Dallas Cowboys Get a New Sponsor and Name

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Let me go a step further in pissing AT & T off. For most of us AT & T Stadium is simply going to mean this, America’s Team & Texas Stadium. Yeah, I know the real Texas Stadium was imploded and long gone. Not for Cowboys fans. There’s no such thing as erasing what we love, and most of us loved Texas Stadium. What’s not to love about it? The Cowboys were absolutely dominant there. Something that has not been true in the new digs.

That has to change, and this year is the time to change it. It needs to begin with the fans taking ownership of the stadium. I am not Jerry Jones, and I of course don’t have the power to do this, but if I were in charge you can bet some things would be different in Cowboys Stadium. First of all, I would have Stadium Security take notes of which seats opposing fans come and sit. I’d research who bought those seats, and for season ticket holders who sell their seats to fans of other teams the prices would be higher or the tickets would go to someone who is on the waiting list.

Jul 21, 2013; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys chief operating officer and executive vice president Stephen Jones at training camp at the River Ridge Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is sure to piss off someone who has season tickets, but so what? If you sell your tickets to a Cowboys fan I have no issue with you. If you sell them to a fan of the other team, I do. Now, I live in Arizona and this means when the Cowboys come to San Diego or Phoenix that I buy my tickets from someone who is probably a Chargers or Cardinals fan. I have no issue whatsoever with a fan of those teams taking issue with the guy or gal who sells his or her tickets to me. None, zero, zip, nada.

That is team loyalty and I am bound to respect it, regardless of who the other team is. I know I pay jacked up prices for my seats when I go to games in those places. I know it because the ticket sellers know it is America’s Team and they can get the jacked up prices.  I have no issue with that. I know of people who have two sets of season tickets. They keep and use one set and sell the other sets for each individual game and with the money they make from doing that they actually end up going to games for free.

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  • Collin

    Go Cowboys!

  • Ronald W. Jones

    Good article! It did seem like the top 10 rows in the upper deck were FULL of Saint fans…..I don’t know about giving the loudest fans ‘free beer’ though….I think the loudest fans are loud because of the beer they have already purchased. Besides, Jarrah wouldn’t want to have MADD dagging him into court.
    I’ve been to one game @ Cowboy Stadium (last Decembers loss against the Saints) and I was in the upperdeck ($90 seats) The ‘pre-game’ loud head spliting constant rap music was a tad bit too much. The stadium is so big you are so far away from the action..I found myself watching the game on the scoreboard screen. Hell, I could have stayed home (Austin) and watched on TV. Whenever the Cowboys made a first down…a voice came over the PA screaming FIRRRRRST DOWWWWNNN!!! As if we needed to be told…It was senseless! This is football for those with ADD.

    I came….I saw…just not for me…..
    (Cowboy fan since 1969)

    Why don’t they just call it – AT&T’s TEXAS STADIUM? Then everybody will be happy

  • Javier Deleon

    Well said my friend…well said.

  • Kevin

    What are you, Burke? Like 10 years old? Your articles read like something out of a Highlights magazine.

  • Zrinkill

    This is embarrassing. I’ll kiss your ass over this stuff on the Zone and the “Own” ~snicker~, but out here you’re not as protected so in turn, neither am I. So I just can’t do it. Jesus, man. Quit recycling this idiocy. Stop. It’s almost as gay as my fantasy role playing.

  • Shiloh Turner