The Dallas Cowboys Never Ending Tony Romo Debate

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All QBs face that scrutiny when they are talented, and have not won it all. John Elway did. Peyton Manning did. Aaron Rodgers did. Tony wouldn’t be in this discussion if he did not have talent similar to guys like that. That’s all the proof you need that he is good enough, actually. He’s in the conversation. You never heard that kind of talk about Jon Kitna, and Jon was a really good QB. You don’t hear it about Carson Palmer. You do about Matt Ryan. He and Tony are the guys in the bulls eye right now, about “why haven’t they won it all?”

Tony replaced a QB who was very good for a long time. Does anyone remember Drew Bledsoe? He is the best QB I could bring up to describe exactly why Tony Romo is an elite QB. For all his physical gifts Drew Bledsoe did not take his great New England Patriots teams to the promised land. They arrived there when he got hurt, and an unheralded guy from the 6th round out of Michigan, who sat behind Romo’s former teammate, Drew Henson, came in and took the Patriots to the glory.

Nov 6, 2011; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys former quarterback Roger Staubach enters the field during a halftime ceremony against the Seattle Seahawks at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Why couldn’t the number one overall pick in his Draft, Bledsoe, do it, but Tom Brady could? The answer is the very thing that makes Tony Romo an elite QB. All QBs have to read the play as it unfolds, and then they have to make a decision on how to attack and execute that play. If a QB is the least bit indecisive, he does not have what it takes. That is what was wrong with Drew Bledsoe. For all his unreal talent, and believe me he was talented, he was indecisive with the football too often for his team to succeed. Too often he dropped back and you’d see his left hand patting the football as he waited for something to happen, someone to come open. That is death in the NFL.

Tony Romo doesn’t wait for someone to come open. He throws them open. I love that phrase. A scout friend of mine introduced it to me a couple of years ago and ever since then I have been enamored with it. What it means is that Tony Romo can see where he can place the football that will take his target to an open place to make the catch, and he does it. This is a rare quality in a QB. It is not something that a ham and egger does naturally. The faster a QB can process his reads the more elite he is. That is why Tony Romo is elite, he processes plays fast and reacts.

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  • ‘mericas_team2013

    The Boys could go 15-1 this season breeze through the playoffs and Super Bowl, Romo could throw 50 TDs to only 8 Ints, make no mistakes in the post season and somehow critics would say it is just a fluke…

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    It has been obvious for a long time that a poor offensive line has been the major reason why Tony has not been able to lead the Cowboys to a superbowl. Fans who criticize Romo apparently don’t know enough about football to recognize this. It would also help if the receivers would would always run their designated routes. This would probably have cut his interceptions in half. I heard from somewhere that football is a team game.

  • Juanito Juanito

    when cowboys had an above average offensive line in 2007, cowboys put a record of 13-3 and romo was the qb, and the running game was good, romo was elite in 2007 ? and he is not elite now with this offensive line and putting this numbers, just think haters


    Cowboys had as many as 3 PBs OL on Romo’s initial teams competitive thru the first 5 years of his career. Hes had HoF receivers, hes had top 5 Ds. Hes had HoF coaches and at one time played on a team with 13 PBers. Lets not re write history to cover for the pink elephant in the room. Hes let us down at many of the biggest moments. The only thing the “haters” as if for evidence. GO OUT AND DO IT! No one cares about stats. If he won in the post season I can assure the “haters” wouldnt care about the only thing you have in this argument, empty stats. I dont care about come backs, I dont care about Dec. games. I care about 3 picks vs Washington. I care about the pick 6 to end our play off hopes vs Pitts in 2010. I care about his collapses vs Philly that game the team no chance to compete.

    I KNOW hes very good and can put up stats. So hes obviously very talented. But you need to deal with reality. NOTHING external is the reason Romo has a tendency to fall apart when the pressure is at its highest. You cannot play for a SB when you arent in the play offs. You can whine about the talent all you want, but #1, its untrue. We are no less talented than plenty of teams that made the play offs. 2 of his receivers made the NFLs top 100. Not too shabby. #2) We wre good enough to play for the division and the play offs on the seasons last game. You cant ask for any better chance than that. Its the same shot RG3 had and he succeeded. Does he have a Dez or a Witten? His team sucked the year before. Romo had a chance and choked. How about holding him responsible for his own play and letting his team down when they needed him most? You lose 9.9 out of every 10 games when the QB throws 3 picks. We had no shot. And its no one elses fault.

    • Jack

      I’m sorry, but Romo has 19 Game winning drives…. And is 3rd right now in 4th quarter comebacks since 2006. Sounds like he doesn’t fall under pressure more than the media assumes.
      Also “You lose 9.9 out of every 10 games when the QB throws 3 picks. We had no shot. And its no one elses fault.”. Pretty sure Romo beat the Bills with 5 interceptions.. Just saying.. He also lost to the Rams with 4td and 0 int. So like you said before, STATS DON”T MATTER. This is a team game when all said and done.

      • jack

        I meant the Saints, 4td 0int. .. 12/23/12

    • C. Smith

      There are so many false stats in your post that people shouldn’t even respond to this drivel.