad decisions
  • DeMarco Murray stalled again – more him or O-line?
  • Bad officiating – blown calls
  • Defense – no turnovers
  • Punts and field position
  • Next week: St. Louis Rams @ Dallas thoughts?

That and much, much more in a info-packed show!


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  • Chiefswatch

    ROFL BLOWN CALLS!!!!! Sound like NBA fans…it’s the refs! Its the refs! BTW does anyone even read this site besides opposing fans??

  • jayhwk01

    As is often the case Dallas beat Dallas today. The PI on Dez was really bad. The blown call that essentially gave the Chiefs the game was also bad….and none of that matters. Dallas had the Chiefs absolutely on the ropes in the first half and in the 3rd QTR and did not convert out of bad play calling and drops. That is on Dallas. Cowboys did just enough to lose and the Chiefs did just enough to win. Dallas has to be better than that.

    • ……ChiefsFan……

      No, the CHIEFS beat Dallas today.

      • jayhwk01

        I gave the Chiefs full credit for doing enough to win. They played well in may facets and I have said that multiple place and multiple times. The fact is the Chiefs had zero to do with the poor play calls in the two minute drill nor Romo ,while completely unpressured, not seeing a completely alone Bryant standing in the endzone resulting in a FG rather that a TD…. which in the end was the difference in the game.40 yard bomb in stride wide open that likely goes for 6. He worked the KC secondary over all day. You seem to want me to give the Chiefs credit for a “dominating” win when they won by a point, at home, over a team that had multiple opportunities to put them away and did not. That game could have gone either way at several points and today it went to the Chiefs. There is not slight or discredit to your win by saying that. Objectivity is tough in a tough win or a tough loss and you being a fan of a team that has largely disappointed over the years I can more than appreciate that. I am a Royals fan….I know the feeling. Either way the Chiefs, with some help from Dallas, and their own good play got a win. Enjoy it. Last word is yours. Your team gave you the right to crow today.

        • ……ChiefsFan……

          I like you jay hawk. You are passionate and don’t take an argument to a personal level. As a chiefs fan I’ve heard far too often after a chiefs win, the other team beat themselves. I don’t like the argument as it completely dismisses everything the losing team accomplished.

          The chiefs are a team with a lot of young talent at every level. The chiefs were the better team today is a better response to the outcome IMO. No more crow believe me I know how you feel.

          • ……ChiefsFan……

            Correction * everything the winning team accomplished.

        • DT58

          Both teams had missed opportunities. Your post discredits all from the Chiefs perspective. You’re right about the bad PI call on Claiborne and that Dez dropped the ball. But Dez also got away with PI on a 50 yard play and didn’t catch the ball on another 50 yard play. Bad call on def. holding on Berry cost us a pick, which allowed you to kick a field goal. Just call it both ways. I can appreciate your frustration; I’m a Chief’s fan and have gone through a little. But don’t be a homer.