6 Mental Disorders Dallas Cowboys Fans Suffer From

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Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by being overly emotional, attention-seeking, and loud, inappropriate behavior. We saw a glaring example of this with this particular sufferer who burned a Romo jersey after losing to the Lions in 2011:



Think: someone this immature, attention-whoring, and volatile can vote, own property, and drive.

What grown adult over the age of twenty-five would burn a jersey of a team captain after a Week 4 game except someone who either A) had a mental disorder or B) was uncommonly immature? Histrionic personality disorder oozes from this video like staph infection from Jeff Novak’s calf.

Another characteristic is to blame others for personal failure or disappointment. Cowboys fans typically blame the Cowboys for their feeling embarrassed or for their uncontrollable anger. We see it here, here, here, and there. These are all symptoms of histrionic personality disorder.

There was a particular patient on a message board who told a story about how he was at a Buffalo Wild Wings during the Detroit fiasco in 2011. He talked about how there was an attractive woman there who was eyeballing him the whole time, and he was interested with a sheepish disposition. When the Cowboys lost in spectacular fashion after having a 24-point second-half lead, the patient was so distraught he barrelled out of the restaurant right past the woman and didn’t bother to even talk to her.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll put a babe before the ‘Boys, especially when Dallas has vomitted in the fridge. That’s the consolation at that point, and you have to be dysfunctional to not partake in that.

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  • Keith Ranson

    Really? Compared To Incompetent NFL Referees Who Won’t Do Their Job, And Are CLEARLY For Sale, We’re just Fine,Thank You!

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