Time for the Dallas Cowboys To Cowboy Up

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Training Camp is upon the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. Because of that excitement is in the air. So are the same tired old stories and theories of why this team has been such a hard luck team. Prepare to hear every reporter repeat the mantra of one playoff win in 16 years, or 2 wins in 17 years if they actually don’t cherry pick and count 1996. No matter which figure they do use, or if they make up some other one because they can’t quite remember how many years it has been, one fact from the last 17 years remains true. It is time for the Cowboys to Cowboy Up.

The phrase comes from the sport of rodeo originally. It is used when a cowboy draws a particularly hard ride. One that potentially could either put him in the money or the hospital. Or it means riding through an injury rather than letting a chance to rest and heal occur. If you see a battered cowboy on the back of a bull or bronc they will say he is cowboying up. The phrase works just as good for this football team. They really need to Cowboy Up.

June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys rhead coach Jason Garrett during minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Until they do that very little is going to change surrounding the analysis of this team. I’ve heard that they are too stupid to win when it counts. I’ve heard they are jinxed because around 1996 they switched from Crazy Ray to Rowdy as a mascot. I’ve heard the General Manager is the only constant throughout this entire drought. Is that entirely true? No, but that doesn’t matter when the pitchforks and torches are raised high.

Let’s get this out of the way right now. In 1996 that team was the defending Super Bowl Champions. Larry Allen was in his prime, but a car wreck slowed down the amazing career of Erik Williams. Charles Haley’s back was in tatters. Jay Novacek’s fabulous career was coming to an end. In other words, key pieces of 3 championships were not up to their Super Bowl caliber selves. That team still had 4 Hall of Fame players, and a 5th if you think Haley is eventually going to get in. They were too stupid? Troy Aikman forgot how to lead them?

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