Dallas Cowboys Fans Need to Enjoy The Team

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In the movie anger was needed to turn someone towards the dark side. If someone out there needs to see the Cowboys as the dark side, I am all for it. One Redskins fan once told me he loved two teams, “The Redskins and whomever was playing the Dallas Cowboys.” I got to tell you, that commentary just thrills the hell out of me. Years ago I ran across a fan of another team who had a tattoo of the Cowboys star logo on fire. He saw this as a diss of the team. I saw it as a Cowboys tattoo using a recurring graphic of flames. I see flames on motorcycles, cars, Harley logos, and all kinds of other things. I never considered it as a diss of those things. People are so amusing in their disgust for the Cowboys.

I think fans ought to enjoy the team they love. To me, if you dislike something to the point it makes you miserable then you need to move on from that. For example, if you’re dating a girl who makes you miserable, go find another girl. I can’t fathom wanting to stay loyal to a shrew or anything that makes you miserable. Does this mean fans should only say good things about the team. hell no. No one could pull that off. Not one single, living, breathing, sentient being. If you tell me that you don’t go nuts over a turnover or a player constantly caught false starting I am going to call you a liar.

We’re all negative about some aspects of the team. For example, I am very concerned about the Offensive Line and right now, I am apprehensive that they simply aren’t good enough to help Tony Romo stay healthy or to open holes for the running game. I don’t think one draft pick was enough to address how awful those guys were last year. I don’t think a pay reduction will mean better production from Doug Free, who frankly was awful last year. I will candidly tell you right now that I already want a RT in the 1st round of next year’s Draft. That happens to fall on my birthday, and I can’t think of a better present. Get me a Guard or two that I can trust as well, and I will move my concerns to something else.

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  • Ronald W. Jones

    I’ve been a Cowboy fan since 1968. We are the most hated franchise in ALL OF SPORTS. And I like it that way. The fact that we live ‘rent free’ in our opponents heads from January to December….get’s me PUMPED!

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    Fan since 1963. I loved them when they lost and I loved them when they won. Now I love them for not knowing which end is up thanks to their owner. They make me laugh.

  • JoeDaBeast

    The only professional team that has as many “haters” for as long as the Dallas Cowboys have, is my other favorite team, the New York Yankees. They, until very recently, had the same attitude as DaBoyz, “Championship or Bust!” I recalled when the Yankees lost to the Diamondbacks, it was a failed season. They were the BEST in the AL, and second best in all of MLB, and it wasn’t good enough. I look forward to the day and seasons that not only that becomes the Cowboy’s mantra again, but they play that way on the field again. GO BOYS (and Yankees)!!!!!!

  • Old Frog

    Hate is such a loaded word. Usually implies desire for harm or ill will to befall another. Given the Cowboys lack of success over the last 17 years or so it would seem the haters have gotten exactly what they wanted so why do they still hate? It’s not like we have a recent record to be jealous of. Most likely something they were taught two or three decades ago and and continue to hang on to for some irrational reason. Maybe it’s really JJ they hate.

    • FanInHawaii

      Fans of other teams “Hate” the Cowboys cuz they are jealous of the title “America’s Team”.
      They are also “Hating” cuz no matter what they do or say, the Cowboys are still worth more than any other sports franchise besides Manchester United or one of them European soccer teams.
      Its also widely known that there is an abundance of Cowboy fans across the world. I guess I’d be mad at the fact that when the Cowboys come to town, there are more of their fans then of the home teams fans there (Arizona). Just like Floyd Mayweather, he don’t care if people hate him so much that they pay to see him lose, cuz that’s still money in his pocket.
      Whether people love the Cowboys or love to hate them, they are continuing to talk about them which only makes them mors I creasingly popular, so thank you to all of the fans and “Haters” of the Dallas Cowboys for making this franchise America’s #1 sports franchise!

  • jayhwk01

    I love the fact everybody else hates us. Means we have done something right. I don’t like the fact they have a point in ridiculing us because as an organization the Boys have not done much in the last 10 years. Time to start winning Super Bowls again and soon.