The Dallas Cowboys Are Greater Than The Houston Texans...On Paper

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Ever since the Houston Texans franchise was resurrected back in 2002, they have been automatically viewed as in direct competition with the Dallas Cowboys, despite being in an entirely different division and conference. Further fueling that fire was the Texans defeat of the Cowboys in the first game of their inaugural season, 19-10. Since then, the Texans have developed into a solid team who have been able to reach the playoffs both of the past two seasons. So to compare them to the current Cowboys’ team may seem a bit ridiculous. But on paper, Dallas is actually a better overall team then Houston. Let’s compare the current rosters:

Dec 9, 2012; Cincinnati, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) waves to fans after the Cowboys beat the Cincinnati Bengals 20-19 at Paul Brown Stadium. Credit: David Kohl-USA Today Sports

Quarterback – We start at the top, with the quarterbacks. The Cowboys’ Tony Romo vs. the Texans’ Matt Schaub. Romo’s number have always been solid. His career stats include a 64.7 completion percentage, 25,737 passing yards, 177 touchdowns, 91 interceptions and a QBR of 95.6 in eight seasons.

Schaub’s numbers aren’t as good, despite being chosen for the Pro Bowl last season. His career numbers include a 64.3 completion percentage, 21,944 passing yards, 120 touchdowns, 70 interceptions and a QBR of 91.9 in eight seasons. Schaub also has just one playoff win in his career. That’s the same stat in which Romo gets crucified for on a regular basis. Still, the numbers bare out that Romo is the better quarterback. Advantage Dallas.

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