The Dallas Cowboys Never Ending Tony Romo Debate

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Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo is a lightning rod topic. Is he an elite QB? Is he a choker? What exactly is an elite QB? What exactly is a choker? Everyone has an opinion on Tony Romo, and they usually range somewhere between those two extreme views of him. All across the Internet, on Dallas Cowboys forums the debate rages on. In football studios across America the debate rages on. The biggest problem with the debate in my eyes is a lack of perspective.

Let’s face it, very few men ever line up behind Center in the NFL and face the pressure that these guys do, while they are asked to make split second decisions that affect success, or failure, of almost every single play. In other words, we don’t have that perspective. Does that mean no one except a former NFL QB can give us an opinion on Tony Romo? Don’t be silly, it’s a free country, and opinions are welcome. Just remember that they are like armpits; everyone has a couple and some of them stink.

June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws during minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The truth of the matter is, there are really only 51 other men in History who really know the obstacles Tony Romo faces as the QB of America’s Team. In the History of the franchise only 52 men, counting Tony, have ever been on the Cowboys roster as a QB. Not all of them played, and sadly some of them, like Dandy Don Meredith, have passed on. There are three men who have played the position and had some definite measures of success for the Cowboys, and know the pressure that is on Tony Romo. I am of course speaking about Roger Staubach, Danny White, and Troy Aikman.

I asked some friends to help me dig up comments by these three men about Tony Romo. Here are some of my favorites.

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