Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a pass during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Fighting for our Dallas Cowboys

Any Dallas Cowboys lovin’ fan knows and understands the perils of the plight. You know you love your Cowboys when you fight to the death for them. (Ok, maybe using the word “death” is slightly dramatic, I digress.) Recently, I got into a fantastic debate with a guy at a bar over the Cowboys… It was a fact throwin’, other team hatin’, good old fashioned debate. I represented Cowboys Nation in stellar fashion, you should be proud.

There I was, minding my own business, enjoying my Jameson on a chill Friday night with the girls. They were causing their usual shenanigans while I sat at the bar enjoying a little ESPN. I casually chatted up a few people around me, but basically I was enjoying my drink, ESPN highlights and of course my Twitter app.

…And that’s when it happened…

A little snippet of Romo flashed on the screen and the guy sitting a few bar stools down, with enough hate to kill a bull, said “Cowboys Suck.” After dropping my phone, spilling my drink and basically falling out of my chair (another slight exaggeration I suppose). I casually recuperated myself and asked him what on God’s green Earth did he just say… That’s when he repeated it. I’m not sure why I was surprised that he repeated it, I think I expected him to change his tune and profess his undying love and adoration… Anyway, at that point, I did what any Cowboy lovin’ Italian chick would do. I let him know he was an Idiot, with a capital “I”. Poor chap looked at me as if he had been punched in the gut… And then the great debate began.

We bantered back and forth and did some mud-slinging but the kicker came when he told me his favorite team was the Kansas City Chiefs (this is the point in the story where you can laugh at the irony.) I politely smugly asked him if he knew where the good ole’ Chiefs originated… I only wish you could have seen his jaw drop when I told him they used to be the Dallas Texans (Dez-1, Crazy Chiefs Fan-0). This is the point where I wish I could say I politely bowed out of the conversation, I mean, the thought did cross my mind, and then it left just as quick as it appeared. Being a sore winner is not beneath me and I had clearly just won.  It was my duty to throw in a couple more zingers, one was about Herm, who I love if he were going to give me a pre-game pep talk, just not as a coach. Another was the Weatherford tackle, if “tackle” is in fact what we are calling jumping on a punt returners back and getting carried a few yards down field.  I may or may not have Googled a photo and shown him. Not one of my finer moments.

As I said Sayonara that night, my new little friend let me know that though defeated, he was impressed. He still didn’t like Romo but he had a new respect for Cowboys fans. Like most of Cowboys Nation (especially in recent years) we have to take up our armor and defend our ‘Boys. This is just one the many battlefield tales out there. I would love to hear yours! Drop me an email, Tweet or Facebook message.

Cheers to the perils of the plight, Dez

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  • Christ On Ice

    I would think every decent chief fan would know they orginiated in Dallas.

    • Desireé

      One would think, but this chap didn’t… And I found it wildly amusing :)

  • Obsidian Otter

    And that the only reason that the NFL expanded to Dallas was to compete with the AFL.
    And the Texans beat the Cowboys in attendance every year they were in direct competition. So Cowboy fans should be happy that the chiefs exist, and that they moved away from Dallas, otherwise the Cowboys may not exist now….

  • Bleedin’ Red n’ Gold

    Entertaining article Dez. As a loyal reader of Arrowhead Addict it is nice to get a good read from some of the other guys and gals. I am & always will be a die hard Chiefs fan. I want to put it out there that the vast majority of us that bleed red & gold are aware that our beloved Chiefs originated in Dallas as the Texans. (thank you Lamar Hunt for moving to KC) I gotta give some props to your bar stool adversary. Not for bashing your Boys but, for admitting (after last season) to even being a Chiefs fan. I love to see Chiefs fans that stick with their team through thick and thin. I also can’t help but add that in my opinion that while I believe Romo to be a good person, he is one of, if not THE most overrated QB in the NFL. Im too lazy right now to look up the numbers but, I’m pretty positive he threw only 2 fewer INTs last year than the Chiefs 2 miserable starting QBs combined. I ask you…is that really worth $108 million?

    • Bigtjd4

      The difference is the chiefs had a running game and no QB while the cowboys didn’t have an offensive line and Murray was hurt most of the season. So it is real easy to blame Romo but he was running for his life trying to make things happen while defenses pinned back their ears without the threat of a running game. The fact that the Cowboys lost 2/3rds of of the starters on defense and Ware played with one arm most of the season, they were playing from behind most of the time. So at least Romo went down trying to win games instead of worrying about personal numbers.

    • Desireé

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it! For the question is he worth the 108 mil? IMO, no but that is a debate in itself as I know a lot of fans would clearly disagree with me. While he is good at giving the minor heart attack on a consistent basis, I just feel like that much money could have been a little more diversified.

  • Coach Dave

    I have mad respect for you Dez Melfi! I too am a die hard Cowboys fan. I am just sick of hearing about Tony being the best QB and hes better than this guy and that guy and stats oh the stats! Sick, sick, sick of the delusions! Yes we have a lackluster def. and off. line but the bottom line is the CHOKE the dreaded CHOKE! And yes I have choked a game or two, maybe two in my time. BUT WIN OR LOSE THE BIG STAR I CHOOSE! Love ya girl! YOU ROCK! Jerry get a football GM AREADY. This is not your fortae!

    • Desireé

      HA! Rock on! Thanks for the kind words!

  • Renny Mason

    Very well played girl! Nice read as well! Knowledge is power I agree, whenever I’m a argument with a classic hater and he finishes his or her weak argument with “Whatever man, Cowboys still suck” I know I have been victorious! Welcome to The Landry Hat team!