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Austin On Dallas: Cowboys' 2013 Offseason Unusually Quiet

Am I the only one who feels the immense strangeness attached to the unusual calm of the 2013 Dallas Cowboys’ offseason?  Being a Cowboys fan for so long, many of us just aren’t used to the lack of noise or conflict around here.

I’m certainly not here to complain or wish for a real hardship to appear, but wow this is odd. Let’s not forget the Josh Brent tragedy and Jerry Jones/Jay Ratliff tirade happened during the end of the 2012 season.  Neither of those count towards the offseason.

What have we really dealt with around here?  Confusion and sneakiness concerning the new play-caller?  Tony Romo sitting out of mini-camp due to a minor back surgery with little concern of a lingering injury.  Anthony Spencer not coming to terms on a new deal?  That’s all child’s play compared to the rocky past around here.

Where’s the Tony Romo choosing to play golf over practice?  Or his odd trip to Cancun with Jason Witten and the Simpson family?  Or even worse, what happened to the bonehead brushes with the law of Dez Bryant?

The scene around Valley Ranch has been completely opposite of what we are used to. Even the minimal free agent chase has been a real bore.  The team basically made a few minor moves and claims to be good to go.

The draft picks, while there was some minor dispute of their worth here and there, seem like a good bunch of guys ready to get to work and help the team.

The veterans had pretty much 100% attendance at mini-camp (even the injured), and the reports are great concerning the high activity in the weight room.

Who are these guys?  It all just seems surreal being so different from the past.  While the rest of the NFL has offseason legal meltdowns coming in like gangbusters, the Cowboys look like a group of choir boys ready for rehearsal.

Could there be a new attitude brewing around these parts.  Are the men in silver and blue finally fully committed to turning this thing around and making Cowboy nation proud once again?

Sure there are still many position questions to be answered coming our way in training camp. But from where I’m sitting it finally seems like this team is ready to make an upward move and become relevant again.

Time will tell, but judging from the attitude and workmen like approach gracing this team and coaching staff all offseason, we may be in for a very exciting and fulfilling 2013 campaign.

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  • Denver Coleman

    Why not welcome the calmness instead fueling the proverbial ” sneaky fire ” like Jerra’ and you media types do .
    Thankfully , in a couple of weeks , when training camp starts , there will be something worthy for media and fans to debate . Give me what we’ve got and no hypothetical witch hunts .
    Just my opinion .

  • ctcowboy1968

    Great that the Boys are off the legal trouble radar. Let’s hope they are building an attitude to win on the field. No attitude when they are out in public.
    On to training camp and hopefully no injuries and continued improvement on the OL (still need help there).

  • billy

    this time of year i always feel like we are super bowl bound or at least in the nfc championship game. ive only been disappointed for going on 20 years now. although jerry is a great hype machine and i always fall for his preseason promises, i know its best to remember what an albatross he is around the neck of the cowboys. ill give you a good example. last year we went out and beat the champion giants the first game. i didnt know the giants werent very good, so i thought damn we got us a team. then we went to seattle. what a disaster. jerrys missing draft choices showed up. same old cowboys. im still a fan tho im still hoping someday he will get it right or quit.