Dallas Cowboys 2013 Season Is Officially Under Way

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The 2013 Dallas Cowboys are now ready for launch. The pre season is over. The roster has been trimmed to 53 players. 8 players are now on the Practice Squad where they contribute to the Scout teams each week before the coming games. The season kickoff against the New York Giants is now the horizon we sail towards tomorrow night. Hank Williams Jr. for years asked us, “Are you ready for some football?” The resounding echo around Cowboys fans today is, “Hell yes.”

We should understand some things right up front about this upcoming season. First of all the Cowboys are going to lose games. Since 1972 every team has. Get used to it. Be ready for it. Don’t let a loss make you lose your mind. A loss is not a portent of doom. For 53 previous seasons the Dallas Cowboys have lost football games, and still managed to put 5 Lombardi trophies on display for the world to see and admire.

Aug 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Houston Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips (left) talks with Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett before the game at AT

Of course to do that you have to win more games than you lose. Going into the 2013 season that is the first goal, have a winning season. For most fans winning more than losing is not enough. In Cowboys Land we ought to know better than that. We’re quite proud of 20 straight winning seasons under Tom Landry from 1966 to 1985. Did every one of those seasons entail achieving every goal for glory? Of course not, but we were proud of that accomplishment, and rightfully so. Fans should always be proud of a winning team.

The next goal is to win the Division games. We begin and end this season with a Division game sandwich. I love the switch the NFL made to the last week of the season being Divisional games. It means more is on the line, and we’re more likely to see sustained efforts to close strong rather than teams coasting to the finish line. Intertwined with winning Division games is the goal to win the Division. The Cowboys have won more Division crowns than any team in NFL History. Back in 2009 they notched #21 overall and their 17th NFC East Crown.

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