Those Thieving Cowboys

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Giants Turnover 4

The first Giants turnover of the second half came in the third quarter with 12:47 to play on a 2nd and 15 at the Giants 24 yard line.  The Cowboys were in their base Cover Two defense when Giants RB David Wilson was tackled and stripped of the ball by Cowboys Defensive Lineman Nick Hayden.  Safety Barry Church picked up the ball and ran in back for a touchdown.  This was another example of the Cowboys not just tackling, but going for the ball as well.

Giants Turnover 5

The first Cowboys special teams forced turnover of the season happened in the third quarter with 5:54 left with Dallas punting from their own 43 yard line.  It was a short kick and the Giants return man WR Rueben Randle waived off the kick.  However, the ball bounced at the 25 yard line and directly into the shoulder of Giants cornerback Trumaine McBride with Cowboys Linebacker DeVonte “Hands” Holloman covering the live ball for the Cowboys.  There was nothing special about this turnover except that Holloman was alert and jumped on the live ball.

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Giants Turnover 6

The final turnover occurred with two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter at the Giants 48 yard line.  The Cowboys again showed blitz with a seven man defensive front but backed out of it at the last moment with the CB’s in man coverage and both safeties in deep prevent defense.  QB Manning threw a short dump pass to Giants Running back Da’Rel Scott, who was in for the fumble prone David Wilson, and the ball bounced off of his hand and into the awaiting arms of Cowboys CB Brandon Carr who returned it for a pick six.

It is clear to see that Defensive coordinate Monte Kiffin is drilling his players to go after the ball and create turnovers.  Kiffin’s simplified but effective defense seems to be putting his players into position to grab interceptions and attack the opposing team’s offense.  If the Giants versus Cowboys turnover dominating game is any indication of the future, Cowboys Nation could be in for a different kind of franchise record setting year, with the highest turnovers created in one season.

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