Dallas Cowboys Get Down To Business

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Who is going to be the 3rd Wide Receiver? Some people may ask if we will even run any 3 WR packages. Of course we will. How often no one can say, but the 2 TE 12 package is going to be our primary set and if it creates mismatches like the coaches hope it may eliminate some 3 and 4 WR sets. I think it is obvious that the coaching staff wants Terrance Williams to be that 3rd option at WR. I also think it should be obvious to anyone who is watching and following the money aspect of football that they’d like for him to be groomed to start next year opposite Dez Bryant. What about Miles Austin? We may keep him, but his salary and the looming contract of re-signing Dez might make that impossible. Williams has the size, hands and drive to start in the NFL, but not this year unless someone gets hurt.

How many WRs will we keep? If I am going to guess, I’d say we will keep 5 with the last 2 being Dwayne Harris serving also as our primary return man, and Cole Beasley. Why Beasley over Anthony Armstrong or Danny Coale? Simply that he is better suited to the slot and has experience and some chemistry with Romo. It’s a numbers game and Danny Coale simply hasn’t got any numbers or playing time results to make this squad. I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see him on the Practice Squad either.

June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Danny Coale (81) makes a catch during minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The big questions of course surround who is going to be kept on the Offensive Line? Is Jermey Parnell going to start for us at Right Tackle? Or will Free move back to RT when Ron Leary is back next week? It is going to come down to who the Coaching Staff thinks is better between Mackenzy Bernadeau and Parnell. Right now, as I sit here typing this I believe that 4 of the OL starting spots are set. Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, Doug Free, and Ron Leary are starters for us this year. Bernadeau or Parnell will make that 5th spot and that will determine where Free plays. I personally liked him at Guard a little better than I did at RT, but I admit I may be biased after Free’s play in 2012, which is not completely fair, the man has played well and looks ready. If Free moves inside to G, I sort of expect Bernadeau to be waived. Why would they do that if he is one of the final 2 guys in line to be a starter? It’s a business and he would be paid too much to sit on the bench.

Moving to the Defensive side of the ball the biggest questions I have are about backup Linebackers. Has either Caleb McSurdy or Brandon Magee done enough to warrant a place here? With Alex Albright leaving for the year due to a back injury one of our most versatile LBs is lost for the season. He was capable of playing inside or outside for us and he has always been great on Special Teams. In other words, that was a big loss. We also will find out who will start at Outside LB with Bruce Carter. Will it be Ernie Sims or Justin Durant? I have liked Sims more in the PS games he got into, but you cannot argue with Durant’s resume in the NFL either. I do believe it is possible that Sims may take the role Albright would have had in being the backup at all 3 spots. He’s extremely quick and intelligent and as of right now I’ll tell you he is better than either of the 2 youngsters vying to backup Sean Lee.

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  • Rufus

    You can’t be serious. You want to sign and employ McElroy because he looks like Garrett did 20 years ago? You think that makes him coaching material? The dumbest thing you’ve said, at least today. You have said a lot of dumb things, starting with your supposed “predictions”.

  • Idgit and Jobberone

    Please don’t post links on our site anymore to these monstrous, pathetic ramblings. As a matter of fact, don’t come back to CZ anymore. Thanks.

  • zrinkill

    Yeah, cuz I’m tired of looking like a fool by saying I’ve got inside info and I pass on what I get from you and it doesn’t happen. I’ll talk to you again when Brian Waters is signed. Or when you admit John Garrett was fired. The choice is yours.

  • SuperDuper

    Christ. Please stop embarrassing yourself. The football Messiah you fancy yourself to be, you are not. Your “articles” read like something out of a Dr. Suess book. I can’t even get past the first page any more. Pathetic is right.

    • tfs

      Yet you make it a point to show and post comments. Obsess much?

      • SuperDuper

        What can I say? I keep hoping he will turn the corner and write something meaningful. Then sack-lickers like you eat his drivel up and all you do is encourage him. I think it’s obvious I’m not the only one who thinks this guy is an idiot.

        • tfs

          I made no comment good or bad on the content of the article.

          • tfs

            Oh, and it’s an OK opinion column this week. Not the best one I’ve read from him. Laced with some facts and what he thinks the Cowboys will do as far as the roster. Much like many other people were doing.

            He recaps a few facts that most people already know but I don’t see anything really “Messiah” related on the first page since that is all you read. It also does not read like any Dr. Suess book I have ever read. Makes me wonder if you have even read a Dr. Suess book. I’m thinking you haven’t. They are a bit more complicated to read than “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”.

            The truth is, I do not think you read a single word of it. Sir and/or madam, it is apparent you do not like Mike Burke long before he started writing here. Your comment is transparent and it does not take a genius to see that. You did not come here to read the column. Your only purpose was to come make a snide comment to carry on whatever juvenile agenda you have toward the man.

            I sincerely hope one day you seek professional help for this very unhealthy obsession of yours.

          • SuperDuper

            Spare me the Dr. Phil routine, tfs. I don’t care what you think I did. You have a low bar to clear when it comes to being entertained, obviously. And no, I didn’t know Burke before I started reading his toilet paper material when it started showing up here a while back. I just decided to let him know beginning last week that his writing is trash. Nothing snide about it. Tell you what, let me break it down to you this way. There is a difference between informing and educating. If he was just here informing people, he wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s obvious from the way he writes that he considers himself more knowledgeable than most here, thus his need to educate the reader say, for example, about the origin of the word “Turk”. Who gives a shit? Oh and his “opinions” he cleverly passes off as what he thinks are facts, case in point the Waters signing that he said would take place last week.

          • tfs

            You made your opinion known last week on his writing. And made it a point to comment again this week. Why? You had already decided he writes “toilet paper material” by the time his last article posted. Here’s something novel for you to try… don’t like his writing, stop seeking it out. The writer of the article is displayed, not like it’s a secret until you click on the column.

            I don’t read anything from his writing that “he considers himself more knowledgeable than most here”. As far the Turk thing, if it’s true then I think it’s an interesting bit of trivia.

            There was a lot of people saying Waters was coming as soon as the Cowboys got back to Texas after breaking camp. Why is Mr. Burke so much more wrong than anyone else who said the same thing?

          • tfs

            Also, for someone who claims they didn’t know Burke before he started writing here your comment last week appears to betray that claim.

  • AbeBeta

    lmao of all the dumbass pathetic shit youve spewed out of your jizz hole bringing in McElroy to be groomed to be a coach just because he’s a ginger neverwas like garrett has to take the cake.You fail at life you fat fuck