Top 10 Reasons Why WE LOVE Our Dallas Cowboys (5-1)

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2. The Iconic History and The Rich Tradition

As with America itself, the Dallas Cowboys are full of history and tradition. I myself take a lot of pride in knowing much, if not all, of the Dallas Cowboys rich history. It just means a lot to me to know every little tidbit of history going all the back to 1952 with the original NFL Dallas franchise (though they were in no way affiliated with the 1960 NFL Dallas Cowboys except maybe the fact that Clint Murchison Jr. had season tickets to the original Texans’ games).

And I know I am not alone here. Many of you out there just soak up Cowboys knowledge like a sponge. As a friend once told me, “When you truly love something, you absorb it.” And that’s what it’s like with our Dallas Cowboys; we (you and I) absorb everything about them!

We love to know things like; the first and second proposed names for the Cowboys (Steers shortly and then the Rangers for months), our first regular season win (September 17th, 1961 vs. the Steelers), the origin of the moniker “America’s Team” (Title of 1978 team highlight film), all eight of the Super Bowls appearances, the 20 consecutive winning seasons (1966-1985) and on and on and on and on…

We also have this little tradition of playing on a particular holiday in November that started way back in 1966. Every season since 1966 (except for 1975 and 1977) Americans have come to learn that turkey and the Dallas Cowboys belong together.

We love the history. We love the tradition. We love the Dallas Cowboys.

And finally…The NUMBER ONE reason we love our Dallas Cowboys is…WHAT ELSE?


Sep 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fans Justin Haynes (left) and Ann Rose prior to the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

They’re Family!

Ok, maybe they’re not related by blood in all instances, but the Dallas Cowboys are indeed an extension of our own personal family.

 We know their names and birthdays. We know who their dating or who their married to. We know where they grew up and where they attended school. We know their children’s names. We talk to them on social media. Some of us lucky few have even met some of them face to face; maybe even chatted with them.

We share our holidays with them. We share our Sundays from September through December with them. When they win, we are on an emotional cloud that rivals euphoria. When they lose, other family members know how to make us feel better. Mondays and Tuesdays after a loss we are still in a rut but come Wednesday, we’re looking forward to Sunday’s game! We defend and fight for them tooth and nail.

We have pictures of them on our walls. We have their jerseys in our closets. We travel by land, sea, and air from hours away to visit them. We miss them from the day the season ends in winter until the day it starts again in the fall. In many cases (as with myself) we even plan our lives around their schedule. We love them unconditionally (expect maybe Jerry Jones and often Tony Romo).

“They appear on television so often that their faces as familiar to the public as presidents and movie stars. They are the Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team”… OUR FAMILY!

And for the record, I consider every one of YOU my family as well. My brothers, my sisters, my fellow Cowboys Nation!

…Hope ya’ll enjoyed another installment of my Top 10 lists. Stay tuned for my next Top 10 list featuring the “Top 10 Things Every Cowboys Fan Must Know” in the coming weeks.

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