Just the Facts: Giants-Cowboys

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Tom Landry and Jason Garrett both share the distinction of being Cowboys head coaches who once played for the New York Giants. Landry was a cornerback (1950-55), while Garrett was a backup quarterback (2000-03).

Jason Garrett and Tom Coughlin share a similarity in that both were once assistants with their respective teams before eventually becoming the head coach. (Coughlin coached WR’s from ’88 to ’90 before returning in ’04 as head coach).

Presently, David Diehl is the only two Giants remaining who once were on the roster in Garrett’s final season with New York in 2003.

Garrett is currently 2-3 against the New York Giants, awaiting his sixth match. Here’s how the other Cowboys head coaches have faired in their first six games against the Giants:

Landry: 1-4-1

Johnson: 1-5

Switzer: 5-1

Gailey: 3-1 (fired after 2 seasons)

Campo: 1-5

Parcells: 3-3

Phillips: 3-3 (including playoffs)



Tom Coughlin will coach in a record-setting 20th contest (playoffs included) against the Cowboys. Most of this is because he’s the first Giants head coach since Steve Owen (’31-’53) to coach past his 9th season, thus making Coughlin the second-longest tenured coach in the Giants’ 88-year history.

Tom Coughlin in 10-7 in season openers. In opening up in venues where his teams are undefeated, Coughlin is 2-0.

Oct 14, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin reacts during the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In opening day rematches, Tom Coughlin is 2-3:

Pittsburgh Steelers: ’96 (W), ’00 (W)

Indianapolis Colts: ’02 (L), ’06 (L)

Washington Redskins: ’08 (W), ’09 (W), ’11 (L)

Dallas Cowboys: ’07 (L), ’12 (L)


Tom Coughlin is 0-2 on 9/8. Here’s a list of his losses, all of which came with the Jacksonville Jaguars:

1996 – Oilers, 27-34 – L

2002 – Colts, 25-28 – L


For Tom Coughlin, the longest win streak in a divisional opponent’s stadium he’s had has been against the Washington Redskins. From 2006-10, Coughlin’s Giants racked up five wins at FedEx Field.

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