May 21, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) laughs with receiver Dez Bryant (88) and tight end Jason Witten (82) during organized team activities at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo Is Better Than Big Ben and Joe Flacco

Tony Romo is better than you think.

I had this strong idea in my head for about a week now. The more I fed this idea, the more it became a fact. Let me say this sincerely: Tony Romo is a better quarterback than Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger and Ravens’ Joe Flacco.

While we’re at it, throw in the rest of the quarterbacks in the AFC North too.

I am reaching, you think. On the surface it sounds ludicrous that any team would take Romo over two quarterbacks drafted in the first round and are owners of three Super Bowl wins.

The NFL is a team sport. Folks, this is the popularity draw (and success) of this league. My headline is not saying that the Dallas Cowboys are a better team than teams in the AFC North. I’m saying that if I were to start a franchise tomorrow, I would take Tony Romo over any quarterback in the AFC North.


Joe Flacco Against Tony Romo

Joe Flacco is an above quarterback manager. The lure of Joe is that when he can cut his mistakes, his team can carry the load for him — a luxury Tony Romo has not had. Over the years, Tony has seen leads he published crumble because the defense took naps inside the two-minute warning.

Joe Flacco is an above quarterback manager. Does that bug you? Flacco’s highest single-season passer rating (93.6) is close to Romo’s lowest (90.5). Outside of Flacco’s 93.6 rating, he has registered four seasons in the 80 plus area.

Tony Romo has never finished a season below a 90 rating.

  •  Romo is number 5 in All-Time Career Passer Rating: 95.6
  •  Romo is number 6 in All-Time Yards Per Attempt: 7.9

May 22, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco (5) is interviewed after organized team activities at the Under Armour Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo has thrown more than 4,000 yards four different times (only Cowboys’ quarterback to do so).

Joe Flacco? In each of his five seasons he has never produced a single 4,000 yard season.

Comfortable a little, Joe?

Your organization drafts players not only around you, but actually in front of you. The Ravens front line has always been strong. Add running back Ray Rice to the picture too; he deserves some love. The little man eats yards like Pac-Man in the 80′s. Must be nice to have someone like that in the backfield 24/7.

Every time Romo snaps the ball I feel like he is handing the ball to himself. He might as well be registered as a quarterback and running back considering how much he has to run around in the backfield.

General Manger Ozzie Newsome has done a terrific job with The Baltimore Ravens. He is known for his consistent and smart draft picks, particularly in the later rounds, and is well-respected as a GM in the league. It is no mistake he has two rings.

Somebody want to send Jerry Jones a link to Newsome’s LinkedIn page?

The last word: Tony Romo would succeed with the Ravens as the starting quarterback while Joe Flacco would fail with the Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys rely too much on Romo as their star; their quarterback; their game manager.

Joe “Cool” would fail with these responsibilities. There is no way Joe Flacco would be calm and cool with the pressures of wearing the “Star.” Add the duty of running around in the backfield is not an option.

Apparently that’s Tony Romo’s job.

Ben Roethlisberger Against Tony Romo

This match up is much closer. Though, to me, Ben Roethlisberger is a bit overrated. Like Flacco, Big Ben has had the fortune of playing for head strong head coaches. Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin are top-notch, upper level, football minds. The two have patrolled the sidelines since 1992.

During that span, the Cowboys cycled through a coaching carousel with names like Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, Wade Phillips, and now Jason Garrett. These names aren’t exactly Canton, Ohio names.

Why would I take Romo over Roethlisberger? Athletic ability. In Ben’s 127 total games, he has surrendered an astounding 344 sacks! They call him Big Ben for a reason: he loves to take hugs. At this rate, Ben could become the most sacked QB in NFL history. (Brett Farve is number one with 525.)

May 21, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) participates in organized team activities at the UPMC Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In Tony’s 121 total games, he has surrendered 178 sacks. Got legs? Tony obviously does. Roethlisberger would have no success as a Cowboy. Not with this offensive line.

There is structure in the AFC North. Pride. Talent. There are people in those organizations who are team conscious, not money conscious (See: Jerry Jones).

The Cowboys lack structure. Pride and talent fail at their best if there is no structure to support these elements.

Ben Roethlisberger isn’t the rock that caused the ripple in Pittsburgh; he is just an echo of the wave.

Tony Romo has thrown less interceptions (91 to 108), has taken less sacks, has a higher completion percentage, owns a higher touchdown percentage, and has a higher passer rating (95.6 to 92.7).

Romo has thrown up these numbers with mediocre teams, while Big Ben has had the benefit of playing with better players, coaches, and decisions makers.

So let me ask you, if you were starting a team tomorrow, would you still take Roethlisberger over Romo?

Me? Nope. I’d take the undrafted free agent over the first rounder.

The Last Call

I am not a Tony Romo apologist. I checked out last December. In fact, if you recall, I was calling for a Romo cancellation.

But you got to remind yourself of what you have before you lose it. Remind yourself of Quincy Carter, Vinny Testerverde, and Chad Hutchinson. I won’t fill the heart with a number nine jersey anymore — I’ve gone down that road already. The best I can do is root for The Cowboys, who apparently, need Romo more than he needs them.

And the truth is, Romo is better than most of us realize.

  • Got an opinion? Think I’m bonkers? Great! If you can convince me that Ben or Joe can quarterback better than Romo, I’m open ears. Until then, good night and good luck.

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  • BW

    A little late for an April Fool’s contribution don’t you think, Homer?

  • Steeler Fan

    What you smoking boy??? Sacks are in relation to the “O” line in Ben R’s case as well as trying to make something happen when protection breaks down….How many play off games has Tony Homo won?? Super Bowels??

    • Richard Storm

      Warren Moon only won three playoff games and never made it to the Super Bowl. So, are you saying that you would rather take Flacco over Moon in his prime? Please, Moon, in his prime, would have led the Ravens to 4 Super Bowls victories, already….

      • JK

        Moon’s playoff record and stats:

        3 W — 7 L
        259 Cmp — 403 Att — 64.27 Cmp% — 2870 Yds — 17 Tds — 14 Ints — 84.9 Rate — 7.12 Y/A — 6.40 AY/A

        Flacco’s playoff record and stats:

        9 W — 4 L
        207 Cmp — 373 Att — 55.50 Cmp% — 2672 Yds — 19 Tds — 8 Ints — 86.2 Rate — 7.16 Y/A — 7.22 AY/A

        Other than completion %, Moon’s stats aren’t significantly better than Flacco’s. And in 3 more games, Flacco’s thrown 6 fewer INTs.

        Flacco actually has the slightly better QB rating–which has been trending upward since 2010.

        Flacco’s QB rating in 2008 – 2009 playoffs:
        59.1 — 89.4 — 18.2 — 10.00 — 48.4 — Yes, aside from one game Flacco played horribly in the playoffs his first 2 years.

        But here’s his playoff QB rating since 2010 (his 3rd year):
        115.4 — 61.1 — 97.1 — 95.4 — 125.6 — 116.2 — 106.2 — 124.2 — Aside from that 61.1, this shows undeniable, significant improvement.

        In 2012, every playoff game was 100+, with 2 at 120+.

        I don’t care if you call me a homer or an apologist or whatever, but I’m taking Flacco over both Romo and Moon.
        Because Flacco’s already played better than either did in the playoffs and he’s only 28, so, he still has room to improve (which he will do under Caldwell).

        And he’s already good enough to lead the Ravens past Luck, Peyton, Brady and Kaepernick all the way to a Super Bowl victory.

        He’s only going to get better.


  • johngol

    this guy is crazier than lindsey and amanda….ben has been to 3 sb’s winning 2…ben does not choke like romo…never cried on a football field…and ben hasn’t had an offensive line since his rookie season….romo has jerry jones the greatest football mind ever….dont believe me ask him

    • Keith Ranson

      Correction: Big Douche Won ZERO SBs; They were BOUGHT And PAID FOR By The Rooney Family; Let’s Get Facts right!

      • 4Nsteel

        hmm they don´t pay in the game vs packers, or maybe not enough, maybe none, but there´s a rumor Odonnell got paid in sb XXX

        • Keith Ranson

          Actually,the Refs Got Paid, As Did The Refs in The Giants Last Two Super Bowls.

  • LOL

    I don’t know about Baltimore and Flacco but Steelernation would rather you take Tony Romo over Big Ben anyday…you can have a quarterback who’s just as passionate about getting his PGA tour card as winning a Superbowl and we’ll take the one who’s led the Steelers to 3 Superbowls and 2 rings….Romo could never duplicate what Ben did in 2008 to win that superbowl.. NEVER….the guy couldn’t even hold a FG snap lol…high comedy

    • ArizonaRaven

      The Baltimore football legend I grew up idolizing (Johnny Unitas) was often quoted as saying “statistics are for losers”. The ONLY thing that counts in football is WINNING. Tony Romo is a loser – look at his record. Joe Flacco has won 63 NFL football games in his first five years in the league – more than anybody else in NFL history. He has won 9 playoff games and 1 Superbowl. Joe has beaten the Cowboys twice in the last five years (in their only two matchups). Let us all know when Tony Romo does anyting meaningful.

      • Coach Dave

        According to lil ric its the teams fault he trows interceptions and fumbles the ball constantly! He is like tony romo delusional and all the other goofs that waste the readers time!

  • Artie C

    You knew you were gonna get flak for this. I would definitely take Romo over Flacco. What most people don’t realize is that Jerry continues to make the Cowboys Oline a secondary priority because of Romo’s artful dodger skills. So when you say ‘if I was starting a team’ you can eliminate most any NFL QB except Romo by adding ‘if I was starting a team WITH NO OFFENSIVE LINE’ . Besides, Big Ben holds on to the ball too long.

  • Clint Martin

    Prove it win a playoff game or two!! Maybe make it to a Super bowl. When Romo drives his team down the field and throws the winning TD to win it then he will get consideration. Until then just win a playoff game BRO!

  • JoeDaBeast

    There is structure in the AFC North. Pride. Talent. There are people in those organizations who are team conscious, not money conscious.

    Have you forgotten the Cleveland Browns (streaks in the underwear) or the Cinncinatti Bungles, I mean Bengals?

  • Keith Ranson

    WELL,DUH? He Proved That Last season! The only Thing That Kept Us From Sealing The Deal In Baltimore was clock mismanagement,And Bad Ball position.

  • Starbuck63

    Oh My God!

    Funniest thing I’ve read in forever.

    Cudos on the late April fools joke.

    Three rings and four Superbowl between Ben and Flacco…

    But hey, Tony was shtumping Jessica Simpson…so I guess that counts for something…Right?

    • Richard Storm

      Ben couldn’t lead the Cowboys to a winning season, Romo has. That is fact whether you like it or not.

      • GuessWho?YeahMe!

        Dummy, Ben hasn’t played on the Cowboys to lead them to a winning season. Lets face it, a winning season means absolutely nothing. There’s only one first place team each year and everyone else are losers. In this case, Flacco and Ben have won 3. Romo 0. Cowgirls fans should expect more of nothing.

      • LOL

        I would love to know exactly HOW this is a fact??? keeping in mind that Ben has 2 rings, Romo has none and neither has played for the other team?.annnnnd GO!

  • Pridenpoise

    Better than Ben Roethlisberger, if you really believe that your an idiot. You neglect to mention that when there is a big game on the line there is no bigger choker than Romo, I will take Ben’s 2 rings over Romos 1 playoff appearance.

    • Richard Storm

      Tony has come up with big games on the line, idiot. Oh, those big games that the Cowboys couldn’t win? Has it ever occurred to you that in most of those games Tony did his job, but the rest of his team choked? Of course, you would have to have a little intelligence to realize that. So, I’m guessing no. ;) Ben couldn’t lead the Cowboys to a winning season, Romo has.

      • Guest

        But the fact remains that he still has only won one playoff appearance in his entire career. Ben has played with second and third string offensive lines, while injured, and has STILL won two Super Bowls.

        Don’t get me wrong, Tony is a good QB. He fits the Dallas scheme well… But until he can lead his team to the Super Bowl (even if they lose), I won’t be sold.

        • Richard Storm

          Yeah, but Ben also had a stout defense to back him up….And I seriously don’t think that Ben’s line was near as bad as Romo’s line…If it had been, Ben would be planted 6 feet under, already.

          • Coach Dave

            What games were you watching? I didnt see the cowboy throw three interceptions and fumble the ball twice idiot! your the idiot you cant see past your nose to spite your face. ROMO IS A CHOKER!

        • terry

          the fact remains that a one single player doesn’t win playoff games teams do, i find it funny how where you compare a qb to romo and the lose head t head everyone jumps to team success, the cowboys are below average we get that doesn’t mean the qb is though. Great qb on sry team equals poor qb, but an avg qb on a elite team is a great passer now??? what a joke

      • Pridenpoise

        Are you that much of a biased douche bag homer, that you don’t even realize a big game, would be a playoff game, or a game to get you into the playoffs, I’m not even a Steelers fan, but I’m not a moron, that thinks a guy with no playoff wins can even come close to comparing to a QB with 2 Super Bowls under his belt, and will most likely be going to the HOF, something Romo wont be doing, get your head out of your ass, and if you can’t be unbiased in you posting then don’t even write, you look like a fool, or maybe you just are a fool.

        • Richard Storm

          Piss off, dumb ass. You are a moron since you apparently think that Ben won those Super Bowls by himself. Football is a team sport. True, Tony Romo is not perfect, but nether is Ben. The big difference is that Ben’s team help Ben out while Tony’s team has bailed on him. Example: Patrick Clayton’s two dropped TD passes that could have won the game for the Cowboys against the Giants in that playoff game…TO disappeared in that game, too. Of course, he was still injured. That’s just one example…

          • Pridenpoise

            Playoffs playoffs playoffs
            You fucking retard they are never there how many times do I have to say it no go play with your Tony Romo doll you fucking loser.

          • Richard Storm

            Dude, how long have you’ve been watching football?? Two years?? Tony’s been to 4 playoff games. The Cowboys are 1 and 3 (with Romo as QB) in playoff games, tard. Maybe you should go back to watching soccer or tennis…lol, the next thing I’m probably gonna hear from you is that Eli “I Have A QB Rating Average Of F.u.c.k.i.n’ 50″ Manning is a better QB than Aaron Rodgers.. :p

          • Pridenpoise

            I’ve been watching football longer than you asshole, just because I don’t follow your lame Cowgirls, I’m smart enough to know that Homo is not even close to being the QB that Ben is so Blow me why don’t you go back to watching the WNBA because you obviously can’t give an unbiased opinion on talent your another fucking Dallas homer nobody likes somebody that can’t give a realistic unbiased opinion of talent, as I said I’m not a steeler fan or a Ben fan, as a matter of fact I dislike like them both, I just can’t stand douche bags like your self that can’t accept the fact that your QB is not on par with Ben by a long shot your delusional so he played in 4 playoff games my mistake, as I said I don’t follow them I just know their playoff record is abysmal, and it seems every year they are picked to make it to the playoffs, they are seriously over rated every year and I stand by my statement Romo is a Choker. And no Eli is not better than Rodgers but I will take him over Romo in a heartbeat, but I’m sure you wouldn’t being the fucking moron that you are.

        • Coach Dave

          Well written my freind well said! Richard is lost!

        • GuessWho?YeahMe!

          Pridenpoise 1, Richard Storm 0

          Game set match.

          • Pridenpoise

            Do you believe this, he needs therapy, I suggest he watch a Steeler game, as I said I’m not a Steeler fan but come on, You can’t knock Ben down without three D lineman on him, and even then, he is one of the best QBs at improvising, for a big man he can scramble, I’ve never seen a guy turn so many broken plays into positive yardage, apparently Richard Sherman was watching the Disney Channel when Ben was winning those Super Bowls LMAO, as much as I hate to say it right now being a Raider fan I can only hope that we can get our hands on a franchise QB like Ben because that’s what he is, regardless of what Richard thinks, Romo on the other hand he’s not terrible but he’s never won a big game in his life.

    • Richard Storm

      Oh, and I suppose you think Flacco is better than Warren Moon, huh? Please, Moon, in his prime, would have led the Ravens to 4 Super Bowls victories, already….

      • Pridenpoise

        I never said that jerkoff, so don’t put words in my mouth, I watched Warren Moon in the CFL for many years before any NFL Team found him worthy to play in the league, and that’s a shame,had Moon spent his whole career in the NFL, he surely would have won a Super Bowl, however we are not talking about Moon, are we? So the only one lacking intelligence is you, quite frankly, your a FU&&IN moron, so go back to your Tony Romo blow up doll and keep dreaming pal, because there going no where as long as he’s their QB you imbecile.

        • Richard Storm

          You didn’t have to say it. Your retard statements said it. I was just pointing it out. ;)

          • Pridenpoise

            My retarded statements the backlash you are getting clearly points out who the retard is, go bury your head in the sand jackass.

  • skyfire322

    “Romo has thrown up these numbers with mediocre teams…” Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant…. Yeah, mediocre.

    • Richard Storm

      Miles Austin…injured all the time….Jason…yeah, you got a point, there….Dez…had his head up his ass in many games..He had some drops and miscues on the field that led to interceptions, and those were game changers.He finally got his head out at the last part of this past season…Let’s hope he keeps his head out. Oh, and Tony was throwing to the 5th and 6th receivers during their last game, because everyone else was injured….They had no rushing attack when it counted…Their defense hadn’t been able to stop a cold in many years…Tony had no offensive line help….Their coach has personally lost a few games for them….So, yeah, he was right when he said that…

  • Coach Dave

    Micheal Vu funny you should be a comedian! When did Ben or Joe flacco ever cough up the ball 4 or 5 times during a crucial division or playoff game ? Oh i’m sorry it was the def. fault! Wrong again! When did Ben or Joe mismanage a simple feild goal hold during a crucial playoff game? ? When did the big boys throw away chance after chance year after year? This is my point these guys excel under presure and make plays thats why they wear the rings, i’ll give you the better off. line trick you pulled out of your @$$. But the bottom line the only thing Romo is great at is choking PERIOD! POINT MADE STOOGE! I love the boys but i’m sick of you wanna b sports riders ride that tonys better than you think CRAP!

  • James

    you analysis leaves something to be desired…. Joe Flacco and Big Ben both have their stats against harder teams. They actually play each other twice a year… The schedules of both these two teams are demanding and tough.. compare that to the teams that Dallas plays against, The Skins? The Eagles?

    I can see easily WHY Romo would have better stats against these crappy teams. And Flacco could have easily broken 4000 yards this year if he had not sat out the end of the last 2 games. However, the only place that stat matters is Fantasy..

    What matters in the NFL are wins… and no team wins playoffs and Superbowls with JUST a Quarterback.

  • joeblow

    Good job stirring stooler fans into a frenzy. Really got them foaming at the mouth. They were already shell-shocked with the 8-8 record last year and afraid it could be worse this year. You know, many of these fans used to be cowboy fans back when dallas was a good team. Many of them jumped ship to peeburgh when they were good. Now they’re tired of moving (and losing) and just plain mad. Stay classy stooler nation.

  • analbumcover

    this article is pretty funny. I especially enjoyed the part about romo being more athletic than roethlisberger, what a load of crap. ben has had the most inconsistent and worst line in the NFL since coming into the league. however, you successfully convinced me that romo is a slightly better qb than flacco. The play that epitomizes romos career is the 2007 playoff game when he bobbles the snap and loses the game

  • Kraven

    Anyone who believes that statistics are anything more than another form of a lie are simply fooling themselves. “Lies Damn Lies and Statistics” was the famous quote and it is even more true today. There is only 1 stat that matters in the long run and that stat is wins. All the other stats bow down to winning. I hear the nay sayers and statistic worshipers complain all the time about wins saying that they don’t trump statistic’s YET: what is the meaning of the game? TO WIN. What is the goal of the game? TO WIN. Wins are the only stat that truly matters all the other stats are simple armchair QB stats except for one. That stat is not on your QBR list either and it would have to be a QBs sissy factor. if the QB takes hits does he become a sissy or does he keep fighting it out. ROMO is the Biggest Sissy in the NFC The AFC has Sanchez in that position. Flacco and Rothelsberger have 2 qualities that are very similar and they are a very small sissy factor and the ability to win even through adversity. They also feel the defenders coming and step out of big hits or land on top of the defender during a sack or an after throwing take down. Things that Romo does not even realize that he needs.


    “FAKE… THIS STORY IS 100% FAKE! this is an entertainment website, and this is a totally fake article based on zero truth and is a complete work of fiction for entertainment purposes! this story was dynamically generated using a generic ‘template’ and is not factual. Any reference to specific individuals has been 100% fabricated by web site visitors who have created fake stories by entering a name into a blank ‘non-specific’ template for the purpose of entertainment.”

  • Big Mac

    guys calm down, don’t yell at each other, yell at Michael Vu who obviously has no idea what he is talking about. Look at his profile, it says his favorite Cowgirl is Irvin, so he is a fan of the cowgirls so that’s all that needs to be said. Also look at the guys picture, there is no way he has even watch a full game of football.

  • Big Mac

    Oh another thing, Dick Storm you are wrong brother.

  • JK

    QB rating penalizes a QB who throws for fewer yards and fewer TDs, throws more INTs, takes more sacks, and completes fewer pass attempts (thus having a lower comp %).

    When the Ravens got near the goal line, Cam Cameron, then the OC, preferred to run the ball on 1st & 2nd down almost every time. Same with 3rd & short at the goal line. Only on 3rd and long would Cam call for a pass. So, Flacco had fewer pass attempts at the goal line and thus fewer OPPORTUNITIES to throw TDs. (Or INTs).

    When the Ravens would go into the 4th, and sometimes even 3rd QTR with a decent lead, Cam preferred to go ball control and run out the clock by running the ball with McGahee/Rice while relying on the defense to hold the lead. So, in about 10 out of the 16 games per season, Flacco would only play about 2 1/2 to 3 QTRs before handing off the ball on almost every down, thus he would have fewer pass attempts than other QBs who threw the ball through all 4 QTRs of their 16 games. This also created the illusion that he was a game manager as he would have less than 30 pass attempts for the game. What people would miss is that he would have around 20 pass attempts in the 1st half; obviously if he’d had another 20 in the 2nd, he’d finish with 40. Needless to say with fewer pass attempts, Flacco had fewer OPPORTUNITIES for both yardage and TDs (and also INTs too).

    Before 2011, the Ravens offense was some basic pro style offense that borrowed elements from all 3 of the common systems: West Coast, Air Coryell, and Erhardt – Perkins. But in 2011, Cam Cameron made the switch to Air Coryell because the Ravens drafted Torrey Smith and signed Lee Evans who could both run fast. Unfortunately, Torrey had a sports hernia and was very raw–struggled to run his routes consistently and really had no clue how to beat press coverage–and Evans got hurt. Boldin also injured his knee but played through it–sometimes it bothered him, sometimes not (the meniscus finally tore completely and he needed surgery, ended up missing 2 weeks). To make matters worse, Grubbs, their Pro Bowl guard also got hurt in week 1 (like Evans) and the Ravens had no suitable backups (Cousins was so bad he was cut after one game and Gurode wasn’t much better).

    Common sense tells you it’s a bad idea to try to go with a vertical deep-passing offense like the Air Coryell when: a) none of your WRs are healthy. b) one of your injured WRs is a raw rookie c) you have a hole in your O-Line where your Left Guard used to be. d) your QB has already shown he can succeed in a shorter, quicker passing offense.

    Naturally, Cam Cameron ignored common sense and had Torrey (and sometimes Boldin even) running deep A LOT, which means Flacco was only throwing short, easy passes (with high comp %) to Rice and the TEs about half the other time; the other half he was throwing 40+ yd bombs to Torrey (which are lower comp % throws). And since Torrey struggled to both get off the line against the jam and to maintain his speed through contact with the CB running with him downfield (possibly because of his injury) a lot of those deep passes were “overthrown” not because Flacco was off target but because Torrey was late getting downfield (SOMETHING TORREY ALLUDED TO AND ADMITTED HE NEEDED TO FIX). A lot of times this was because Torrey was interfered with but the refs still wouldn’t throw the flag. Anyhow, since Flacco was throwing about half the time deep to an inconsistent and unreliable rookie, this lowered his comp % while increasing his sacks.

    Since 2011, the only way in which Cam helped Flacco’s stats was in minimizing the potential INTs–in every other way he hurt Flacco’s stats. And he hurt every offensive player’s stats with his often-times predictable/vanilla play calling and stubborn refusal to make halftime adjustments. A number of times, it would be the other team making halftime adjustments that would shut down the Ravens’ offense in the second half, forcing the defense to come through by shutting down the other team’s offense to preserve the lead and win the game.

    In 2012, with Caldwell’s arrival and influence, the Ravens started employing a no huddle offense with Flacco having far more command than before–at least in home games. On the road, Cam preferred to stick with the old way of him calling the lays to Flacco in the huddle. At home, with Flacco in command the Ravens offense was potent and Flacco played at an elite level. On the road with Cam being his predictable/risk adverse usual self, the offense was inconsistent from QTR to QTR.

    And in the middle of the season, Cam developed this weird aversion to sending receivers over the middle on short/intermediate routes. Of course, it didn’t take long for smart DCs like Wade Phillips and Dick Lebeau to notice–they started concentrating their coverage away from the short middle of the field, focusing it instead at the sidelines and deep…because that’s where the Ravens’ receivers were almost always going (and thus almost always well covered).

    Why do you think, even though the Ravens were on their way to their 5th playoff season with Cam as OC, he still got fired mid-season anyway and replaced by Caldwell who had never been an OC? Because since he made the switch to his Air Coryell style, Cam has been mediocre at best, and at times just awful.

    Do you also think it’s a coincidence that under Caldwell, Flacco threw 15 TDs in 6 games with just 1 INT?

  • JK

    And Romo is not better than Big Ben when Ben is healthy either.