June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Kyle Orton (18) throws during minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Refuse To Follow The Trend

For all those Spurs fans out there, all I want to say is that I’m truly sorry. You now know exactly what it’s like to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Anybody who says that they knew the Heat would find a way to win that game is an absolute liar.

This is in no way a comparison between the Spurs and the Cowboys, as the resume of San Antonio in the past decade is much more impressive than that of the Dallas Cowboys. It’s just easy to relate to that feeling of, “I can’t believe we found a way to lose that game” that no doubt the entire Spurs organization is feeling right now.

That feeling is a common one in Dallas, although not as surprising. Sometimes I even think to myself how much longer it will be before winning becomes an expectation again.

The Dallas Cowboys truly are a polarizing subject. For most teams it’s easy to judge their progress. The Houston Texans for example are a team that, through patience, hard work, and money well spent, are well on their way to becoming a perennial contender. Other teams like the Patriots are fully loaded and expected to compete yearly. And then there’s the teams like the Chiefs that everybody knows is at the bottom but in the process of building to succeed.

Then there’s our Dallas Cowboys.

Honestly, who knows what to expect from this team. Year after year the talk is of the potential for greatness only for our dreams to come crashing down due to another long season of mediocrity. Other years they seem to live up to the potential only to have an early playoff exit. And then there are just the awful years…nuff said.

It seems as if the Cowboys have created a category just for themselves. Yeah it’s the, “I don’t know what to expect from this team” Theory.

The common consensus is that the Cowboys are poised for a title run this year. If history has anything to say about it then that’s definitely a bad sign.

The truth is that Tony Romo was absolutely right when he said that the media’s opinion really didn’t matter. It’s true. Some say Dallas will be awful, others may have even already declared them champions, but the only thing that matters is the result on the field.

I believe there is sufficient talent on this team for success to be a possibility, and I truly believe that as soon as the light turns on for these guys things are really going to get exciting.

I just somebody would hurry up and find that switch already.

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