Dallas Cowboys Media Coverage Is Sensational

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It isn’t just in Dallas, this epidemic of sensationalism is happening on a national level. It isn’t the writer’s faults. This is what their publications and editors want. We pay the price of having poor quality articles to read because of the insatiable need for the sensational.

I’m not a Washington Redskins fan by any wild stretch of the imagination. In fact if you ask me whether I’d rather wear a Redskins jersey for 15 seconds or get kicked in the pills, I’m going to brace for the kick. I do not respect the Redskins History of racism. I don’t respect the racist mascot name, and I am glad to see some national publications doing what they can to apply pressure for change.

Oct 14, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys guard David Arkin (62) prior to the game against the Baltimore Ravens at M

There are some who would call this support of political correctness. I don’t agree at all. The fact of the matter is if the team in Washington, our nation’s capital, was going to be an expansion team added to the NFL this year, there is no way in hell they would be called the Redskins. If it is wrong for right now, why is it wrong to want it changed to move past the past? I just don’t think it is. This is a team that integrated Black players only after pressure from the Kennedy Administration. They changed their team fight song to remove the references of fighting for “Old Dixie” yet they cling to the mascot name. This in a town that changed their basketball mascot name from Bullets to Wizards. It doesn’t make sense to cling to that racist past.

Back when the Redskins excluded Black players their legendary writer, Shirley Povich, wrote a great line about the great Jim Brown after the Cleveland Browns had beaten the Redskins. He wrote, “Jim Brown, who was born genetically incapable of playing for the Redskins, integrated their end zone three times.” I consider that one of the most masterfully written lines in sports History. The “genetically incapable” comment is a clear reference to the policies of Nazi Germany and reminds us of the triumphs of Jesse Owens over Adolf Hitler’s superior Aryan athletes in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The “integrated” comment was clearly a reference to not only the Jim Crow laws of the segregated South, but also the landmark Brown versus Topeka, Kansas School Board of Education segregation Supreme Court Ruling.

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  • Super Duper

    My take on this, another one of your rambling, nonsensical tomes:
    1) You love the word “ratifies” although you clearly have no idea of its meaning
    2) You love Twitter although you told your minions at CZ that you didn’t use it and had no idea how to use it.
    3) You need to go back to Writing 101 and look up the section about rules for capitalization. You capitalized words unnecessarily thinking you were providing emphasis when it’s really just showing how lousy a writer you are.
    4) If you stick to your guns then you call yourself consistent. If any other writer does the same thing, he’s “stuck in a rut”.
    5) The reader is told to believe an apartment manager in Arizona knows all of the goings on at Valley Ranch over writers who cover the team and can and have been blackballed for reporting bogus stories. Sorry, I’ll take the word of most of those writers over the neighborhood toilet unclogger.
    6) You have been able to endow Shirley Povich as “legendary” because he made a quip that you so admire. You are the epitome of narcissism.
    7) How you went from Doug Free getting snaps at guard to the controversy over the name Redskins I’ll never figure out, nor will you if you ever proof-read your work.
    8) How you got from Doug Free getting snaps at guard to the infamous Cabo trip in 2007. Sorry, but I check most news outlets every day and haven’t read anything about that for years. WTF are you talking about?
    9) It’s not like Brent and Jerry Brown were hiking and Brown lost his footing and died. It’s about Brent making an incredibly stupid decision to drive after drinking way too much, and was only “ratified” by his further stupid decisions he’s made since then, since you seem to love that word so much.
    10) You need to lick the spoon of all the dung you’ve posted on this site. If anyone is a sensationalist, it’s you. No one probably in the history of journalism has trumpeted himself as being the know-it-all you proclaim yourself to be than you.
    11) Come down off your cross, Hostile. Take the wood and build a bridge to nowhere.

    • Incredulous

      Wow. It’s been a long time since I’ve read such an meaningful, informative, and unhinged rant.

    • True Cowboys Fan

      In some ways you both right & wrong as a cowboys fan I’m tired of all the crap & bashing of our team from fans & media what I don’t understand is the fans how can you kick the team when its down or when they make a mistake what happened to backing the team through good times & bad times no mater what cheering them on & letting the players know you got there backs as fans the players out there giving it there all & so its time we as fans start to show more loyalty to them & when I say them I’m saying the Dallas Cowboys as for the media we fans can start by letting them know we not gonna stand for this crap & reply when they do write crap about the Cowboys GO COWBOYS TRUE COWBOY Fan For Life !!

      • 4lyfe

        TCF: It’s thinking like yours, that everything is just fine, that is the reason why this team has not done anything for 17 years. Pure and simple. If you don’t see that there are things very wrong with this team, beginning with the man at the top, then you are out of your mind.

        • True Cowboys Fan

          Oh so now your attacking Jerry ? LOL do you know him ? or you just going by what the media writes? Look what I’m saying is enjoy the games win or lose back the team up the player are out there giving there best why cant we as fans & maybe you wont look like such a fool when they win the Super Bowl GO COWBOYS! ! TRUE COWBOY Fan For Life!!

          • 4lyfe

            Attacking him? Hardly. Attacking is a word used by overly-dramatic attention whores like the writer of this article. I don’t go by only what the media writes, I go by what I hear him say on TV and the radio, the media doesn’t write that. I also go by wins and losses. The Cowboys’ record tells me that he’d rather lose his way than win someone else’s way, he’s that desperate to be recognized as a “football guy”. People like you only serve to feed the monster.

            You’re a fan of mediocrity. I get it. Rah rah Cowboys!

          • True Cowboys Fan

            Oh well here is where i say adios mi amigo we just on way opposite sides of being a fan I’m all in with my team & back them up no mater what from the top to the practice squad Hey I live in ca my family from San Juan Texas but any way you know whose fans I got to talk $h&t to all the time & then to hear my fellow cowboy fan criticize & nitpick about every thing its too much Don’t get me wrong about media tho we on the same side on that but i don’t waste my time with there BS GO COWBOY ! TRUE COWBOY Fan For Life !!

  • John

    I just thought toying with Free at guard meant they really really really love Fredbeard at center…

    • Raymond Tippett

      I agree keeping frd at center is so important to the cowboys front , its quite clear that fredricks is great at calling out the mike and picking up the inside guy, he does his job at center and it is smart to keep a guy there

  • Collin

    An outstanding article. Bravo.

  • Dan

    Mike, your piece of neglected perspective is welcome more than you know. There are many who mourn its day-to-day absence. Thanks for bringing it to life again.

  • 4lyfe

    I agree with Super. On top of that you can’t possibly be stupid enough to believe your own drivel. I think you post this crap solely for attention, you don’t even care if it’s good or bad.
    Please go take a course in sentence construction, too. Even if I agreed with you I’d probably have to consider changing my stance because your writing style gives any reader above a 2nd grade education the impression you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • True Cowboys Fan

      Excuse me I hope YOU’RE not referring to me TRUE COWBOY For Life? I deliberately dumbed down for those so called fans WHO criticize the COWBOYS from just reading the crap someone in the media wrote

      • 4lyfe

        So we should take the word of this Burke guy, who talks to NO ONE on the team, over people who are around the team every day? Burke is a narcissistic moron who sucks in simple-minded idiots by pumping nothing but sunshine under the ruse that he is :”in the know”. He is wrong far more than he is right. Just ask him about the Brian Waters signing, that he assured you was going to happen last week. You going to listen to a guy who picks up dog crap at an apartment complex or Brad Sham, who said it wasn’t going to happen?
        You do know his wife doesn’t even let him watch the games live, don’t you? Do the math. He has no control at home, not even over the TV, so he cultivates this internet persona via CZ and now TLH where he presents himself as some sort of insider when he couldn’t even tell you the layout of the lobby of VR. I don’t know what’s funnier, reading his BS rants on here or watching you fall all over the other retards who believe every word he says.

        • tfs

          You do realize many media members (you know, those reporters “who are around the team every day”) were speculating Waters was coming as well. Yet you act like Mike Burke being wrong is so much worse than any one of them?

  • Debo

    Hey Mike, how is that Waters signing coming along that you came down from on high last week to tell us about? Or is this just another one of your friends playing a joke on you? Oh wait, I got it. One of the Navy Seals told you about it then you found out he was just an action figure.