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Dallas Cowboys Have 2 Pre-Season Games Behind Them

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I thought I was the one on dope though. I could have sworn Dallas had a slew of penalties in this game. I was shocked in the 4th quarter when the graphic said 5 for 40 yards. Maybe there were so many that were offset. Either that or I dropped LSD and hallucinated the whole thing.

What wasn’t a hallucination though is the fact that once again a Dallas game came down to critical mistakes. Thankfully these were by rookies and camp bodies, and not the veterans we put so much faith in. I didn’t see any of our top players disappointing me in this game, just the backups and scrubs. Dez Bryant not only caught everything thrown at him, but he got in a few licks and some smack too. The X Facter has arrived for sure.

Aug 9, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) leaves the huddle during the first quarter of the game against the Oakland Raiders at O.Co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Lee looked great on the sack of Matt Flynn that caused the first turnover of the game. Simply put, Lee is a catalyst type playmaker and we are lucky to have the man leading the Defense the way he does.

Pre-season games don’t mean that much to me beyond a chance to see some hitting and find guys to root for. I haven’t found that guy yet. Maybe this next week as I go see the game live against the Cardinals. Ultimately the rest of pre-season for me simply means don’t get anyone hurt, and knock some rust off. We get the Raiders again on dead bird day. Tonight I sat by a young couple who were split on loyalty. He was a Cowboys fan and she was a Raiders fan. They had fun, and I enjoyed the banter. Tonight she has bragging rights. In November I expect her Thanksgiving dinner to be crow. I don’t think the Raiders have the juice to compete with this Cowboys team straight up without scrubs vs. Scrubs.

That’s just my view form the cheap seats. Oh, and for grins tonight I wore a fedora to go watch the game. That’s right, I had on my Landry Hat. Win or lose, it was fun to see the players I love out there twice in a single week. Look out Phoenix, the Cowboys are coming to take over our home away from home yet again. It won’t count, but I have no doubt I’m going to see aggression again, and I like that. I really like that.

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