Nov 18, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff (90) celebrates making a tackle during the game against the Cleveland Browns at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Browns 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

This Should Be Jay Ratliff’s Last Season as a Dallas Cowboy

I’m a glass half full kind of person, but I try not to be a “homer”. I can admit that my team has flaws and deficiencies with Jerry Jones as General Manager being at the top of the list. I admire the methods used by the New England Patriots and wish that Jerry Jones would follow the examples set by owner Robert Kraft. It’s hard to play the roles of owner and general manager. Yes, I have tried it. Well, I tried it in the Madden video game where they have an owners mode. Having to focus on my team and future draft picks while building a new stadium and setting hot dog prices is distracting.

I am not going to beat an old horse, but when Aaron Hernandez was arrested, he was cut by the New England Patriots. Josh Brent’s drunk driving resulted in the death of his friend and practice squad player Jerry Brown Jr. Brent was on the sideline for the next game against the Cincinnati Bengals and more until public outcry forced Jones to remove him. The Brent story went on far too long in Dallas, until Brent decided to retire.

The New England Patriots are also ruthless with reminding players that they are expendable. Players like defensive tackle Richard Seymour are doing great and then wake up as an Oakland Raider. Wide Receiver Randy Moss was part of an offense that could’ve won 19 straight games and was shipped back to the Minnesota Vikings. Most recently, Wes Welker another wide receiver was allowed to exit at age 32. He was quickly replaced with 27 year old Danny Amendola.

Our Dallas Cowboys are rewarded monstrous contracts and treated as if they’re irreplaceable. It’s why we have had problems with Miles Austin, Doug Free and Jay Ratliff. Yes, I’m a fan of oft-injured Sean Lee but middle linebacker isn’t a position where the cost skyrockets in free agency. Positions like quarterback and wide receiver are expensive to secure to contracts and are prized in free agency.

Players like Miles Austin, Doug Free and Jay Ratliff have under performed. It baffles me why Jay Ratliff has been getting a pass, but Cowboy Nation wants Doug Free’s head on a platter. We have young, hungry players on a roster filled with talent. If Robert Kraft owned the Dallas Cowboys, these three players wouldn’t be overvalued and prematurely rewarded with huge contracts that need to be renegotiated. The Cowboys should love to secure some draft picks for Austin, Free and Ratliff. Perhaps Austin is safe for now after his new contract. In my world, the first game that Austin heads to the sideline grabbing his hamstring, he would become trade bait.

If pre-season is really about players being competitive for roster spots, it’s time to let Ratliff go.

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  • True Cowboys Fan

    WOW worst crap ever written whats going on here How did this crap get on here is it what ever crap day here on TLH

  • billy

    hes right about rat. he needs to be forced to take his ‘tude and go on down the road and see if another team wants to put up with him for a few years. he was pretty good for a while but now he dosent want to play he wants to pout and take his money of course. damn it looks like jerry would learn who to pay and not pay sometime. screw rat

  • Daiman

    I don’t u dee stand how you could say Miles underperformed ? What games were you watching? As for Free dude took half salary , good move Jerry. The only think you can beef about is Ratliff . You are correct there. Time to cut him. Problem is the boys do not develop players or take chances with young players unless its due to major injury. What happened to Amendola ? That’s what I mean. Jerry is afraid dump the vet in order to replace with young unknown talent unless that player is a high draft pick. It’s been a huge problem. Like Jerry ripping up Ratliffs contract to give him a raise.. WTF? These are only a snippet of Jerry’s dumb moves. We could go on all day.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      Maybe you didn’t see the multiple times that Miles failed to finish his routes (this has been well documented). On occasion he looked downright lazy last year and that’s what I call under performing. What would you call it? Fortunately, it appears he now realizes this and is finishing his routes. The jury is still out on him and we will see what happens during the season.

    • JoeDaBeast

      Amendola didn’t produce on the field when they had him. Don’t know what switch was flicked with him but he was not a good player when he was with the Boys.

  • Juanito Juanito

    Should go, he is not a team player anymore, next season, he is diva now, sadly

  • Richard Storm

    “when Aaron Hernandez was arrested, he was thrown under the bus by the New England Patriots even though that he pleaded innocent and that whole case stinks of fishy.” ….fixed

  • JoeDaBeast

    ” It’s hard to play the roles of owner and general manager. Yes, I have tried it. Well, I tried it in the Madden video game where they have an owners mode. Having to focus on my team and future draft picks while building a new stadium and setting hot dog prices is distracting.”

    I do that too!!!! Season 30 on Madden 12.