Yet Another Evaluation of the Dallas Cowboys Draft

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I have a tendency to not agree with the mainstream Dallas Cowboys media. In fact, if you want to know the truth, I think most of them are marginal writers who know very little about football. I know that comment will not endear me to them, and I honestly don’t care. I’m quite tired of the hatchet jobs they do on the Dallas Cowboys just because they know controversy sells and their job is to get traffic clicks now instead of report stories to readers. Yes, I basically just lumped mainstream media in with Internet trolls who want reactions. How am I, a writer on a blog any different? I guess they have every right to see me in the same light. One difference I feel is that I actually played the game and I think I can write using facts to back up praise, or vitriol whichever I choose to use.

For instance, I don’t view Draft value based upon what some Internet Scouting service has as a player’s draft value. The fact of the matter is those services are never right about what NFL teams think about players. I saw plenty of Draft Publications that had Justin Pugh and Chris Long as second round picks. I saw Eric Reid clear down in the third round on one of major Draft publications and Sharrif Floyd was in the top 10 of almost every single one of them I saw. Ryan Nassib was projected in several as the first Quarterback likely off the board and possibly in the top 10 picks to the Buffalo Bills or the Arizona Cardinals. If not Nassib certainly it was Geno Smith. Yet none of those projections proved to be right. Do we then judge the publications and websites? No, we instead judge the teams. Why? Because it sells, and frankly nothing sells harder than to go after the Cowboys and their eccentric owner slash General Manager slash President, Jerry Jones.


Jan 1, 2013; Pasadena, CA, USA; Wisconsin Badgers offensive linesman Travis Frederick (72) points against the Stanford Cardinal near the endzone during the 2013 Rose Bowl game at the Rose Bowl. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Part of me understands this. Jerry is a combination of likable huckster, and at times babbling fool. People mistake Jerry’s stammering for exactly the right metaphor as a sign of ignorance, or lack of grasp at what he is doing. They continue to paint him as the meddling all controlling Oz behind the big curtain. I just don’t see it that way. Jerry is a P.T. Barnum like money maker, who doesn’t care what you say about him as long as you talk about him. He literally takes to heart the mantra of Tex Schramm who said, “The only thing worse than people talking bad about you, is them not talking about you at all.”

Am I saying Jerry and company deliberately reached for a player to create controversy? No, I am saying that the Draft publications got their rankings wrong on a lot of players and are overly focused on one, and turning it away from the job they did, and onto the job the team did, and the media will naturally follow along, and drag the fans with them. Was Travis Frederick the biggest reach of the Draft? Not in my opinion, but he was taken by the team that is both loved and hated on a National scale, and that is therefore news. The only thing I can say is thank heavens the Cowboys did not opt to reach for a QB because the press wouldn’t be able to contain their glee. They’d be having little accidents as they type their scathing articles.

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