Memories From Eight Dallas Cowboys Super Bowls

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The Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. It is the goal of every season for the football team and its fans. It is where my time as a fan began, and one day where I hope it ends. I’d like nothing more than when it is time to draw my last breath on earth to have enjoyed another Super Bowl win before I go. I hope it is our 15th or better by that time, far ahead of the Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, and New England Patriots. I also hope the Philadelphia Eagles are still looking for their first.

The first football game I ever remember watching was Super Bowl V. The Dallas Cowboys were in blue, the Baltimore Colts were in white. I was six at the time and I had already decided the color blue was my favorite color. That was important to a six year old’s mind. So I was sitting on the floor in my grandpa’s living room and I was transfixed by how good the team in blue looked on his old Sylvania television. I liked the silver helmets with the blue star too. I wasn’t exactly a talkative kid back then. That changed later, now I never shut up.

June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys rhead coach Jason Garrett during minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

My grandfather was really involved in football. For a time he played and scouted for the Green Bay Packers. Back then most of my family were Packers fans. I think I was expected to follow the family tradition and become a Packers fan myself, but that wasn’t meant to be at all. I was watching the game with my Grandpa, my Dad, and my Uncle Conrad. I remember that Johnny Unitas was not starting for the Colts. Instead it was Earl Morrall. My Grandpa said something about it that was rather negative, and I chimed in, “Well, then I am rooting for the Cowboys.”

Everyone was happy for that news, and in my six year old mind I remember thinking, “This is a good thing.” I do not remember much of the game, but I do remember at the end of it seeing Bob Lilly launch his helmet into the air out of frustration. I also remember a fumble recovered by Dallas being awarded to Baltimore. Of course I remember the controversy over whether John Mackey’s Touchdown for Baltimore should have counted or not. Mel Renfro swears he did not touch the ball. I don’t see it change trajectory, therefore I believe they got the call wrong. Mostly I remember, that was the day I became a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. It changed my life, mostly for the better, but as we all know when things go badly for our team, sometimes for the worse.

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