3 Dallas Cowboys Climbing in the History Books

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There’s one other Cowboys record I’d love to see fall in 2013. Way back in 1966 the Cowboys averaged 31.8 points per game. Id like to see that record fall with a 32.0 points per game blitz in 2013. To do that the Cowboys would have to score 512 points in 2013. Say what you want about useless stats, but an Offense like that would be fun as hell to watch. That point total would shatter the Cowboys single season record of 455 from 2007, but that team didn’t match the 1966 team for points per game. In two fewer games the 1966 Cowboys scored 445 points, a mere 10 points behind the 2007 team.

Say whatever you want about useless stats, but the sheer enjoyment of seeing these stats and records has a draw like few other things do in football. I love the History of the game, and revere the true legends of the game like Deacon Jones. I enjoy wondering if Peyton Manning can stay healthy long enough to run down Brett Favre’s TD passes record. It isn’t a Cowboys record, and neither player ever played for the Cowboys. That doesn’t matter to me. The thing that is great about watching these stats is knowing something about the players ahead of our heroes, and even respecting them. One thing that made Emmitt’s eclipse of the rushing record so special was the man he passed. Sweetness was a great nickname for Walter Payton. There’s nothing at all wrong with respecting a great man like that.

June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) makes a catch during minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I have the same type of respect for Jerry Rice, Tony Gonzalez, and the late Deacon Jones. If Tony Romo does indeed pass Sammy Baugh on the career TDs list you can bet your hat it will matter to me, because Sammy Baugh matters to the History of the game.  Right above Tony Romo on the career TD passes list is a man named Babe Parilli. I’ll just hazard a guess that because he played in the 1950’s and 60’s that few people today know who he was. That’s the great thing about enjoying an activity like this for a football junkie like me. I get to find out about the Babe Parilli’s of yesteryear in the NFL. That may not matter to anyone else but me, but I enjoy learning about him.

One day I’d enjoy being able to say Tony Romo threw more TD passes than any player who ever suited up for the Dallas Cowboys. That’s a tall order to fill though. You see, Vinny Testaverde threw 275 TD passes in his long career, and though he only suited up for the Cowboys one season, he still was a Cowboy. Tony has 98 more scores to go just to tie him. I’m rooting for him to tick a bunch of those off this year. I’d enjoy seeing a 40 TD campaign by our QB.

No, it doesn’t mean as much as winning does. It never will. But enjoying the game is supposed to be the point of being a fan. Isn’t it?

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