Dallas Cowboys Fans Need to Enjoy The Team

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It seems like every day I hear new comments about who is biased against or hates the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve noted recently that I hear more negative commentary about them from the media who report on the team and the fans of the team than I do from fans of other teams. I commented to a friend recently that I read more negative about the Cowboys from him than I have ever seen from anyone else. He wasn’t too happy with me for that, but I happened to be telling the truth. To equal the bile he spews at the team he professes to love I would have to walk past a fan of another team 20 or more times per day and hear “Dallas sucks” to come close to the negativity he shows. Naturally this made it my fault. How dare I observe this?

It makes me wonder if we’ve simply gone too soft as a culture? The word hate is more prevalent than I have ever seen it, and if you use it in any description of a contemporary issue, it upsets the person you accuse of it. Suddenly you’re hating on them for them hating on the Cowboys. Honestly, it is all a bit confusing to me. However, one thing about hatred of the Dallas isn’t at all new to me. The fact that it exists, and I love it. I have a catch phrase as it pertains to opinions about the Cowboys. I even have that catch phrase on the license plate frame on my truck. That phrase is “Embrace the hatred.”

Nov 11, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Troy Aikman (R) talks with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) during warmups prior to playing the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

That’s right, I said embrace it. Revel in it. Enjoy it. Let it put a smile on your face that can’t be wiped off no matter how hard someone rubs. Hell, dance because of it if you’ve got rhythm; or even if you don’t but could give a crap who is watching. The fact that people hate the Cowboys is a great thing. Not a good thing, a great thing. It means they matter.That is one great thing about loving the Dallas Cowboys, they are always relevant to someone. Even if that relevance is that someone hates them. Pardon me quoting Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars saga, but “Good, I can feel your anger.”

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