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Yo Jets: We Got Kyle Orton, You Got a 2nd Round Pick in 2014… Let's Talk

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TV’s genius class spent Sunday morning crucifying Jets head coach Rex Ryan for playing QB Mark Sanchez in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s preseason matchup with the Giants. Rookie QB Geno Smith was awful in throwing three interceptions and scrambling out the back of the endzone for a safety, and Sanchez suffered a shoulder injury during his unexpected late-game relief.

Aug 24, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Kyle Orton (18) throws in the pocket in the third quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT

Ryan brought some of the criticism on himself with his bizarre post-game press conference, but this is the same Sanchez who completed 54 percent of his passes and turned the ball over 26 times last season. In defense of Rex Ryan, a quarterback of Sanchez’s caliber is perfectly suited for fourth-quarter mop-up work in the preseason.

Lost in the clamor is a simple truth: The Jets were horrid at the QB position before Sanchez got hurt, and that really hasn’t changed now that he’s banged up.

The risk for the Cowboys is that Romo goes down and the 2013 season rests in the hands of an unproven rookie. The reward is the possible premium draft assets that a team like the Jets might pay for Orton, the cap space we save, and the opportunity to groom a possible successor to Romo.

Orton arguably makes six NFL teams better the day he shows up: Oakland, Minnesota, Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville and the New York Jets.

If the coaching staff likes what they see in Tanney, and they’re willing to risk running with a rookie backup who’s shown some promise, then it’s worth at least a flyer to see what someone would be willing to pay for Orton. Cowboys GM Jerry Jones knows how to sell, and there are some desperate teams out there. You never really know what you can get if you don’t ask for it…

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  • Raymond Tippett

    I don’t think that would be a good idea, I do think we should keep the kid, but to trade Orton for a pick in next years draft well that would be just not sound . keep the kid don’t trade Orton if anything trade Stephens but not Orton. we cant play Russian roulette with the team if we did that that is what we would be doing

    • Hank Chinaski

      Why not trade Pendleton, Cook, and Vega for all the Jets 2014 draft picks?
      Stephens sucks, there are a 100 QB’s already floating out there with his skill level and unproven ability. What Bankston was trying to say is that Orton has VALUE and could bring a good pick our way while also developing a pretty good young guy…I’m in.

      • RoninSRM

        I say trade Orton get a 2nd-3rd and move up for Clowney.
        Ware can’t last for ever…

  • Keith Ranson

    Better Idea: Orton For a Guard,NOW!

  • Raymond Tippett

    they cut pedelton today so that wont work

    • Hank Chinaski

      That’s the point Tippett

  • jrcowboy49

    The trade should be explored! Tanny may not get past waivers for the practice squad and he would be a nice keeper. A 2nd pick would be nice for a quality OL draft pick!

  • cowboy28

    On what planet would the jets trade a 2nd for Orton? I’m all for keeping Tanney on the roster, but lets be reasonable.

    • John

      They traded a 4th and a 6th to Denver for Tebow and a 7th… So, maybe on this planet?

      • cowboy28

        Because a 4th and 6th for Tebow and 7th is comparable to a 2nd… They just spent a 2nd round pick on a “quarterback of the future”. You do not, under any circumstance, use equal value to bring in a place holder for said player. Alex Smith was traded for a 2nd. Orton isn’t Alex Smith and the chiefs were a qb needy team who did not want to draft a qb in this upcoming draft. This is so clearly a maddenesque type scenario its maddening.

        • John

          Arguably, Kyle Orton is Alex Smith. Orton’s career QB rating in 72 games is 79.7; Smith’s in 80 games is 79.1. Career passing yardage: Orton 14,621, Smith 14,280. TD/INT: Orton 81/57, Smith 81/63. They each entered the league in 2005, and they’ve both spent the bulk of their careers as starters. They’re remarkably similar players from a production and experience standpoint.
          And the Jets are at least as hard up for a QB as KC was before they signed Smith… Orton is an organizational asset, and the potential for Tanney’s quick development could free us up to shop that asset around. No reason to give him away, but no reason not to test the market either…

          • cowboy28

            If you remove Alex Smith’s unceremonious start while on a pitiful san fran team the numbers aren’t even close. In smith’s first three years he managed to be one of the worst quarterbacks in the league posting 19 tds and 31 interceptions. The difference between the two is so painfully obvious; Orton is trending down (no longer a starter and won’t be a starter again) while Alex Smith is trending up (with teams interested in him as a starter).

            As far as being as hard up for a qb, you must be joking. The Jets drafted their qb of the future (Geno Smith), Kansas City didn’t have a qb on the roster. Seriously, go look at their roster last year, Cassel and Quinn. Everybody knew Cassel was going to be cut and Quinn was a FA. They had nobody. It isn’t comparable. You simply don’t give up a 2nd round pick for a spot filler, you just play the qb of the future.

            In any event, I was not opposed to the idea of trading Orton for a draft pick, it is likely beneficial for the cap issues next season; however, this scenario just isn’t plausible. You would never get that sort of compensation for Orton from the Jets. They have no realistic shot to make a run at the superbowl, that is the type of team that would overpay for a player like Orton.

          • John

            Hey, now! I wasn’t looking to pick a fight with the captain of the debate team. I concede. Well played, sir…


    DaRick & Dooley n Dallas!

  • 2nd thought

    DaRick Rogers & Dez WOW!

  • Oliver Clothesoff

    No way are they keeping 3 QBs on the active roster and no way are they trading Orton.

    • John

      That’s probably true. But no harm in testing the water. Some team hard up for QB help might make the ‘Boys an offer they can’t refuse. The sting of losing the insurance policy is blunted by Tanney’s promise and the unliklihood that he’ll see the field this year…

  • ctcowboy1968

    Not happening this year. If Cowboys can keep Tanney (and I hope they do), it will happen next year. Won’t get a 2nd round pick for Orton.