Did Poor Showing Harm Cowboys Dez Bryant’s Elite Status?

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Getting back to Dez Bryant. I watched the Giants defense closely. In addition to the television broadcast I also used NFL Game Rewind. NFL Game Rewind is a must for football junkies. They have a free trial until September 16th. You can follow the Cowboys for approximately $30 or $2 a game. It’s a steal and I wish they were paying me to mention that! I’m also not sponsored by Tito’s vodka, but if they ever had an extra case! Seriously, with NFL Game Rewind, it becomes apparent the Giants cornerback Aaron Ross was being physical with Bryant while playing in a simple Cover 2 style defense. The Cover 2 requires man to man coverage with safety help over the top, it’s a standard basic NFL defense.

The Cowboys’ offense failed to show the creativity or ability to find way to get the ball to Dez Bryant. Instead of a new play caller, the Cowboys should locate better plays and formations. Bryant and the Cowboys were stifled by a base defensive coverage. With the quality of our receiving corp, there’s no excuse for Bryant to end a game with four catches, 22 yards and zero touchdowns. Nobody knows who plays opposite Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, Torrey Smith, Andre Johnson, Anquan Boldin or A.J. Green so defenses focus exclusively on these players and they all had better numbers than Bryant.

It may not be viewed as a sign of maturity. I don’t want to see anyone on the sideline pouting, but I’d like to see Bryant demanding that Romo throw him the ball. Otherwise, if a base defense can shut down Bryant, dreams of a 2,000 yard receiving season and Bryant’s status as an elite receiver will be the biggest joke of them all.

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  • True Cowboys Fan

    LOL cowboys won vs a division rival it was week one c’mon man really ? ? ? you think dez not gonna get his ? ? ? all i got to say is WOW & GO COWBOYS !! COWBOY Fan For Life !!

  • Falconer

    Dez will be just fine The issue I have is with the lack of creativity on the route designs . I am sick and tired of hearing ” They took him out of the game by rolling the safety over top” really ? Did this work with Jerry Rice? Hell no ! Why ? Because they put him in motion and sent him across the middle ! My Cowboys who I have been a fan of since 1975 need to draw up some creative routes ! What I am comcerned about is how the Giants had three receivers over 100 yards ! Crossing patterns where killing us because the safeties are not reading them soon enough the Giants picked on the single corner every time and completed way too many passes with a solid rush . That needs to be fixed .

    • Robert H. Carroll

      That’s true. As I mentioned, perhaps the Cowboys need some new formations and plays. They could’ve ran more bunch sets or a compression offense which would’ve eliminated the strength of the base Cover-2. The last time I saw Dez on a crossing route, Dwayne Harris threw a block and Bryant was going 85 yards against Washington. (I’m trying to stop using the term – Redskins.)

      Will Allen looked like the Safety version of Mackenzy Bernadeau. I don’t care if you don’t know the play call. Rule #1 as a safety is never let a receiver get behind you. It’s also rules #2 – 3,000,000!

  • ‘mericas_team2013

    “It may not be viewed as a sign of maturity. I don’t want to see anyone on the sideline pouting, but I’d like to see Bryant demanding that Romo throw him the ball.”- Yet just a few short seasons ago you were prolly one of the guys saying T.O. was a cancer because he wanted the ball and wasn’t shy about saying it, am I right? Also amongst the WRs you listed you failed to mention the BEST WR IN THE NFL CALVIN JOHNSON, who was held to 4 for 37 yards vs the Vikings and who plays across from him?(I know Nate Burleson, far from a huge threat). Even the best players can be held in check

    • ‘mericas_team2013

      Like you mentioned, the one thing Dallas has that other teams don’t is other guys who are capable of being legitimate #1 threats in Austin and Witten, and a few guys who could step in and be capable of being solid #2s(that are currently #3s) in Harris and Beasley. Which can make it very understandable why Dez has a down day esp when Romo throws for less than 300yds

      • Robert H. Carroll

        I’m glad you mentioned Harris and Beasley. I’m curious on your opinion on Terrance Williams? Currently he reminds me of Kevin Ogletree, which isn’t saying much.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Nope, that wasn’t me. Actually, I’m a huge T.O. fan and was at the playoff game at Texas Stadium where the Giants upset us and went on to win the Super Bowl. Worst airplane ride home ever. Also, I didn’t mention Calvin Johnson, but I should’ve because even with 37 yards, he out performed Bryant. Johnson also had a touchdown taken away from him due to that – Complete the process of the catch – rule.

  • blueberryicedcoffee

    Dez is an elite WR. The Giants played defense to take Dez out of the game. He was double tamed the entire night. He’ll get his catches.

  • BeirutWedding

    I guess I could see your point more if Dallas had lost. With 6 turnovers, sure, it feels like they should have blown them away. But the fact of the matter is, they never trailed in the game. And take away Williams’ route blunder that practically cost the ‘Boys a pick six and Romo played nearly mistake-free ball. I really felt that Dez’s lack of productivity had more to do with Tony playing it safe and dumping it off a lot. Did he do it too much? Again, hard to say. The easy answer is yes, but I believe the more comprehensive answer is in the win column.