Cowboys Week 2 Surprises: Niners, Seahawks, Now The Chiefs?

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Now come the Chiefs. Another Week 2 matchup. Another road game. Maybe Sunday makes it three years straight, just minus the surprise this time. The KC Bandwagon is loading up. The Chiefs will be a sexy pick among the TV genius class during the Sunday pregame shows – watch as they pat themselves on the back for their daring. A Chiefs win will make them all unbearable for a week. Or moreso, I should say.

Sep 8, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) scrambles during the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

But the Chiefs have a ways to go to claim Seattle’s Cinderella mantle, and they’re starting from further back. The Seahawks finished 2011 at 7-9, but in the second half they were 5-3 with a +69 point differential. The Chiefs finished 2012 at 2-14, and they lost their last four games by a combined 78 points. Alex Smith is an upgrade, but he’s not Russell Wilson. Are the Chiefs really that good, this quickly?

They’re certainly better than they were last year, but so are the Cowboys – and “better” for the ‘Boys means 9-7 and beyond.

Some predictions of my own – here’s what you can expect this week: You can expect the Cowboys to play hard and compete for 60 minutes, because that’s what Jason Garrett teams do. You can expect the defense to miss a few assignments, because that’s what happens in Week 2 with a brand new scheme. You can expect Tony Romo to run a patient offense, because that’s what Bill Callahan calls – protect the ball and take what the defense gives you.

Will it be enough to win? Hard to say. Dallas got lucky in beating New York at home to open the season, and the Chiefs absolutely dismantled Jacksonville 28-2 on the road – an impressive win by any standard.

Of course, this week Vegas has those same Jags as six-point road dogs to, wait for it, the grease fire that is the Oakland Raiders.

The fellas in Vegas know their stuff, and apparently all they learned for sure from KC’s Week 1 win is that the Jags are awful. Vegas doesn’t yet know what to make of Sunday’s Cowboys-Chiefs match up; a 2.5-point road dog at famously tough Arrowhead is basically a pick-‘em game.

Still, it looks like folks are already giving up on the Cowboys this year. Who knows? Maybe for a third straight season, the Week 2 matchup does feature a surprise contender… And it ain’t the Chiefs.

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