An Important Position Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys Need to Fill

It costs to be the boss and Jerry Jones has paid that price, including tax. Love it or hate it, it’s a fact that Dallas Cowboy fans have to accept. Jerry Jones not only writes the checks, but he is also the Cowboys biggest fan. Jerry Jones has the power to give us what we want because sometimes it’s what he wants, even if it’s not what we need. Cowboy Nation still pleads and begs for Jerry Jones to hire a general manager, as if we have forgotten this is the same person that brought us high priced, “sexy” free agents like Deion Sanders, Ken Norton Jr, Terrell Owens, Charles Haley, Bill Parcells and more.

In his general manager role, Jerry Jones makes draft day trades to get players we covet like Morris Clairborne. Not all of his ideas or trades have struck gold, but few general managers in the NFL have a 100% success rate. Jones is going to be general manager and owner of the Dallas Cowboys for as long as he wants, so let’s shift our attention to an important position the Dallas Cowboys need to fill.

June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks during a press conference after minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys need to hire a salary cap expert. It breaks my heart that the Dallas Cowboys are always releasing players due to salary cap reasons and get nothing in return. Players that have proven they could perform in this league have value, even if it’s a future seventh round pick. These draft picks could help us move up in the draft to select a player or add a player that provides depth and competition in training camp. When we have little cap room to work with, teams can wait for us to release a player instead of offering us trade value. We simply put ourselves in a position to have little negotiating leverage with other teams.

A salary cap expert will eliminate our worries when players need to be resigned. Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, Dwight Harris, Tyron Smith are all scheduled to be free agents in 2015. We have made an investment in these players. It would be an shame if any of these talented players were released simply because the Cowboys had limited cap room.

Our salary cap expert needs a long term outlook and an impartial opinion of our players. They have to evaluate players on their performance and salaries. That evaluation will probably involve some mathematical formula that would baffle an astrophysicist. It would keep us from overvaluing our players and keeping them past their expiration date due to an emotional attachment.

If we had a salary cap expert, we would have probably traded Anthony Spencer instead of using the franchise tag. Spencer would have been replaced with a first or second round draft pick. The Doug Free debacle would not have been a story this off-season either. The contracts of Miles Austin and Jay Ratliff would’ve been renegotiated when their on the field performance declined due to either age or injury.

Other teams release players based on declining performance and injuries. The Indianapolis Colts released Peyton Manning, the Pittsburgh Steelers released Jerome Harrison and the Atlanta Falcons released Michael Turner. Those were business decisions and as a franchise, you have to know a player’s worth. This may mean releasing a player, even if they are a fan favorite. Tough decisions have to made and a salary cap expert would provide that.

We may not obtain a new general manager. I like Jerry Jones as owner and general manager. I believe he really wants to win. We haven’t had a major contract dispute since Emmitt Smith held out. We have a stadium that the league envies and a world class mentality that trickles down to our cheerleaders.

I don’t believe Jones strikes fear in his players though. Having players know that their salaries and contracts are under constant evaluation by an salary cap expert could bring out their best performances. They would be playing as if every year is a contract year because it really would be. If Jerry Jones really wants things to be uncomfortable around Valley Ranch, hiring a salary cap expert would do it.

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  • Adam

    Nice idea in theory but everyone knows Jerry is in charge. Regardless of the title this person may get they would not have decision making power and that makes this entire idea moot.

  • Juanito Juanito

    jerry jones need to go, if cowboys sign a new GM, so what, still jerry jones do not let him do is job.

  • pablo

    ummm- the cowboys drafted ken norton jr. he wasn’t a free agent. who writes these articles??

    • fgoodwin

      Indeed — and the kicker is Norton was drafted under the LANDRY regime, before Jerry even bought the team! #CowboysHistoryFail

      • Robert H. Carroll

        Busted – I was talking with a friend that is a huge 49′ers fan about the players that played for both the 49′ers & the Cowboys during the Super Bowl years. Norton was on my mind and made it into the article’s final draft. Maybe I’ll try to sneak something non-factual into every article just to see if it’s caught!

        • fgoodwin

          It happens to the best of us — sorry I was such a jerk about it.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Busted – I was talking with a friend that is a huge 49′ers fan about the players that played for both the 49′ers & the Cowboys during the Super Bowl years. Norton was on my mind and made it into the article’s final draft. Maybe I’ll try to sneak something non-factual into every article just to see if it’s caught!

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Just like JJ, I really want the Cowboys to win too but that counts zip as a qualification to be a general manager. Jerry Jones has proven he is inept as a general manager and to say you like him as such is admitting you have had your head buried in the sand the last 15 years.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      Not so much, buried in the sand, but optimistic that he wasn’t purposely trying to destroy the team. I definitely don’t agree with every move he makes. His contracts suck, his drafts suck, his trades suck but I believe he’s trying. Honestly, I can only relate Jerry Jones’ life to my attempts at winning my fantasy football league.

  • jeff

    Well you are no dallas cowbow fan so we really do not care what you think ken norton jr was draft in the 2 nd round by dallas then in free agency went to the san Francisco. Need a fax checker. Not if you were a cowboy fan over the age of 10

    • Robert H. Carroll

      As previously stated, I’m busted. I was talking with a friend that is a huge 49′ers fan about the players that played for both the 49′ers & the Cowboys during the Super Bowl years. Norton was on my mind and he made it into the article’s final draft. Surely you’ve made minor mistakes before. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

  • TXArmyRanger

    Impartial opinion of the players? Are you kidding? That’s the gist of the problem. Jerry can’t evaluate players coming out of college (see the 2009 draft) and he can’t remain impartial regarding his veterans. He gives rich contracts to scrubs like Orlando Scandrick and is forced to release the Chris Cantys of the world. He wants to be known as a football guy but his legacy will be that of a meddlesome owner who didn’t know squat about football.

    • Robert H. Carroll

      I hated the release of Chris Canty too. Jones reminds me of Mark Cuban, who was accused of being too “friendly” with the players. It stops him from making the tough decisions. I’m sure he has “buyer’s remorse” in hindsight. However, he would never publicly admit it, I probably wouldn’t either.

  • Michael Meredith

    What the hell is a “Salary Cap Expert”? I’ve never heard of such a position!

  • Larry Leonard

    Jerry Jones couldn’t manage a college team ore less a pro team. Look at the last 5 drafts he has done nothing but stupid picks.He needs to go back to Arkansas where he come from. He is a classless person and his ego will destroy the cowboys before he’s done.THANKS JERRY FOR MESSING UP A FRANCHISE

  • wild Bill

    He owns team so until he dies or sells your stuck with him

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