Nov 18, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the field before the game against the Cleveland Browns at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Browns 23-20 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Owner Strikes Again

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most interesting teams in the NFL. The problem is that what is most compelling to America about its team is not really the team at all…it’s the oftentimes weird and wacky behavior of our illustrious owner, Mr. Jerry Jones.

The most recent example of this came when Jones laid out his plans for QB  Tony Romo, not in  private, but in an interview situation. Not good, Mr. Jones. Not good at all. It would have been almost impossible to miss Jones’ comments, since ESPN latched onto the quoted text and played it at every possible opportunity in the ensuing days. However, for those out there who were out of the loop last week, Romo’s boss basically gave some ground rules for his multimillion dollar investment by saying his quarterback would be spending more time at The Ranch. Peyton Manning type time, whatever that is supposed to mean. How Jones got the numbers on just how much time Eli’s older brother spends at work, I have no idea. What I do know, though, is that comparing one quarterback’s work ethic to another in a negative way is a big no-no. This is especially true when you have just pledged your devotion to your own signal caller to the tune of $118 million.

Maybe this is Jones’ way of covering his posterior after taking some heat for giving Romo such a generous deal when his career has included only one playoff win and some pretty major boo-boos in big game situations. Perhaps he is letting Romo know that the pre-playoff rendezvous with a certain blonde actress in Cabo hasn’t been entirely forgotten. It could also be that Jones is hinting to his field general that he needs to spend more off-season time in the film room and less on the golf course. All this is speculation, of course. None of us can safely assume how Mr. Jones’ brain works and we have come to expect the unexpected when he sees fit to open his pie hole to the press.

Both Jones and Romo’s critics would do well to remember that it took Peyton Manning quite a few seasons at the helm of the Indianapolis Colts before he got over the post-season hump. Even as recent as this past season, Manning led his team to a 13-3 regular season record before faltering in the divisional round of the playoffs. I haven’t heard about any time clock installers rushing to Broncos headquarters so far.

If Tony Romo is ever going to find his way to playoff prominence in the league, he will have to figure things out in his own way. Having his owner lay added pressure on his shoulders on the heels of  his already controversial contract extension is not fair to Romo or to the team his is trying to lead.

If Jones is so worried about clock management, he might want to pay more attention to a certain carrot-topped coach who, in a game-winning situation, saw fit to ice his own kicker with a timeout. That game ended up sending the New York Giants on to Super Bowl glory and the Cowboys home for the winter. Huh…

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  • Hank Armentrout

    he is not illustrious..he is an idiot.. illustrious is a positive word, nothin good comes from the man personally responsible for ruining the most famous franchise in the world.

  • Juanito Juanito

    if jerry jones have 25 years with the cowboys and still cant learn, he is an dumb and stupid, but most stupids the fans who still go to the stadium and buy stuff, should no to go at the stadium and see in tv the games until he sell the team, boicot, but the dumb fans never learn

  • NYCowboysFan

    Jason Garrett did NOT ice his kicker. Get the facts straight if you want to be an accurate writer about the best football team in the world. He explained many times that his special teams coach saw something that he didn’t like and asked Garrett for a timeout, so he called it to make sure everything was set up right before the kick. Secondly, “icing the kicker” is just a saying. Kickers are paid to kick the ball through the uprights…period. Bailey was one of the most accurate kickers in the league last year and he just plain missed the kick. There is no other reason or anything to say about it. Ask him. Don’t just make things up that you assume are correct. You can’t “ice” a professional kicker, that’s all there is to it.

    Jason Garrett came in here and immediately changed the culture of this football team. He hasn’t had a losing record, has had 3 great drafts, and for some unknown reason, you decide to call him carrot top. What color is your hair? Bleach Blonde? You have a long ways to go as a writer of America’s Team. Maybe you should take a step back and learn the game before you pen anymore articles Ms. Garrett.