Nov 18, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws as owner Jerry Jones talks with Cleveland Browns general manager Mike Holmgren in the background at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones, Tony Romo, Force Fans to Hold Hands and Jump

It’s a difficult time for a Dallas Cowboys fan. It might be the worst time ever, depending on what type of lenses you wear.

The Cowboys have so much talent on their roster, and yet, the team finds a way to carry out so little. Talk about mediocrity. Talk about waste. Talk about windows closing. Fast.

The 2013 draft selections did not accommodate the team for future success. It didn’t even necessary accommodate the team for “now” success. That’s heartbreaking.

But that’s what happens when your pilot — Jerry Jones — flies the team with ego and not brains. The clocks are ticking. Maybe age has prevented Jones from hearing the ticks. But the fans hear it. And so do the players. Jones should have upgraded the surround sound system when he outdid the world with that gigantic television screen in Cowboys Stadium.

Jerry Jones can no longer answer to the voices in his head. He must answer to the voices of the fans. The customer is always right. You don’t need to be a mathematics expert to calculate the Cowboys recent success. Or have a chemical engineer background.

17 seasons. Two playoff victories. Zero Super Bowl appearances.

The lack of January play is so bad that the most popular team in Dallas isn’t even the Dallas Cowboys. It’s the Texas Rangers. Imagine that. Well, you don’t have to; it’s a reality. Yet the nation still has the gull to call the team, “America’s Team.”

No wonder why Cowboy Nation is hated so much. Instead of being a quality television show, the Cowboys circus is more like a trashy reality television show. You can thank the producers for that.

The sad part of it all is that the Cowboys have the right actors on the squad to produce. In the history of the game, Tony Romo trails only four other quarterbacks with a higher passer rating. The problem: The other four quarterbacks have together six rings.

Romo has none. Talk about cardiac arrest.

NFL Career Passer Rating Leaders Today

  1. Aaron Rodgers – 104.9
  2. Steve Young – 96.8
  3. Tom Brady – 96.6
  4. Peyton Manning – 95.7
  5. Tony Romo – 95.6
  • 32. Roger Staubach – 83.4
  • 47. Troy Aikman – 81.6

Romo has produced enough numbers to become a star. He is one. But paper glorification doesn’t translate into stardom. Romo has faded into the backseat when it matters most. No excuses. No apologies. You can’t spin Romo’s losing narrative; it’s hard to add lipstick to a 1-6 elimination record.

But the general manager must give better supplement for his star player. It’s nice that you dished out some cash to keep him. So you want Romo more involved in the offense and personnel decisions? Cool. Yet at the same time Jerry Jones consciously neglects what matters most for Romo: Protection.

August 13, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shakes hands with defensive tackle Rob Callaway (72) after the Cowboys defeated the Oakland Raiders 3-0 at O.Co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Dez Bryant. He can command his team with leadership voice all he wants, but his talent will go to waste if Romo is on his back — all the time.

Fans can only sit back and watch the sun go down. Nothing has changed. Nobody really got uncomfortable, as Jerry Jones once promised.

The off-season was a chance to turn things around. It was a chance for the team to shine. Jerry Jones too.

Instead, Jerry Jones nets a gain in the ego department at the cost of losing fans. Not cool.

It’s funny how much Cowboys Stadium resembles the inner details of Jerry Jones — all spectacle and dance. But no substance or rings. But hey, since the Cowboys don’t play in January, the electricity bill should be pretty cheap.

Sigh. And tears.

Well, that’s the true price of being a Dallas Cowboys fan these days. But the real fans will never stop to cheer. They’ll roll their eyes (again). Take a deep breath (again). And start filling the balloons with hope (again).

It’s never too late for Jerry to send out thank you notes. It’s the least he could do considering all the heartaches.

In the mean time, let’s all hope we have good health insurance.

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  • klboone88

    I am so tired of people talking about how much talent Dallas has on their roster. I am a HUGE Cowboys fan & I realize the closer you are to the ball the more important you are. The only talented player the Cowboys have on line is Smith. Until Dallas gets talented guys up front they will not be successful.

    • Michael Vu

      Yes. I can’t go over the line. I’ve written about it in my last three or so articles. It’s hard to stand back and clap when the biggest hole/gap/elephant/need was not addressed. Sad.

  • Ronald W. Jones

    You have to scout..scout..scout..and scout some more
    Here’s proof…..
    OT Erik Williams – Central State (NAIA) 3rd round 1991
    G Nate Newton – Florida A&M – Free Agent 1986
    C Mark Stepnoski – Pittsburgh – 3rd round 1989
    G Larry Allen – Sonoma State (Div II) – 2nd round 1994
    OT Mark Tuinei – Hawaii – Free Agent 1983

    • Michael Vu

      Yes. You are right. Most of all, you have to draft, draft, and draft.

      The Cowboys drafted how many offensive lineman? Signed how many free agent lineman?

  • Marsalis Mahome

    think about how many lineman defensively and offensively they already have, most are really young and developing. I’d rather see where those guys are and give them a shot, rather than sign (overpay) a free agent, or draft and sign a bunch more lineman that most likely won’t even start right away. I think the cowboys are moving in the right direction

    • Michael Vu

      Marsalis, I see your point of view. And you are right, we are paying Dough Free a tad much. Just a tad.

      So it’s important we scout, draft, and sign the right players. Right players will play right away. The mistake is the quality of choice, not the number of choices.

  • Old Frog

    JJ wants to win a Super Bowl. Problem is he doesn’t want to quit his job and hire somone to do it for him.

  • wild_bill

    Without a good defensive and offensive lines,the Cowboys are just wasting our time. With not much pressure from the defense,look for 8-8 again.

  • ‘mericas_team2013

    “The lack of January play is so bad that the most popular team in Dallas isn’t even the Dallas Cowboys. It’s the Texas Rangers. Imagine that. Well, you don’t have to; it’s a reality. Yet the nation still has the gull to call the team, “America’s Team.”——
    Well guess what, being the most popular team in Dallas wouldn’t make them “America’s Team” anyway! They are still the most popular NFL team in AMERICA which makes them AMERICA’S TEAM!

  • Bleeding heart Cowboys fan

    In regards to “…fans to hold hands…” the only point I would questions is whether we will have the opportunity to acquire good health insurance in the coming future. Addressing your article, you are stating something that I have been shouting for many years: so long as the Jones consortium own the Cowboys, we will not see another championship caliber Cowboys team. You’re right on the money to speculate and contend that Jones is all ego and your analogy to Cowboys Stadium is a monumental testimony to his inner personality and his incompetence as a football guru. The fact that the Cowboys have sunk to mediocrity reflects his inability to be the General Manager, they both leave so so much to be desired. To those that are going to bash you and me, let me state that I have been a blue blooded Cowboys fan since 1968. And, even then I questioned some of the things that the god father of professional football made at times – Coach Landry. But, he got it. He eventually figured it out. If you have any doubt adopting and cometence, just consider and compare the respective lagacies: 17 years, 2 wins, no super bowl appearances the Landry era? Now you guys tell me, how do you thing a success NFL team should be run? Who you gona go with? I hate to say this cause it will affect all us Cowboys fans but the only way Jones and company are going to get it is if we stop going to the games. And, again, something I have been advocating for years now, it’s time for you to go Jones. You’re great at making money, but you aint gona do it at the expense of my Boys!

    • Michael Vu

      I felt the pain in every word you typed. Thanks for your comments.

      You raise a good point: Jerry Jones is relying on the super fans. We are the ones that write about, talk about, and think about the team through thick and thin. Painful.

      I don’t have an answer. We could always fire our defensive coordinator.

  • TexasCowboy

    People can stop spewing the media’s “they’re talent” argument it’s just not
    gonna fly! Even Mel KIper when previewing the NFC East this year himself
    said Dallas really isn’t that talented and I agree

    outside of Ware, Witten, Ratliff and Romo…Dallas really doesn’t have the
    “talent” to be a contender! in fact if you were remove the names that I just mentioned? Dallas would be the equivalent of a Dave Cafanmpo era team or

    Which brings me to Jerruh

    who still harbors anger that people snubbed him in recognizing that his
    money payed for the world championships Jimmy Johnson won! and is
    now out to prove he is better than Jimmy by trying to create a roster full
    of his “talent” that ultimately lands him a 4th ring and a 6th Lombajrdi title

    How’s that been working out for you again?

    1 post season win, countless players injured, salary cap issues and lame
    duck after lame duck head coaches and assistants

    yet the fans keep riding the Titanic replaying the sinking every season
    in the hopes they (team) can alter the ending..”Wishful thinking” but sadly
    there can be no happy ending in sight a long as this madman is running
    the show in Big D

    So fans really only have 2 options

    crap or get off the pot!!! if Jones is not willing to change for the better
    then perhaps it’s time fans stopped attending games, let attendance
    fall to 500 like it did in Houston and see how he reacts then?

    My guess is he’ll take the hint and change or continue to lose money
    which ultimately forces him to sell…either way we as fans get what we
    want Jones out and our beloved winning Cowboys back in

    • Anthinee

      No talent to be a contender, yet in week 17, with a defense full of backups and street free agents, we were playing to win the division and go to the playoffs two seasons in a row. What the hell are you guys talking about?

  • Anthinee

    For someone writing on a Dallas Cowboys page, calling himself a Dallas Cowboys fan, you’re worse than Stephen A Smith and twice as dumb as Skip Bayless. In what universe is drafting the number one center in all of college football not addressing our interior line issues? I’m sure you and all of your infinite wisdom (grammar mistakes and all) would have found a way to draft Super Stars with every pick, setting us up with the greatest draft of all time. Jerry’s inner details are no substance or rings? He’s got three rings. I don’t even necessarily like Jerry Jones, but don’t write a bunch of garbage and speculation and try to pass it off as fact. It’s not about what “lenses” you wear, it’s about being a fan. “Nothing has changed, nobody really got uncomfortable” Right, all teams hire a new defensive coordinator and completely shift their defensive philosophy every offseason. No changes here! Please, do us all a favor, stop writing on TLH, and find you a nice Redskins site to frequent and write for if being a Cowboys fan is so heartbreaking and stressful. Fans don’t want to read from the people who are supposed to bring us news and intelligent opinions about our favorite team, nothing but whining, moan filled depression pieces about how terrible our team is and what a waste it’ll be to watch this season. Stop acting like you know how fans are feeling when you’re very clearly not even a true fan yourself, crybaby.