Deflating the Vince Young Hype

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There is a mild hysteria sweeping across the Dallas Cowboys fan base like swine flu. Since June 12th, Cowboys fans have been repeating the idea that Dallas needs to bring in Vince Young as their third quarterback. The locus for infection is an article Nick Eatman, official website writer of nearly a decade, penned on the same day.

In the piece, Eatman admits he was infected by taking too many calls and emails from fans who say the Cowboys need to sign every high-profile player that comes available. It’s why Mickey Spagnola, a columnist at the official website, would always retort, much to the point of being a cliché, “If he’s so good, why is he on the street?” So someone coughed on the phone or sneezed in an email that the Cowboys needed to sign Vince Young, and it went into Eatman’s system.

The four out of Eatman’s five reasons are cursory at best. In his opening reason, he admits Vince Young isn’t the best passer available, yet he still, “makes the most sense.” How? You just said he isn’t better than Leinart or Leftwich. But because the Cowboys need to carry a third quarterback, they should pick Young and not Leinart or Leftwich.

It gets worse. Because Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III are in our division, the Cowboys should sign him to be on scout team when preparing for mobile quarterbacks. Then I guess the ’02 Buccaneers, ’05 Buccaneers, ’05 Panthers, ’06 Saints won the NFC South or made the playoffs because they had mobile quarterbacks running their scout teams to prepare for Atlanta’s Michael Vick. Oh, wait…

Vince Young dubs the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles “The Dream Team” — MATT SMITH — Leigh Valley Express-Times

If needing a mobile quarterback to run scout team is important because Griffin and Vick are in your division, then who is the Giants’ mobile scout team quarterback? Don’t tell me they drafted Ryan Nassib just for this specific purpose.

Then there’s the minuscule fact that the Cowboys knocked Vick out in their first encounter last season.

Eatman goes off the deep end with sandlot plays where Vince Young comes in on the goal line for Romo to punch it in. Being an Arkansas Razorbacks fan, I’m sure Eatman’s seen a lot of that in the SEC, but that doesn’t pass as currency in the NFL.

The lone valid reason Eatman gives that could make this whole thing work is his fourth reason: Dallas is playing in five preseason games, which is theoretically enough time for Young to get over his year not being in football. Still, wouldn’t Dallas want to give chances to their rookie free agents who might be than a sixth-year should-of-been that they had to sign to a $2-million deal?

After Eatman’s article, I was sure the infection would taper off, but it only spread further around Valley Ranch.

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