Those Thieving Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys generated a franchise worst 16 takeaways during the 2012 season.  Fans sat and painfully watched as the Cowboys lost close game after close game which could have easily been remedied by a simple turnover.  The tape evidence of the Cowboys versus Giants game would indicate that Dallas turnover problem is a thing of the past with a dominant six takeaway game.  Take a look as we break down every turnover from last night’s game.

Giants Turnover 1

Defensive Captain Defensive End DeMarcus Ware said before the game,

“I was rushing 85% of the time, and now I’m rushing 95% of the game.  It feels good being able to rush all the time during every play and get to the quarterback.”

The very first play of the game, Ware shucked Giants Left Tackle Will Beatty and made an inside move to track down Giants Quarterback Eli Manning.  However, in mid-stride Ware paused, read the screen pass to Giants Running back David Wilson and snags the under thrown Manning pass with his left hand for the interception.  It was a great read by DeMarcus and a poorly thrown ball by Eli.

Giants Turnover 2

Again during the first quarter, the Giants were threatening to score on the Cowboys 8 yard line with a first and goal.  The Giants lined up with Fullback Henry Hynoski in the backfield with Running back David Wilson behind and two Wide receivers split out on the left side.  Safety Barry Church correctly reads the run play and cheats up to the line of scrimmage even with the Cowboys linebackers.  Church sees the handoff to RB David Wilson running to his right, knifes through the line avoiding a pitiful attempt of a block by the FB Hynoski and spins Wilson around stripping the ball from him while Dallas Defensive End George Selvie recovers the fumble.  The Cowboys all night were punching at the Giants ball carrier’s hands trying to create the turnover, and this particular play by Church was an outstanding example of a successful turnover.

Giants Turnover 3

The last and final Giants turnover in the first half occurred with 8:58 eight left in the first quarter.  The Giants had the ball on the Dallas 49 yard line with 3rd and 10.  The Cowboys showed a linebacker blitz but shifted out of it with the Giants going four wide receivers.  QB Eli Manning from the shotgun formation badly overthrows a completely covered wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan and Cowboys Safety Will Allen easily grabs the pass out of the air.  This play was a good example of the Dallas safeties keeping the play in front of them and breaking on the ball at the appropriate time.

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