Dallas Cowboys Have 2 Pre-Season Games Behind Them

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It is vital to me that we get the Guard situation figured out. That is why the rumors we moved right to Brian Waters was encouraging to me. Waters is far more accomplished than Moore, having earned 6 Pro Bowl berths, including one in his final season of 2011. On top of this he is a Cowboys fan and Texas native. What can I tell you, I am aged bias when it comes to football. Waters is older, but as to his age, he’s a year younger than Ray Donaldson was when we brought him in in 1995, and I happen to think he’s was the best Center we’ve ever had.

Fixing the Guard positions has been vital to me all off season. I spent the early days day dreaming of signing Andy Levitre and drafting Chance Warmack. If you saw the holes those guys opened for the Titans, you don’t wonder why. The Cowboys absolutely have needed to address the interior OL. They did that in drafting Frederick. He looks like the real deal. I give them kudos for trying to shore up Tony’s protection.

Aug 9, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) and center Travis Frederick (70) point in the first quarter in an preseason game against the Oakland Raiders at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

As of right now the run blocking looks vastly improved over 2012. That really wouldn’t be hard. The results in the last 2 years have been dismal. But you have to expect that when you purge a roster of aging veterans and 60% of the Offensive Line is file thirteened in one season. With 170 yards rushing against the Dolphins and another 70 against the Raiders, even an old Fullback like me has to admit the commitment to the run looks promising. To get these results without a FB on the team is quite promising.

I can see some improvement in the passing game from the new protection. One reason why I wanted the Guards position addressed is because I do not want to see Travis Frederick anywhere but Center. I think he is a capable Guard. He is an outstanding Center and to me that makes more sense. Left to my own devices I might be trying to trade Hulk Hogan’s future son-in-law to the Denver Broncos for a Draft pick. I don’t have anything against Phil Costa at all. It is really just about being a greedy draft whore. I feel the same about trading Tanner or Dunbar for a draft pick rather than keeping 4 RBs on the roster again. It’s just greed, and as Gordon Gecko said, “Greed is good.”

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  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    I guess the writer didn’t see the false start penalty on Jason Whitten that was in the red zone and probably cost the Cowboys a touchdown. If I recall, Whitten is a veteran and it seems he has always had those penalties at the worst possible times. And the reason why the writer hasn’t found a rookie to root for is because, although there are some good ones, other than Frederick, there aren’t any that are outstanding. Oakland looks to be a very weak NFL team and Dallas is not too far behind.

    • Kevin

      The writer doesn’t see anything wrong with the Cowboys, EVER. He thinks if he sticks with this way of thinking he’s going to be offered a job cleaning toilets at Valley Ranch. He’s got the experience, after all.

  • Old Frog

    Speaking of tight ends, Escobar trying to block looked like Dog Do. I hated that pick. Hope he gets better and changes my mind.

  • Huh

    Ray Donaldson was good, but a better center than Stepnoski? And its been too long, but I’m pretty sure Fitzgerald would have beat him out as well.