Elite Players Collide in Cowboys-Chiefs Battle

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The Chiefs’ star cornerback Brandon Flowers is the only non top draft choice I must include in this article.  He came off the board in the 2nd round.  Over the last 3 seasons Flowers has graded out in the top 7 CB’s in the NFL at PFF.

Flowers is known for physical style of run defense and pass coverage, both with remarkable consistency.  He gives away a noticeable size advantage to Bryant of 4 inches and 32 pounds, as he stands 5’10, 187.

Anyone familiar with Flowers’ physical play knows he can match-up well with big receivers.  Brandon also has a knack for theft, with 16 career INT’s.  He defends the run aggressively averaging 61 tackles over 5 years, and 4 forced fumbles.

On the other side, Dez Bryant may be the most feared receiver in the league in 2013. Calvin Johnson would be the only other legitimate choice.

Dez finished 2012 with 1,382 yards and a whopping 12 TD’s.  He’s increased his receiving yards by 350+ each of his 3 seasons.  While adding 3 extra TD’s each season as well.  The forecast across the league is 2013 should be his best to date.

The question here is why won’t the Chiefs follow the lead of the Giants and assign 2 defenders to remove him from the gameplan?  The answer is the pride and production of Brandon Flowers won’t allow it.

There may be times when KC slides a safety his way now and then to protect certain situations.  But for the most part I expect the Chiefs to roll with Flowers and see if he can contain the beast.

It’s imperative that Dallas takes advantage early and often of this decision.  No disrespect to Brandon Flowers, but I don’t think any CB in the NFL can hold down Dez Bryant now that he added discipline and maturity to his already dominant game.

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