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What Will Become of The Future Generation of Dallas Cowboys Fans?

I was sitting at the hospital late last night while my wife was being monitored for contractions, and I got to thinking about my soon-to-be-born daughter (our first child for those interested).

What if my daughter decides to NOT root for Dallas Cowboys? Even worse, what if she decides to root against them? What if she doesn’t even like football (not possible with my family by the way)?

Rather than force the Cowboys on her, I decided I am going to allow her to make her own decisions. I just figure, if you force one team and only one team on them, they might naturally rebel and go the other way. If that happens, so be it, although if she does decide to root for daddy’s team, that would make my life a lot simpler!

People are enamored with winning; they instinctively flock toward a team that consistently wins. Current Cowboys fans below the age of 25 or so have a very faint view of what success looks like. I am 30 years, which means I was at the ripe age of 12 years old the last time we brought home a Lombardi Trophy. I would LOVE to experience that euphoria in my adult life before I’m middle-aged.

 If you don’t believe people flock toward winners then take the recent story of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for example. His father is a die-hard New York Giants fan. He remembers his father yelling and cursing at the television set because his Giants were a bad team for much of the 1970’s. Christie then decided as a boy to make the healthy decision to root for a winner; enter the Dallas Cowboys and Roger Staubach.

But you see, that’s the whole point and what got me thinking last night; it does not matter that I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. What matters is, when my daughter is old enough to choose the team she is going to root for, she will want to choose a winning team. And if my Cowboys are not a winning team when that time comes, then who am I to blame her to want to root for a winner?

And it’s not just MY daughter; it’s YOUR future sons and daughters too. ALL of our children will have to choose their team, and if our ‘Boys are not winning and winning consistently when that time comes, our worst fears might become reality folks!

People who grew up in the 1960’s eventually saw the Dallas Cowboys evolve into winners. The Cowboys were the talk of the town and we climbed the mountain the hard way, and Americans and fellow Texans related to that kind of eventual success. Dallas Cowboys fans were born.

People who grew up in the 1970’s had “Captain Comeback” to consistently pry the Cowboys from the jaws of defeat. They saw a team that appeared in five Super Bowls in 10 years. They witnessed the birth of “America’s Team.” Dallas Cowboys fans multiplied. 

When the 1980’s came along, the lasting moniker “America’s Team” was in full force. The great Tom Landry was still there as was the always electric Tony Dorsett and the second edition of the Doomsday Defense. Dallas Cowboys fans grew stronger and dealt with adversity for the first time since the 1960’s.

The 1990’s brought three more Super Bowls titles to Dallas. The decade also saw the culmination of the greatest trio in NFL history, The Triplets. Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin gave fans what they wanted; success and lots of it! Dallas Cowboys fans grew in record numbers.

That was then, this is now.

Since our last era of dominance, our fans have had very little reason to be proud. Yes we have a great big stadium and plenty of star players to fill it, but fans want a reason to cheer; they want hardware!

We don’t want a single playoff win since 1996. We don’t want three consecutive years sitting on the couch watching the playoffs like we have the last three seasons. We don’t want empty promises; we want a winning team again…a Super Bowl winning team!

For the sake of my child and the sake of all your young and future children; we need a dominant and consistent winner again. If our Dallas Cowboys do not change our fortunes soon, our children and people like Governor Chris Christie will find a winner.

We are still the most popular team in the country. Despite popular belief, we are still “America’s Team.” We still have a legion of fans across the country that bleed silver and blue.

These fans are you and I. These fans grew up watching a winning team. These fans are in it for the long haul, the die-hard faithful that grew up on “America’s Team.” These are not the fans I am worried about. They call us “lifers” for a reason.

I am worried about the fans 10, 20 or 30 years from now. The fans that will become our grown children. These are the fans that will carry the Dallas Cowboys into the future when we are dead and gone; the future generation of Dallas Cowboys fans.

If we don’t change our culture to what it once was when we were kids, the proud and passionate fan base of the Dallas Cowboys might look far different when we’re in our twilight years.

It’s up to the current team to prevent that treachery from ever happening. What does the future hold for us?

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  • Zim

    Both my boys now 15 and 12 began as Cowboys fans at an early age and it was great sharing that interest with them. But unfortunately over the last few years they have both found other teams. My youngest now wants a 49ers jersey and my oldest seems to like the Patriots more now. Sad that I can’t even pay them to watch a Dallas game with me. They both think Romo is a choker and think Garret is a joke. They are impressionable and thats what they are always hearing from the media and friends, and 8-8 doesn’t get their attention. I can’t blame them. Its been hard being sold a bill of goods every year only to be disappointed. Can’t win the SB every year but the Boys haven’t even smelled it in so long, I have to believe the current youth will gravitate to other teams just like mine have. I predict in the next 10 years you would have to search far and wide, or in Texas, to find a Cowboys fan under 40.

    • Renny Mason

      Thank you for your input Zim! Yes, this kind of thing is exactly what I am afraid of for my daughter! Like I said, people flock toward winners and New England and San Francisco surely fit the bill for the last several seasons. In order to reverse this trend, we have to start winning and then continue to win. Only time will tell my friend. Thanks again!

  • Keith Ranson

    Guess What? Like Al-Qeada, We Are,And Still Will be EVERY FUCKING WHERE!

    • Renny Mason

      Love the enthusiasm brother!!

  • Ken Menees

    My 3 Grown Children are Cowboys fans(my Son living in Phoenix is also a fan of Cards) and all 5 Grandchildren are Cowboys fans! but they know that you stick with Your team win or lose! They are not looking to be a fan of who’s winning now! Proud of them all Cowboys fans or not! I feel good about the future fans of the Cowboys! no flip flops please!

    • Renny Mason

      I sure hope the future trends toward your experiences Ken. Not all of us are that lucky. Just read Zim’s comment down there. If I were you, I would certainly be proud as well! I only hope my daughter follows in the footsteps of her old man!

      • Ken Menees

        Renny, Im sure she will, but please teach her the respect and integrity of being a fan! I Always tell the younger ones when the opposing team plays well, and that a little smack talk is ok, but you need to be able to receive it too! lol ! After so many years of Being a Cowboys fan, I have had to take a lot from fans of other teams where I work. but I have learned that some teams fans are better than others! From My Experience, Steelers fans are some of the best, and I respect that! I also respect fans that stick with their teams no matter what! I look forward to this upcoming Season and to more of Your Articles! Keep up the Good Work!!!

        • Renny Mason

          I will and thank you for the advice Ken. I usually don’t smack talk at all, so I doubt she will pick that up from me, but I cant speak for the rest of my family! I always say, “hate the team, not the fan” so I will sit there and talk to anybody, whatever team they root for (except maybe philly lol). Thank you for the input. Im glad you like my article, and look forward to chatting with you more. If you like, you can go find my Cowboys trivia page on Facebook, “Cowboys Trivia For Cowboys Nation” is the title of my page. I do trivia every week, hope you enjoy it!

  • Safwan

    Amen my friend. However, there is still hope. I am only 16, and was not a football fan at all until I was 12. Before that, I would yawn whenever one of my sixth grade friends who knew a name or two in the nfl would bring it up. Then I joined the football team out of a joy for athletic activities. I instantly became a football fan, and in 3 short years, I went from footballissostupidalltheydoismindlesslyhiteachothet to the most dedicated die hard cowboys fan I know. I am absolutely obsessed. Even though the first season I watched was 2010, and we all know what happened that year. Aince then, I have never enjoyed a postseason or winning cowboys football team. Even though I became a fan just as dallas hit a brick wall, I love them to death. So there is still hope!

    • Renny Mason

      Yes Safwan, you certainly are in the minority of teenage Dallas fans, but I love you for it! We all start out on the bandwagon, as I did myself, but its how long you stay on the wagon without ever jumping off is when you eventually shed that label. I jumped on the wagon in 1992 when I was 9 years old, got comfortable and never jumped off. Few start their fandom amidst the futility you have experienced the last 3 seasons, but I am still glad to have you! I experienced the dreadful 5-11 campaigns of 2000-2002 (the last time we missed the playoffs in three consecutive years) and it was almost unbearable! Thank you for your input. And yes, there is still hope indeed!

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    I have been a Cowboy fan since 1963 and have seen almost all of the ups and downs. Although I am still a fan, for the first time in 50 years I am thinking about not being a fan of any team. The Cowboys will not return to prominence until after Jerry Jones or his son sells the team and I am tired of waiting for that to happen. So who will my grandchildren root for? Most likely not the Cowboys.

    • Renny Mason

      A fan since the 1960′s? Wow! You and I could certainly talk some Cowboys history! I was born in 1983, but I take a lot of pride in knowing our entire history. Sorry to hear you are considering renouncing your fandom to the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately our ‘Boys will be under the leadership of the Jones’ family for many years to come, so if you don’t like the Jones’ family, I guess I cant blame you for jumping ship. As for myself, lets just say they call us “lifers” for a reason.

  • Juanito Juanito

    we are fan cowboys losers, like lions fans are and some, until jerry jones die or relase the team

    • Renny Mason

      Ahhh come on, Jerry is not that bad lol! Thanks for the input Juanito!