Aug 24, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a pass in the second quarter of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT

Crybaby Cowboys?!?

I was talking to a coworker the other day who said they were really starting to like the Texans.  Being from (and living in) Texas, I like the Texans too.  Pretty much anytime the Cowboys aren’t playing, I’ll watch and root for the Texans.  So why is it that Houston fans hate the Cowboys so much?

Aug 4, 2013; Canton, OH, USA; General view of the line of scrimmage as Dallas Cowboys quarterback Alex Tanney (7) takes the snap from center Phil Costa (67) in the 2013 Hall of Fame Game against the Miami Dolphins at Fawcett Stadium. The Cowboys defeated the Dolphins 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every Texan’s fan I know takes any opportunity to trash the Cowboys, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or in person.  My coworker and I spent the morning trying to figure out why this is so rampant.  We came to the conclusion it was based in jealousy for any of several possible reasons.

Could it be the moniker of “America’s Team”, or perhaps the awe-inspiring newly minted “AT&T Stadium”?  Is it the national coverage and attention that Dallas receives?  I live in San Antonio, where every Cowboy’s game is televised, but not many Texan’s games, despite being about 70 miles closer to Houston.  Maybe that’s why Texan’s fans are so angry?

As luck would have it, only a few hours later a patient’s family member came into my ER wearing a Houston Texan’s shirt.  I told them how the coworker and I had just been talking that morning about how we both liked the Texans, and we were wondering why most-,” they immediately interrupted, “-as long as you’re not Cowboy’s fans”.  I tried to suppress my laughter.

Aug 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive DeMarcus Ware (94) on the sidelines during the second half against the Houston Texans at AT

“That’s exactly what we were talking about,” I told them, “Why do Houston fans hate the Cowboys so much?”  “Because they are crybabies,” they answered.

This conversation went on for a while.  I asked in every conceivable way I could imagine, while trying to maintain my professionalism, how the Cowboys are crybabies.  “How?”, “What makes you think that?”, “What do you mean?”, “Can you give me an example?” were just a few of the questions.  “They just are,” was the answer I was repeatedly given, “They cry when they win, and they cry when they lose”.  Several more questions were asked, still no examples were given.

Then I actually started to feel myself getting angry.  In the last several years, the Cowboys have regularly received more penalties in each game than any other team that opponent would play all year.  At the same time, the opponent would be flagged for less penalties when they played the Cowboys than in any other game they played all year.  That seems to be a bit more than a coincidence, doesn’t it?  Yet I have never heard anyone involved with the Cowboy’s organization complain (or cry) about it, to the press or in social media.

Aug 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) smiles while on the sideline during the game against the Houston Texans at AT

Of all the ridiculously blatant interference penalties that have not been called when guarding Dez Bryant, I have never heard him say a thing about it (despite the “attitude problem” the media desperately wants to convince us he has).

How about an even comparison?  Take Tony Romo and Michael Vick, for example.  Tony Romo has taken a significant amount of unnecessary roughness, roughing the quarterback, and helmet to helmet shots over the years that have not been called, some even resulting in injury.  I have spent more games than I can remember absolutely livid, fuming about the illegal shots on Romo that were not called.  Although Romo has never said a word, let alone whined or cried about it.  Vick, on the other hand, cried like a little girl with a skinned knee in a post-game interview about how the refs don’t ever call illegal shots on him.  I have to be honest, if I was a ref, I would look the other way while a player urinated on Vick.  Unfortunately, Vick’s perceived slight was only in his head, but the refs spent the rest of season throwing flags at players for looking at Vick the wrong way.

This was the same season that both Romo and Vick would suffer broken ribs.  Romo would come back into the game and lead the Cowboys to a come from behind victory with a broken rib and a punctured lung.  He would go on to play in the following weeks, not missing a game over the injury.  Vick would not return to the game, and went on to miss the next several weeks, despite only having a cracked rib (no punctured lung).

Vick never released a statement, but the Eagles organization commented that injuries can affect athletes differently.  Yeah, some athletes take it like a man.  Some athletes suffer through the pain, no matter how intense, and give their team what’s needed of them.  Other athletes…are just crybabies.

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  • Craig

    Cowboys fans are crybabies and you just verified it.

    • True Cowboys Fan

      Hey I’m a Cowboys fan & I don’t think they should be writing these type of articles its like slapping your little sister around & bragging about it let me tell you the majority of Cowboys fan don’t even give the Houston Texans a second thought so can we just drop it & get along GO COWBOYS !! TRUE COWBOY Fan For Life !!

  • Slater467

    Pointing out things that other teams have whined and cried about but the Cowboy’s haven’t proves the fans are crybabies? You just went full retard Craig.

  • CowboysNation

    Love this article … We are not crybabies, we are proud fans that are sticking with our team even in the bad moments .. Houston hates us because they cant get popular because we are their neighbor and nobody talks about them ..

  • daddy

    becuz dallas cries when romo messes up and say they need a new qb. then the next week praise him if he does good. when other teams have injuries they claim injuries dont matter its the team as a whole until dallas has injuries then they cry that they didnt have so and so. they try and claim their division is the hardest in all of football and that other teams are doing good cuz they have a weak division. its not necessarily that cowboys fans are cry babies, its that they are stupid and ignorant and have every excuse in the world as to why their team isnt doing good and why other teams are ‘overrated’

  • dallas hater

    houston isnt mad that yall are thier neighbors, its that yall lose every other game and trash others when they win a game just to make yourselves feel better. and if you read or watch anything very few are even predicting dallas to do anything for the past few years and houston is getting more popular becuz we are actually winning more and goin to the playoffs. yall just get attention now of how yall messed up and then yall trash houston when they win. all dallas fans do is try and claim how theyre so much better than other teams yet their record speaks just the opposite. but then come the always famous who has more super bowl line, and how many have yall won since texans have been a franchise? how many playoff games have yall won since 2002 when we started? answer is 1, 1 less than texans. i never hated dallas until houston started having winning seasons cuz thats when dallas started trashing and crying about houston to make themselves feel better. get over yourselves and people wouldnt hate you

    • Patrick Cardenas

      I am a lifelong Dallas fan but I don’t hate the Texans and I don’t trash them when they lose. I like the Texans and would love to see them get to the Super Bowl. Dallas fans are loyal, but man, we are super critical of the team. Go to any Dallas article and read the comments. Brutal. There are always going to be idiots that will talk s**t. You want to see some miserable fans? If you ever get a chance and Texans play Philly in Philly, go and see what’s up. Texans fans were mocking and jeering at the preseason at Jerry World and nobody f***ed with them. Try that in Philly. They’d have your heads on spikes.

    • Mojo

      Texans no Super Bowl dallas 5 um awkward fuck stump I like the texans but there fans are retarded

      • The Texan Werebear

        Yes, but it has been almost 2 decades since your last one, which is twice as long as the Texans have been around… that was his point. Hou has twice as many playoff wins as the Cowboys since ’02. Our Backup QB has as many Playoff wins as Romo.
        As this season progresses I am sure it will be even bigger difference.

        • Derek

          LOL so does your starter! Romo would be far more successful ibehind Houston line coupled with their run game. Dallas lacks an offensive line and a stable run game. Romo is far better then schaub!

  • RockyZ

    You just verified the crybaby mentality by making excuses about penalties and cheap shots. Man-up and maybe we would respect you. Not!

  • Connor

    Its because the idiots speak the loudest. Most of the time in houston we dont hear from anyone other than the stupid cowboys fans instead of the reasonable ones. Also there are alot of bandwagoner fans for dallas like the lakers and alot of fans get mad and cry about losing. Of course not everyone does that but alot do. Also dallas is just houston’s rival. In everything. There is just hatred between the two cities. And you may not believe it but i have met a lot of crybaby cowboys fans who hate houston.

  • Ed

    I’m rubber your glue…. Why do you non fans care what or how the cowboys do? I root for the Texans until they play the the boys. No hate. Can’t y’all do the same?

  • David Kerr

    I think what we all hate here is not necessarily cowboys or texans fans, but fair weathered fans. A fan who can’t tell you why they dislike a team. Can’t name their teams starting line up. Has no knowelge of their teams history. That is much more annoying than a fan sticking up for their team. I know plenty of texans fans who will root for the cowboys. They still talk trash but its done out of love. All I can say to them is “We’ll See”

  • Cowboysfan3467

    I think the purpose here was harmony. The Cowboys and Texans are not, in fact, rivals. I love the Cowboys and always will, but I want to see the Texans do well too. As upset as I am when the Cowboys don’t make the playoffs, I’m not angry if the Texans did. I’m happy that a Texas team made it, even if they are not my favorite. I don’t personally know any Cowboys fans that don’t feel the same way. So I think the point of the article was, why all the hate Houston?

  • Russell

    It has always been about jealousy. Dallas fan and media could care less about Houston. The only Dallas fans that care about Houston is the ones that live in the Houston area. Dallas has always been the favored team in Texas. Even now when Houston is a much better run organization they are still the little brother trying to get attention. Houston media berates the Cowboys at every oppurtunity. The Dallas media could care less. Even though Dallas is an 8-8 ballclub they still get more national coverage. Dallas is America’s team and Houston will just have to satisfied to be they little brother. Houston’s tema color should be green. Green with jealousy

  • The Texan Werebear

    For me, I hate the cowboys because of the owner, not so much the team even though some of the guys Jerruh brings in just makes it even more fun to watch the Cowboys lose. If you are from the City of Houston, you hate the city of Dallas, it is in your blood, a lot of it is more than just the Cowboys, it is the fact that the national media loves the teams from Dallas (side not there are no professional teams in the city of dallas, as the reside in Arlington a separate city) no matter if they do well or not. Houston gets the label as a small market even though it is in the top 5 in metropolitan population. It is a rivalry of Business, culture, sports Pro down to High School (GO KATY TIGERS!) It is the fact that the Oilers as one of the original AFC teams was disregarded with many of the AFC teams after the merger. It is the fact that Dallas has the Stars and Houston just lost their minor league hockey team because Minn. wanted to move them up north, even though there is a huge hockey fan base in the city. It is the fact that there is a perception of Dallas citizens being pretentious and the Owner of your team said we are a bunch of hillbillies, while he was “Glitz and Glamour” The list goes on and on.
    You may not understand it as you live in SA, which besides the Spurs has no other sports teams. But the animosity between Houstonians and anything from Dallas runs deep and has for a long time.
    But I do enjoy how you go to list all the wrongdoings done to your team, I could do the same thing for the Texans, but I do my ranting right after the game then get over it.
    If you ever asked me why I hate the cowboys I will give you a more in depth reason why I can’t stand your team. But I have rambled on already.
    #GoTexans #SteelBlueArmy

    • Wxman40

      But why do the Dallas fans not hate the Texans anywhere near as much? One way rivalries are really annoying. I can find a group on FB about Texans fans who hate the Cowboys, who are not in their conference, but the only Cowboys fans who hate the ????? is reserved for their division opponents. Especially the Eagles.

  • Silver&blue45788

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • Texan729

    I like the cowboys, but many of their fans are blinded by the glean of the superbowl rings. Yes your franchise has some major accomplishments. Just stop making it your trump card to every conversation. nobody cares.t What other fanbase uses a superbowl twenty years ago as a basis for saying how good they are? That is my main grief with many fans not all. the other more tangible reason is that it was the drunk Cowboys fans at the texans game that caused the Texans to start charging to tailgate.

    • Wxman40

      No you see Texan729 the conversation just ended when you said “Yes your franchise has some major accomplishments.” The Texans may have some history some day and then you will understand. The Oilers gave this city so little history to grab on to even with Glanville and Pardee’s best teams. History and tradition are every bit as important in determining who has the most loyal fans. The Texans’ fans basically ignored them until 2009 and are almost all bandwagon fans up to this point. Let them have another 4-12 season and it will be like they never existed again. I think the lack of history as well as the fact that native Houstonians are actually somewhat rare (everyone moved here) has a lot to do with that.

  • Steve Vance

    Born in Dallas, raised in Houston (Oiler fan) and now back in Dallas (Texans fan). I’ll skip over the blanket Houston/Dallas city rivalry. Having lived in both places, I can say that each town has its merits/faults.
    But when it comes to football, Texans fans tend to hate on the Cowboys more than the contrary. I think the following are a few causes.
    I started watching football as an Oiler fan. I can say that the more that time went on, the more I observed the media bias and the lack of national Houston coverage, even when Houston had the better teams. (It happens to ALL Houston sports teams). Half a decade with Houston not having a team (97′-02′) after the BESF’s were formed, a lot of Houstonians migrated to the Cowboys bringing with them the local Houston media, since they had no one else to cover. This has created even more animosity when the Texans formed.
    The “America’s Team” moniker has always annoyed anyone that isn’t a Cowboys fan.
    When I first moved to Dallas in 98′, I was amazed by Dallas fans. They were so self entitled and whinned constantly about their teams. Wringing their hands at every and any fault. Cowboys fans are spoiled. They have no idea what it’s like to be constantly ignored by national media, to be written off first, to lose your NFL team to another city and to have many in your city become fans of another city’s team. So it’s not that they are “cry babies”, it’s that Cowboys fans have no clue how good they have it. It’s their hubris that is irritating.
    I am starting to feel sorry for Cowboys fans nowdays though. It’s been a long 20 years and the “Glory Hole” days’ shine is starting to dim. I saw as many Texans fans at the last presseason game as I did Cowboys fans. That has to hurt. I’m starting to feel for fans that have to endure an owner like Jerry Jones. Houston fans understand. They will always hate Bud Adams, who tried to blackmail the city and lost, taking Houston’s team and NFL history with him.
    I don’t know how long the Cowboys will have to lanquish in mediocrity for the fans to come down to reality. Maybe never. Maybe it takes losing your team.
    That said. If Houston continues to do well and garner more fans and coverage nationally, I could easily see Texans fans become the thing they hate. So I for one will try to temper my disdain of all things Cowboys. The team and it’s owner is enough punishment for their fans now.

    • Derek

      I feel sorry for Houston 2 Franchises and 0 super bowls…that’s pathetic! How long before Houston is done with the Texans???!!!