Deflating the Vince Young Hype

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Jonathan Bales will run the numbers on anything. It’s why he’s as accomplished as he is. Like with Broaddus, when I saw another one of their speciality guys getting in on the act, it had to be a ruse to generate clicks from now to training camp.

Two of his four reasons are more “out there” than a George Noorey broadcast. So because Robert Griffin III had 6.8 yards per carry as rookie and the Cowboys have had 7.7 average annual rushing touchdowns since 2010, the Cowboys need to sign a thirty year-old third-stringer? Again, Bales goes with the scout team myth, which if that’s the case, why don’t more successful teams than the Cowboys who face mobile quarterbacks have mobile third string quarterbacks? Again, Bales goes with this football alchemy that the Cowboys can plug in Vince Young on the goal line and take out Romo. Other than the 2006 Florida Gators, I can’t think of a championship team that does that.

The other two items Bales tallied can’t be fudged and are sobering. Young had nearly a 7-yard yards per attempt in his last two years with the Titans. Also, half of Young’s games included either a 95.0 passer rating or a rushing touchdown. These are statistics that point to something good coming from Vince Young, not just huge Cheesecake Factory tabs and having a mental breakdown during a game.

Now, I can’t run numbers as well as Jonathan Bales, so I’ll have to play Talmudic scholar with you. Do you remember Tee Martin, Marcus Outzen, Chris Weinke, Josh Heupel, Ken Dorsey, Eric Crouch, Craig Krenzel, Matt Mauck, Jason White, Matt Leinart, Chris Leak, Troy Smith, Matt Flynn, Todd Boeckman, Greg McElroy, Colt McCoy, and Darron Thomas? All of those guys played in BCS National Championship games, like Young, and none of them could even be career backups in the NFL, save for Flynn, McCoy, and McElroy at this point.

Here’s another one to think upon: going back to 1999, there have been 19 quarterbacks taken within the first five picks. Among the five who were released from their original team (Akili Smith, Tim Couch, Joey Harrington, JaMarcus Russell, David Carr), only David Carr remained in the league after leaving his original team. The rest were either out of football, or in Harrington’s case, stuck around for two more seasons before being damaged goods. That means taking Vince Young comes with the 80% risk he won’t work out, even as a third string backup.

Here’s another one. No University of Texas quarterback, once released from their original team, ever catches on as a consistent backup elsewhere.

I know it’s the off-season, it’s boring, training camp is four weeks away, but can we not give in to wanting a quarterback even the Buffalo Bills didn’t want over Tavaris Jackson?

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  • Davis

    The article failed to mention several things.
    1 All the backup QB’s expecially Orton have looked terrible in the OTA’s
    2 All the QB’s that he mentioned did not have a 31/19 record
    3 Vince probably has as many 4th quarter come backs as Romo
    4 The Titans, Eagles, or Buffalo were good fits for Young
    5 The only reason that he is not in League is maybe he is a distraction but not his talent
    6 He is a better QB than half of the starters in the NFL ( Gabbert, Ponder to name a few )
    7 What will Romo give you, another 9/7 or 8/8 season (He is nothing more than a stats QB who can’t take a team to a playoff win)
    8 Young has finally seemed to get rid of all his off field distractions and he seems ready to dedicate himself to helping a team win
    9 If he turns out not to be good, then what will the Cowboys loose ( cut him )

    • M. Lane

      This attempted rejoinder failed to be cogent.

      Firstly, you start off stating Orton and the other quarterbacks looked terrible. Then, by your seventh point, you imply that Vince Young can replace Romo and do better for the Cowboys. This notion is unfounded and outside the bounds of rationality.

      All of the quarterbacks I did mention in my article share the one commonality with Young: good in college, out of work in the NFL. David Carr is pretty much the lone exception, but he’s relegated to backup status permanently.

      Vince Young has 7 comebacks to Romo’s 18. So you’re wrong and again exposing your fantasy of Vince Young becoming the Cowboys’ quarterback over that Yankee Romo.

      If the Titans, Eagles, and Bills were good fits for Young, why did they cut his bum?

      Vince Young is not in the league because his mechanics have stunk. He was the proto-Tebow. But, yeah, being a distraction doesn’t help his case either.

      Vince Young is better than Gabbert and Ponder for sure. Consider this: with the quarterback cess pools like Arizona, Oakland, and Philadelphia, why didn’t they give Vince Young a look-see?

      Young should have dedicated himself to a team back when he was not yet thirty and had more of his best years to give to a team. Now, he’s damaged goods. No one wants him. Teams that took him in would be wasting a roster spot that could go to a younger player at any position they could develop.

  • Vearly C. Evans Sr.

    Teams need to judge Vince Young on their own evaluation of him…. Every team say Vince is a hard worker, but you don’t hear anything about that…. But the minute someone says something negative about him and it spread like wild-fire… Thus, a negative Perception of Vince Young is born… Give the man a chance, a REAL chance to “sink or swim”… And nothing else will be said….

  • Willis

    I’m sorry to say Mark but your article is waaaay to pessimistic.. Haha it’s kinda funny how hippocritical you are of calling the scout out for only writing positive stuff; yet, you only write negative things?? Vince young did nothing good( please refer to his national championship win and first year in TN) and Mark lets get this straight when you get a third string qb your not looking for a starter or good passer your looking for someone who can run the scout team and prepare for every situation and push the incumbent starting and backup qb. Vince young also by far has the most upside of the qb’s you mentioned and most free agent qb’s available. So please next time you write an article don’t take it from the point of a texas a&m fan or whatever your reason is for giving such an inaccurate evaluation of a possibly great decision the cowboy’s staff could make. Thank you

  • Davis

    1 Explain to me since you seem to know everything Lane, in Tenn. how was it so that Young and Kerry Collins played in the same offense. Was the offense set up for Young ability or was it set for a QB with Collins limited ability. Be careful because I’ve seen almost every Titan/ Oilers game since 1975.
    2 I never said any thing about Young replacing Romo, but I am right when I say that Romo is average at best. He is in the Schuab class of QB’s, if the team win it probably won’t be because Romo carried them to victory like you have seen in RG3, Wilson, and Luck last year.
    3 Who was the best receiver that Young ever played with?
    4 I never said that the Titans, Eagles, or Bills were good fits for Young. I will be the first to say that he is not a West Coast QB. That was the Offense that the Eagles and Bills ran. Have you ever heard of the Zone/Read Offense. Who was the best QB to ever run that Offense? Seems like there are several teans running that offense with sucess in the NFL.
    5 The way that the Cowboys have run their offense over the last nine years you have to believe that something needs to change. Washington, Philly, and the Giants will have us in last place if we do the same thing. Why is Reid no longer in Philly? Vick had more sucess in Atlanta because the offense fit his talent. He is not a West/Coast QB either. My point since you seem to misinterped what I am saying is that Dallas need to do something different with Romo and it’s offense because we are about to get left behind.
    6 What more would you get out of Orton or Stephens?
    - answer-
    Less of the same
    7 I’m not a Young fan. I’m a Cowboy supporter who would like to see them better.
    8 It’s obvious that you don’t like Young, you would rather see us as a mediocre team so it would give you something to write about next year, than to see us get a player who might help us win as a 3rd sring QB or whatever.
    9 Your article is so one sided it sould not have been witten.

  • TexasBlonde51

    Vince is not afraid to win. He will try his very level best to win. I have never gotten that feel from Romo.

    • TexasTwister

      Vince has also never been afraid to pout, throw is pads into the stands out of frustration, walk out on his coach and quit on his team. Not a Romo fan either but never “gotten that feel from Romo”.

      • TexasBlonde51

        I would rather see a player upset and frustrated the series of plays did not result in a 1st down or a touchdown than go to the side line and yuck it up like it did not matter like I have seen Romo do on so many occasion. Throw an interception that insures a loss is a real joke to Romo. No, I would rather see him frustrated an mad that he did not get his job done.