Dez Bryant Says Carr/Claiborne Two of the League's Best Corners

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DALLAS—Roger Staubach made himself available for questions, comments, and autographs at the first annual Brandon Carr Celebrity Softball game, which had local celebrities and athletes step up to the plate against domestic violence.

Staubach, who played eleven seasons from 1969-79 under legendary coach Tom Landry, said Garrett relinquishing play-calling duties actually benefits the third-year head coach.

“I think it gives him a good grasp in helping every aspect of the team versus worrying about play-calling on Sunday,” the Hall of Fame quarterback from the Naval Academy said.

It’s a curious opinion, considering Landry played under a coach like Landry who called both offensive and defensive plays. However, Staubach provided backing for his position.

“I think it’s moved away from head coaches calling plays. If you took a poll of the NFL today, there are very view head coaches calling plays because they’re more involved in the overall feeling of every aspect of the game,” Staubach said.

Among the past 10 Super Bowl winners, only the Packers and Saints had head coaches who called plays on either side of the ball, and in both cases, it was offensive play-calling.

Patrick Crayton was asked to weigh in on the play-calling situation, given his three seasons under Garrett the offensive coordinator, but he declined to comment.

For more of Staubach’s comments, click here to listen.

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