February 2, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; NFL former player Deion Sanders during the Tazon Latino VI flag football game as part of Super Bowl XLVI festivities at the Indiana Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Deion Sanders: Not A True Cowboy

One of my least favorite Dallas Cowboy’s players of all time would have to be Deion Sanders.  As much as I appreciate his contribution to the ’96 Cowboy’s Super Bowl victory, I will never see him as a real Dallas Cowboy, or feel about him the way I will always feel about Smith, Aikman, and Irvin.

Okay, I realize that’s being a bit unfair, because honestly there will be very few Cowboy’s that will ever hold a place in our hearts like the triplets.

To be more blunt, Deion Sanders is nothing better than a mercenary who has no ties or loyalties to anyone but himself.  He’s the NFL version of a hired gun, a man who works for himself, riding from town to town collecting a paycheck without putting down any roots or developing any meaningful relationships.

But that’s not my real problem with Sanders, or more accurately….it’s not one of the major problems I have with him.

I can’t tolerate Deion’s constant trashing of the Dallas Cowboys.  The team accounts for exactly one half of his Super Bowl rings and he can’t seem to find a single positive thing to say when speaking about them.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that just because you won a championship with a team means you should overlook all their faults and have nothing but good things to say about them for the rest of your career (I realize Michael Irvin has done that, and I can’t say I mind).  You can be a bit more objective about it like Troy Aikman.  I respect Troy’s opinions when asked about the current Cowboy’s team.  I feel like he answers honestly, although occasionally steering a bit on the critical side, but it comes off as a man trying to be sure that he is not seen as partial.

Sanders’ speaks about the Cowboys like he hates them.  He overlooks the positive and focuses purely on the negative, tearing off hateful comments like a disgruntled Martellus Bennett.

Of the many problems I have with Sanders, the biggest by far is his attempting to present himself as this mentor, this selfless leader of boys and men, while his actions very much show the opposite.

Take for example his interactions and impacts on Dez Bryant and his career.

Sanders set up meetings with Bryant and agents through himself, while Bryant was prohibited from such interaction by NCAA rules.  Sanders knew this, as well did Bryant.  The difference being that Dez was an impressionable young man with very little guidance, and Deion was a retired hall of famer that would have substantial influence on any young NFL hopeful.

How easy would it have been to talk Bryant into something that he knew he wasn’t supposed to do?  Can’t you almost hear what very possibly were Deion’s words to Dez?  “Come on man, it’s okay. Everybody does it…you can trust me”.

Now why would Deion try to set Bryant up with an agent, knowing the risk it presented for Dez, and knowing sports agents would be climbing over each other to get to him whenever Bryant was able to meet in accordance with NCAA rules?  I can only assume that it held some benefit, likely financial, for Sanders.

So Dez gets caught and thereby has to forfeit the rest of his 2009 season, a year that many considered him to be in contention for the Heisman.  This would also cost Bryant to drop several places in the draft, losing him significant money in his first contract and signing bonus, and labeling him as a trouble maker before he even puts on an NFL uniform.  Deion would walk away unscathed.

So Sanders had to feel bad right?  He selfishly tried to pimp a young athlete out for his own gain, and cost said athlete dearly.  You would assume that both Bryant and Sanders had learned their lessons and would steer clear of each other moving forward.

Unfortunately not, as Deion would go on to feed his uncanny greed and selfishness and Bryant would prove to be too trusting for his own good.

Sanders continued to call himself a “mentor” to Bryant, despite the damage he had already done to Dez’s career.

This goes on for a bit, until suddenly Deion begins blasting Bryant publicly, in almost any available venue.  Sanders states that he will have nothing to do with Bryant, that he is dishonest man, and that he refuses to work with people like him.  He goes on to say that Bryant needs serious help, but that he is not going to get it from him.

I found myself wondering what on earth could have happened that made Deion so angry?  What manner of betrayal had Bryant concocted against this self-proclaimed “mentor” that would lead to this end?

Then Dez offered up the only possible explanation in his mind, and the events leading up to Sanders absolute withdrawal and sudden defamation of Bryant’s character.  It seems that Deion was not so gently pushing Bryant toward an endorsement deal with Under Armour, an endorsement deal that Dez was open to, until discovering that the shoes didn’t fit his feet correctly.

Bryant’s deal with Under Armour would not be possible, and suddenly Sanders can no longer “mentor” someone so dishonest and of poor moral character.

That’s twice that Sanders attempted to exploit Dez for his own personal gain, and I guess in the house of Deion if you fail to bring the money in twice, he is officially done with you.

Good riddance.  Sanders will never be a real Cowboy to me, and he has an astonishing amount of nerve calling himself a “mentor” while doing nothing but exploiting others, including damaging their careers and reputations to line his own pockets.

He speaks as though he hates the Cowboys.  I hope he does, and in turn…stays as far away as possible.

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  • Ronald W. Jones

    Enjoyed the article. Deon Sanders IS a self absorbed ignoramus.

  • http://tinyurl.com/CowboyBooksBlog fgoodwin

    Deion is a mercenary — same for Terrell Owens. But in this age of free agency, it’s hard to fault them for taking the largest wad of bills waived in their faces. I admire the Triplets for staying with the Cowboys even though they could have taken higher offers elsewhere (and the only reason Emmitt joined the Cards was because Jerry had to release him for cap reasons).

  • Ashley Coonfield

    Deion Sanders was one of the most exciting athletes to watch on Sundays. Ill always remember him returning punts for the Cowboys when I was young and first getting into football.

  • Guest

    I totally agree with you Joshua,deion is only about deion and it pissed me off as a cowboys fan when jerry signed him because we didnt need him and i still say he is one of the most overrated players of all time!Never have liked him and never will.

    • Bradley OBanion

      Did you call Dion overrated? you my friend are a moron. I’m not a huge Dion fan but we won a superbowl because of him.
      He is also a hall of famer and considered the best all time at his position. I could understand and appreciate someone saying they don’t like him, but overrated? check out punctuation it is really cool. you should give it a try.

      • Guest

        Hey bradley i am not your friend and do not want to be.I don’t remember asking you for your input on my post either.Also i could care less about posting to your stupid satisfaction!But if you think deion was the only or main reason Dallas won that superbowl then maybe you are the Moron!Oh and by the way learn to spell his name correctly if you are going to bad mouth me!

        • Bradley OBanion

          dude you look like Mr potato head, if you do not want people countering you’re opinion don’t give it. I miss spell deion, you don’t use punctuation, we are even. other than you are a big fat Fuck.

          • Guest

            Wow you are one sorry piece of shit!But i guess i should have expected that from a Gay looking Idiot!

          • Bradley OBanion

            so I LOOK gay? what are you saying? that I am clean cut and in great shape. its not like I’m wearing a dress. you are probably good at picking out gay guys I’m sure you do it all the time. I wouldn’t make comments about you’re sexuality because I don’t care. I’m sure I Fucked more girls my freshman year than you have you’re whole life. no girls want to sleep with a big fat fuckin Mr potato head. no guys do either so I know you really suffer.

          • Guest

            Well i have wasted enough time on a pathetic piece of shit like you and so this will be my last reply.But i know i have fucked and will continue to fuck more women than you ever will.So go ahead and continue living in the dream fantasy world that you are in and with the bad name calling toward me.You are one sad low life of a person.

          • Guest

            Well this will be my last reply because i have wasted too much time on a pathetic low life like you.It is obvious that you live in a fantasy world!But hey whatever floats your boat.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Unfortunately for Deion who was such an exciting player that he will always be thought of as a complete jerk.

  • Guest

    Deion is not Cowboy. All Deion did was bandwagon himself to a team which was going to win a Super Bowl with or without him.

  • Cowboyfan4689

    Bradley, you embody everything that is wrong with the Internet. You are a coward that sits at home (safely behind your locked door, hiding behind a computer screen), while starting flame wars by name calling and mouthing off to people online. Anyone that is a real man in his day to day life does not feel the need to do this. 2 things to remember:
    We are all Cowboys fans so there is really no point in being that childishly hateful about another fan’s opinion…even if you don’t see eye to eye. 2nd, your comment that he is considered “the best of all time at his position” only furthers the point that he might very well be overrated. Grow up man. Next time you have a difference of opinion with a fellow fan, try to handle it with a little more maturity.

    • Bradley OBanion

      I respect you’re opinion. I’m not sure where I was a internet badass. I didn’t threaten anyone, I didn’t talk about any sort of violence at all. I did call him a moron but I am confident I would do that to his face. so I am everything wrong with the internet because I voice my opinion? not all the porn, scams, religious propaganda, violence and death. second I am a die hard cowboy fan, love them till the day I die and I will be the first to jump on another cowboy fan for saying stupid shit. do you know why everybody thinks we are the most delusional fan base?……because we are. I live in las Vegas work in a casino and meet cowboy fans from everywhere. cowboy fans are some of the worst. so when a fellow cowboy fan says deion freakin Sanders was overrated and we didn’t need him I feel compeled to call them moron. point is deion went to SF picked off troy in the NFC championship game then went on and won a suoerbowl. SF couldn’t beat us without him. so we sign him, then we win a superbowl. with switzer as the coach even. now those are facts not my opinion so yes we won a superbowl because of deion. one last thing you called me a coward well my name is Brad I live in las Vegas. my # 702-376-2688 my address is 4790 castlerock ct LV NV 89147. if you wanna come teach me a lesson feel free. its funny I thought about it. you’re baggin on me, for baggin on him, for baggin on a cowboy. who is the real fan? I’m sticking up for my team you’re sticking up for him lol……

  • William Dennis

    Amen my man! I was waiting on someone to say what you’re saying, but you have butt sniffers like Jean Jacque Taylor and other media folks in Dallas worshiping the grounds Deion walk on.