Dez Bryant Says Carr/Claiborne Two of the League's Best Corners

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DALLAS—At Brandon Carr’s first annual celebrity softball game in Reverchon Park Saturday, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant proclaimed that Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr were, “two of the best cornerbacks in the league.”

The wide receiver from Oklahoma State entering his fourth season appeared with teammate Morris Claiborne in an interview The Landry Hat’s Todd Toombs. Dez prefaced his comments by saying he wasn’t trying to put pressure on Carr and Claiborne, but he did follow up his statement by saying he gets, “better each and every day is because of them.”

“I just want y’all to know that.”

For Cowboys fans, it’s news that is like Liberace music to the ears of a 1950’s housewife. In reality, it’s nothing more than a hypothesis. Between the two corners, Carr and Claiborne amassed only four interceptions, three of which came against either rookie or sophomore quarterbacks. Washington linebacker London Fletcher had one more pick with 5.

Though a hypothesis and presently unproven, there is reason for optimism. Tim Jennings, cornerback in Chicago’s Tampa 2 scheme last season, led the league with 9 interceptions. His defensive coordinator, Rod Marinelli, is now defensive line coach in Dallas.

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