Dec 23, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with Kyle Orton (18) on the sidelines against the New Orleans Saints at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys Romo Will Excel Being More Involved in Offense

News broke this week that Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo will become more involved in the Dallas Cowboys offense per Jerry Jones.  All I can say is it is about time.  With Romo involved in the offensive schemes similar to what Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning but it still from my understanding won’t allow Romo to call his own plays like quarterbacks Tom Brady or Peyton Manning do.  But Romo’s involvement more in the offense can only be beneficial to the team and if this is all really true, we as fans should see Romo excel more at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys.

If you think back to last season,Dallas while running the 2 minute offense was more successful in producing plays that worked.  The 2 minute drill allowed the Cowboys offense to run smoothly and efficiently down the field and as opposed to being stopped at the red zone the Cowboys at least in my opinion scored more touchdowns than kicked field goals.   They actually played like a well-oiled machine during those drills.

Romo was the likely culprit to be calling those plays like any other quarterback in the league during the hurry-up offense.  If last season, including all the injuries the Cowboys sustained on both sides of the ball, the Cowboys and Romo were successful during the hurry-up, just sit back and imagine how much smoother the offense will run with more of Romo’s touch and less of offensive coordinator and head coach Jason Garrett’s touch.

The Romo haters will say it’s still not going to be enough and he still plays golf on the off-season and he will still choke in the big games etc. etc.  The Romo supporters are probably giddy off their rockers to see him finally getting an opportunity to become more involved with the offense.  We all know it would be asinine to say Romo doesn’t have any part of the offense scheme and if that were to be the case, Garrett isn’t as intelligent as a coach as people give him credit for.   But the more involved the captain on the field is the better off the offense becomes.  It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that a quarterback is more comfortable with plays if they are able to assist in the play-calling/game plan.

Romo if he is truly going to be more involved in the offense will have a stellar year this upcoming year especially if Dallas runs their regular offense like they do their 2 minute offense.

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  • Steve

    This is one of the most poorly-written things I have ever read. My god, the run-on sentences alone made my eyes bleed.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      He also ends sentences with prepositions. I will be glad when the season begins so writers will have something to talk about.

  • spankingXanadu

    What? Romo has not been a part of offensive planning for as long as he’s been a Cowboy? Better late than never eh Jerry? Or is this another one of Jerry’s pathetic damage control PR because he has nothing else to describe why so much was mortgaged for a QB who goes into auto pilot during crucial moments?

    • Rick Dose

      it’s kind of hard to go into full pilot when the line and the rest of the team is asleep, moron….I wish I could meet you so I could slap some sense into you for about an hour or so!

  • Rick Dose

    Romo can still call out of a play he doesn’t think is working well….

  • Keith Ranson

    Well Then,He Can Start by getting Himself a BETTER Offensive Line!

  • Cowboys Nation

    The only people worse than Tony Simpson-Romo are Homer Spagnola and Rafael “Two Chins” Vela

  • billy

    youre on to something there kim. the offense does run much better in two minute drill than it seems to during the rest of the game. they seem to get a lot fewer penalties and make fewer mistakes while in the hurry up. maybe its because they dont have time to think or jump offsides. tom landry started this custom of coaches calling plays. he wanted to do it for don meredith but don wouldnt have any part of it. when roger took over tom started calling plays and now all the teams do it that way. tom said he had more time than the quarterback to decide which play needed to be run next. i think it is just a need to control everything in the game by coaches. i liked it better when qbs called the plays. they are on the field and have a better feel for their offense most of the time than the coaches do. im sure tho that the offenses are much more complicated now than they were in johnny unitas day. maybe too complicated