Jun 26, 2013; North Attleborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots former tight end Aaron Hernandez (left) stands with his attorney Michael Fee as he is arraigned in Attleboro District Court. Hernandez is charged with first degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd. Mandatory Credit: The Sun Chronicle/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys: Opportunity Of A Lifetime

It’s so hard to watch these guys sometimes. It’s hard to see great athletes turned millionaires who throw it all down the drain.

I grew up loving the Dallas Cowboys and everything they represented. As a child not a day went by that I didn’t dream about one day being able to play for the great Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, as is the case for many of us, that just wasn’t in the cards. Maybe I should blame my parents for the bad genetics.

News broke this week about Aaron Hernandez and what looks to be his involvement in a murder case. One of the league’s up and coming stars may never step foot on the field again. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have his talent.

While nowhere near the severity of Hernandez’s current predicament, the news made me ponder the situation’s of several Cowboys players.

The Josh Brent issue is one that shouldn’t be new to anyone. Bad decision making not only may have cost him his career, but also a great friend and teammate. You would think that would be motivation enough to turn your life around, but oh no Brent struck again after testing positive for marijuana not long ago.

Jay Ratliff also found himself on the wrong side of the law after receiving a DWI shortly after Brent’s run in with the law no less.

The Cowboys are no stranger to troubled athletes with former players such as Adam “Pacman” Jones, Tank Johnson, and Quincy Carter once sporting the blue and silver.

I reluctantly mention Dez Bryant due to his off the field issues, but do also want to mention that he has impressed us all with his maturation over the past year.

We shouldn’t expect any more out of these guys than we would any other human being, I suppose it just hurts to see individuals with so much potential waste it all because of such bad judgment.

And perhaps it hurts even more because the opportunity these guys squander is one in which most of us will never have the ability to partake. Maybe I just wish these guys could see what being a Cowboy would mean to a lot of us.

It’s such a shame to see these athletes put such opportunity at risk, but does help us to further realize that getting better can be an option.

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  • Denver Coleman

    Ditto , good article .

  • ‘mericas_team2013

    True they are squandering it away, but you cant compare what Hernandez(allegedly) did with what Brent or Ratliff did. Even Brent, who committed manslaughter, didn’t go out planning to kill his friend, it just happened. There are thousands of people who get DUI, DWI everyday and are caught for it, these people are no different that Brent or Ratliff but because they are not “superstars” no one even hears about it. How many of you know about Ausar Walcott the Cleveland Browns player who was arrested the same day as Hernandez for attempted murder? Not too many I bet. There has only been one article Ive seen for him compared to 10+ for Hernandez(blown up by media and society). I know attempted is different than murder, but Walcotts guy is still in a coma and witnesses saw him hit the guy, hard evidence. In today’s society a DUI hasn’t exactly become socially acceptable but its not exactly something that will end someones career either(after the first one at least), people do make mistakes. Now Brent clearly hasn’t learned as he had similar incidents in college and I do believe he should be released, but Ratliff in my eyes deserves a chance to redeem himself and I for one am glad he is still a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Nice article. Problem is that when one is born with it, it’s easy to take it for granted. Only when one has to work their a$$ off for it or wasn’t lucky enough to be blessed with it, can one really appreciate it. These young pampered athletes don’t understand that. But for most, their squandered opportunities and freebies (ie, education) will come back to haunt them once their career is over and they have to get a real job. No one should be above the law and they should know what is right versus wrong. Do they really think that they won’t get caught? Maybe they don’t understand the risk that they are taking.
    Thankfully (fingers crossed), Dez has turned the corner.

  • billy

    it always surprises me when these thugs come to the surface in professional sports. most of the time it takes too much dedication to the sport to have time to be a thug too. most people who are athletes are not thugs and most thugs are not athletes because they are unwilling to put in the work it takes to be an athlete especially at the professional level. aron hernandez is a special athlete, far, far and away above 99% of the people who play sports. its amazing that he was able to rise to that level and be a gangster too. he will be special in the pen too. he will be protected and loved by the other thugs there. he will have a big name among his gang. the problem is he cant leave.