Did Poor Showing Harm Cowboys Dez Bryant's Elite Status?

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Getting back to Dez Bryant. I watched the Giants defense closely. In addition to the television broadcast I also used NFL Game Rewind. NFL Game Rewind is a must for football junkies. They have a free trial until September 16th. You can follow the Cowboys for approximately $30 or $2 a game. It’s a steal and I wish they were paying me to mention that! I’m also not sponsored by Tito’s vodka, but if they ever had an extra case! Seriously, with NFL Game Rewind, it becomes apparent the Giants cornerback Aaron Ross was being physical with Bryant while playing in a simple Cover 2 style defense. The Cover 2 requires man to man coverage with safety help over the top, it’s a standard basic NFL defense.

The Cowboys’ offense failed to show the creativity or ability to find way to get the ball to Dez Bryant. Instead of a new play caller, the Cowboys should locate better plays and formations. Bryant and the Cowboys were stifled by a base defensive coverage. With the quality of our receiving corp, there’s no excuse for Bryant to end a game with four catches, 22 yards and zero touchdowns. Nobody knows who plays opposite Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Torrey Smith, Andre Johnson, Anquan Boldin or A.J. Green so defenses focus exclusively on these players and they all had better numbers than Bryant.

It may not be viewed as a sign of maturity. I don’t want to see anyone on the sideline pouting, but I’d like to see Bryant demanding that Romo throw him the ball. Otherwise, if a base defense can shut down Bryant, dreams of a 2,000 yard receiving season and Bryant’s status as an elite receiver will be the biggest joke of them all.

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